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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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Hawt pictures. I want to pet more!


And Rollerman, you are basing your opinion on wood coasters on the worst of them.


I know. But the best woodie that I've personally ever been on is Colossus, which is pretty sad. Trust me, I'm wishing Terminator helps me turn my opinion around about wooden coasters.

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Looks like a few more bags of crap will be sent out....


To get your bag of crap read the update on page 62 and follow the instructions!


And finally Guy from the 4th Dimension says "Oh, OOOOH! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Oh Terminator! *OH! TERMINATOR! OH!! YEEEEESSSS!!! OH!!!!!! SAAALVAAAAATIONNNNNNN!!!! Ahhhhhh...."


Matthew from Sandusky, Ohio says "So I'm retarded..." (Seriously, he DID! I'm not making that one up!)


Aaron from Statesboro, Georgia says "I catch flies with this mouth!"


Jordan from Woodland Hills, California says "You're not going to tell my mom I'm doing this, right?"


Jason from Bedfordshire, England says "Jolly, Jolly, Jolly...."


Tim from Canyon Country, California says "Petting Terminator gave me this horrible rash!" (OMG! Norm the cockroach lives!!!)

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I did a search of LA spring breaks, and they range from March 10th all the way to April 18th. I searched on the Six Flags website and found they are having a "Spring Break Spectacular" Cheer leading competition on March 21. Hope that helped a little, but I guess I should have just let Robb answer it. haha

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The first week that SFMM is open daily is the week of the 22nd-28th. (March)


But SFMM has extended hours April 4th- 18th.


So, we can figure out from this that SoCal schools have different weeks where they have off for Spring Break but a majority of schools will be off during the two weeks between the 4th and 18th.


Now, which week were you talking about Robb?

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^ Yes. It will be opening for Spring Break week.




Stupid question, but when is Spring Break in Southern California?

Not sure. All I know is that when I was with Neal to get the pictures a guest asked him about Deja Vu and he said it would be open for "Spring Break."



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Hey Robb,


Thanks for the great pictures, and great to hear that small empty land where the shooting gallery was, will be the grand entrance, almost as I interpreted in the image below, except they kept the restrooms, and removed the shooting gallery. It's better than nothing, and should look awesome, when complete.


You see, I wrote a letter and included the image below to the president of Six Flags (forget his name), and mailed it off. I am not saying it was my letter and picture that made them to decide to do this, because they may have already had this planned months before I even came up with the interpreted entrance image below.



It looks like they're building this thing fast, since most of the pieces are already assembled, and all they have to do is put it together like a puzzle, lego set, erector set, ect...


Keep those pictures coming, looks great so far!



(btw, this is another Tim from Canyon Country, and not the one who petted the terminator image in those pictures.)

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"This is how it should be when the ride opens in Summer 2009."


You mean people will enter a big, empty field?


I am glad that they're putting the entrance away from Deja Vu. It'll be a bit less crowded down DV way.



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