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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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And the winners of some total crap goes to....


...as proof of his "Terminator Threesome!"


If you want to know how YOU can get a TPR Bag-o-Crap, go to page 62 and READ the update then follow the instructions!


And finally Eric from Columbus, Ohio has sent in TWO pictures...


Dan from Belle River, Ontario, Canada is having some technical difficulties, eh?


James in Valencia, California... "Is that a hand or a hoof???"


Ken from Sharon, Pennsylvania says "No, mom! I'm not looking at Coaster Porn!"


Doug from Woodstock, Georgia says "I'm really only a hand."

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Email Dan and ask him!


I only post the emails that he forwards to me!


Rather an inefficient system, no?


Maybe I'll send Dan an email asking why you all do it that way....

While inefficient for getting the pictures, yes, it's also quite effective in annoying Dan!


--Robb "And really, that's the primary goal here!" Alvey

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And here are just a few more....


Sean from Rockhill, South Carolina introduces Terminator to "The Claw!"

(Ps. we see you kissy kiss photos!)


James from Loveland, Ohio says "The orange glow is natural...I've had it since childhood."


Alexander from Wilton, New Hampshire says "It may be small, but the women say it's got girth!"

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^ Sean's just showing off the fact that he's not relationship stupid like many of us!


I'm so happy to be featured touching a picture of coaster track. Unfortunately I no longer work for an airline, so I can't make any sort of Terminator campout. The memories of the Tatsu campout will stay with me always, though. I'll be watching my mailbox!!


-James Dillaman

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I feel so alone that I'm the only female that decided to send my picture in...

On the other hand I feel kind of honored that I'm the only girl with my picture up.


I'm so excited about Terminator! And the hint hinting of a Terminator Campout just sounds AMAZING! The X2 Campout was a total blast, and I would do any campout over and over again.

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February 1st, 2009 Update


Hey! What's that peeking through the trees? I see wood!


If you look real hard you can see the Terminator!


Here's that turn from last week. Looks about the same.


But here's a close up because it's awesome.


Maxim sponsors the crane!


The real work this week has been done on the "deadman turnaround" which will be near the station.


This will be the second highest spot on the ride.


Here's a slightly different angle of the "deadman turnaround."


Wow! The animatronics are looking AWESOME!!!


This part of the ride will be connected to the first drop.


And yes, Terminator is now changing the back of the park!


Ahh, once again a woodie takes over the back corner of the park!


"Hello! How are you doing?"


Just in case you didn't get enough photos of the Deadman Turnaround, here's another one!


OMG! Zoom in on that wood!!!


Another close up for you all.


I'm telling you, those little blocks will make GREAT merchandise!


And now you can see how Terminator is changing the skyline!


Hey, what is that I see?!?!?


Thanks to Magic Mountain's 75% off sale, KidTums scores a $12 giant Domo-Kun!!!


Hey everyone, don't forget about Thomas.




"One of these things is not like the other...one of these things does not belong..."


We would have ridden this stump, but it was closed for maintenance.


The Frog Hopper was next on the agenda...


..and as you can see it's KidTums APPROVED!!!


Canyon Blaster has recently changed it's height restriction, which is fine as these things happen, but parents please take note....


...because there is no sign out front to tell you this and the first time you see a height restriction sign is AFTER you've already waited in line! Hopefully this will get addressed soon.


At the park entrance, if you need your exercise, follow this sign to Batman The Ride, if you want to get to the coaster quicker, go the opposite way!


Yay! Terminator banners have started to appear! Looking forward to riding it this May!



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I can't wait to see more Terminator, it looks to be *much* better than what used to be there!


That's quite an insult to GCI!!! I mean they could put a giant steaming turd in that spot and it would be better than what used to be there!

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I was out at the park today and rode every open coaster except Superman--The Escape. Unfortunately, the Sky Tower was closed, so I couldn't go up and get an aerial view of the new part of Terminator.


Even X2 only had about a half-hour wait when I rode it. And to my surprise, the fire effect was turned on


My plan is to get out to SFMM at least once a month to follow the construction. I really look forward to this ride.



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