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  1. Rail Blazer is looking great! So excited to have this new type of coaster at my home park! On another note: just an observation, all of CGA's rollercoaster lift hills (with the exception of Psycho Mouse) all point in approximately the same direction, is there a reason for this, surely it can't be a coincidence.
  2. All of those new concepts look really cool! What are the crowds like this week at the parks?
  3. Supposedly all that land was once owned by Lockheed (Lockheed Martin) for a missile development and testing site. Once they got news Disney was coming to town they realized that wasn't going to be a great idea anymore.
  4. Hey guys! Planning a trip to the park sometime in the next five Sundays, or possibly the Monday before Thanksgiving. Just curious as to the least crowded days to go and any known ride closures we can expect. Thanks for your help!
  5. It isn't SIX FLAGS at all. It is the engineering and construction firms (RMC in this case) that provide the safe and competent design, materials and structure. SIX FLAGS has no say in what makes up those elements.
  6. Bump Bump Bump! Edit: ^ just saw that, thanks and sorry! But you guys get props for being so quick.
  7. ^ There are now 2 vertical supports for the seats as opposed to the previous design's 4. I would think to keep things nearly equal they would have to beef up the new style chassis. I doubt that the new restraints dictated the new chassis design. Either way, I'm kind of a fan of the new train/restraint design for the inverts. Hopefully get to try it out someday.
  8. I never knew drop towers had counter weights. Honestly kind of stumped on the purpose, can anyone shed light on exactly how/why they are used?
  9. ^Thanks! I was not aware there was a single-rider line. Defnately will NOT be going NYE, was thinking either tomorrow the 30th or Sunday the 5th as you suggested.
  10. I'm visiting Orlando this week and need my Transformers credit, any ideas how the lines are this week? I've done both parks to their entirety before so I won't be buying an express pass. Probably just a two park 1 day ticket, will it be worth it to enjoy the parks for a little bit? Thanks for any recommendations!
  11. ^I'll be going Sunday after work as well. Probably wont be there till 9-ish though. Shoot me a PM if you want to meet up! I made it to the park opening day, so why not closing night!
  12. Out at haunt now! Breeze keeps dispersing all the fog some music and lightingthat I feel may be missing. But other than that another great night! (BTW, here by myself if any TPR wanna meet up?! Got my Goldstriker swagger on, black and Greg fleece.
  13. ^I'm gonna try! Won't be off work till 10ish or so, but its on the way home so I figure I'll stop by for a few hours! Are lines expected to be long tonight? It definitely will not be my only visit this year. I was the single guy at all the "pre-scare buffets" with you guys last year.
  14. ^^My guess is whichever six flags want the new style restraint featured on Banshee, will adopt the backwards chassis, until the new/modified train is returned. SFGAm P.R. hinted at the change during their Coastercon.
  15. ^Same here. I go to haunt by myself typically and have a great time, not from the scares but the Halloween environment.
  16. Every WCB I've been to, I've always had a train to myself on at least one coaster. Typically Viper or Riddlers, always in the front, no companion and I love it!
  17. Unfortunately I can only comment on the airfare. I travel from the bay area (CA) to Orlando twice yearly, and $390 -$410 is very reasonable these days. 8 years ago I would consider $300 a deal, but now a times I haven't found them much lower than that price range, buy the (round trip?) tickets now. In addition tho, CF gold passes get you into the haunt events as week. Up here in the CA bay area CGA is stepping up their game quite a bit. If you possibly have the extra time(6 hour drive/45 min flight) you may want to consider a CF gold pass, as when you buy it that late into the season, it will be a 2014 pass...including haunts next year.
  18. I never had a "phobia". It took a lot of coercing from my father to get me onto Zambezi Zinger at first, but afterwards I was riding Orient Express without worry.
  19. ^ Yup! Can't keep your hands up if if you want to keep the loose restraint...takes a good bit of effort!
  20. Walk-ons at Goldstriker now, slight rain, got away with VERY loose restraints...EPIC.
  21. From what I understand from the Coastercon video/announcement, SFGAm sent their original chassis to B&M for some sort of "makeover". The backwards chassis is on lease until whatever changes are made, and the original chassis is returned. The PR lady said something to the extent of; the original chassis will return with changes almost as exciting as the backwards transformation. After that I think we can expect to see the backwards chassis' rotated throughout the chain until many if not all Batmans receive the same refurbishment/makeover. Am I the only one that paid attention to the entire announcement?
  22. Inverting giga? With B&M's lack of comment on the question posed at IAPPA, and the that comment above; I don't see it being TOO far out of the question. Or it could just be another Leviathan.
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