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  1. Neither. Arms at sides, legs straight, arched back. Faster and more fun.
  2. The home page for CW has changed. This is my park now... The only info I got from the new page is the skyline of the park and how low it's centered, this thing must be huge.
  3. Should we be communicating amongst ourselves on how to build the park now, and when shall we begin?
  4. I remember the Atari group parks, and I'm trying to organize a group park on another non-RCT forum. I'll be in NCS II i guess.
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that due to UCC being involved there will be a tunnel. Does this mean dive machine? Not necessarily, the wide envelope would make interaction with the Arrow much tougher. However, that could be the engineering marvel... Nothing is true until the park says so. Not even the name, not even utility markers.
  6. I'm just happy someone other than myself voted for me. Next time I'll return with new ideas and maybe, just maybe, another dueling vertical coaster!
  7. Wow, great work everyone. That last entry by rct2day was amazing. CPM, perhaps you should change the screenshots to .jpg or .png files instead of bitmaps, they take forever to load.
  8. NE and TPR can coexist perfectly fine. Think of it like a children's museum and a science museum: they have an almost overlapping audience to draw from, can overlap in exhibits and content, but coexist just fine. You can see people going to both museums, or going to only one. A trip to the other never hurts anyone. I think that QueerRudie's central gripe can be fixed by being patient! There are accolades that have ended up on the TPR exchange later(robbie/robmeister's excellent SF park and Roomie/gutterflower's LL masterpieces). If this is going to turn into NE's culture vs TPR's culture then it will degrade quickly.
  9. Happy birthday to me, and my gift to everyone is my entry! http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2334 The rides are designed to interlock and generate loads of money. If you look at one area however, take a peek at Game of Thrones, a dueling vertical drop coaster with Mobius stations and a jousting segment, built over warring fortresses. It's pictured below. However there's much more to see, from Raven Hill to River. A download and rate would be appreciated! http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/images/thumb/2334_SCR2.BMP
  10. Why does land cost so much? It's a nightmare building my flyer that goes over the river. I'm in Year 2 and have improved Gauntlet and created three crowd-favorite coasters. Regarding the lake, what does CPM have in mind for developing it? Keep it pristine or have lots of interaction?
  11. Nuts. Just nuts. .Also, not trying to stir it up again but you were way too harsh on the bolt-plate guy.
  12. Triple inversions? What next, the seats actually rotate? Anyway, this is the new coaster to watch this year, a close second being Texas Giant. Any clearer views than the webcam of the site in general? they don't have to be recent.
  13. I've got it down to two ideas and I'm cranking out 2 layouts a day for the former, still need to find the one that "works". My original idea was to have a Multilaunch coaster weave through The Land of Heat and Clockwork. http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=003541 However the focus seems to be on a more reproducible and realistic design so I narrowed it down to two. A WingRider based around a volcano A rollercoaster with the track synchronized to music. Still trying to get the right layout for them both, then decide on which I will use. Then, manage to get the time in between robotics, mock trial, knowledge bowl, math league, running an ETF2L team, and (God forbid) schoolwork to actually theme it worth a damn. I still have fallbacks.
  14. I'm thinking of a few different designs. Could I change the water to lava in my map and/or add one piece of scenery, the black background used in several parks in NE to give the illusion of land that does not exist?
  15. Oh hey guys this contest looks cool and I've got several AWESOME ideas let's make them AWESOME... Crap.
  16. By design, do you mean like a new type of roller coaster, or an AWESOME design?
  17. This thread is nothing but hilarious. I read the dateline and my first reaction was "What were they THINKING!?" This was a knee jerk reaction. You guys have good intentions but you're just doing nothing. The thing should have been torn down and the trains and some parts of the track donated to other places.
  18. Ever notice how, in most parks, the builder gets better as the park develops?
  19. Here's an idea: Your next park is all terrain coasters. I love most of your layouts. You may be right about the path styles. I absolutely hate the fact there are no real curves either. However, there are TONS of ways to create paths that aren't so samey throughout. http://www.rctmart.com/fossil/PathingSystems.html gives you an excellent primer on how peep pathfinding works. It endorses building a grid, however, but it tells you how to do something that isn't a grid so a guest will walk around effectively. Disneyland has the use of curves, however, jagged 45 degree walkways are better than nothing. Scenery slots? I'f you're talking about the map scenery limit, you'd need to have 2.1 scenery items on every tile to come close to hitting it on a 256^2 map! Trust me, you're nowhere near it. "New construction tonight, medieval area inbound!!!!1" Spend more time theming your park instead of slapping a layout down on a sterile flatgrass. Not using custom scenery is not a crutch. Here's just one example of thousands of perfectly awesome parks made from not using CS: http://www.lunatim.com/lunaland/2parks/2parks.htm The fact you read every comment makes you stand out against other parkmakers. Keep doing that. I've figured out easier ways to build a park and keep the peeps happy, but there's more to this game. Seems like you're making this more for the peeps than you are yourself.
  20. I really don't like the uniformity of this park. It's not appealing in any way.
  21. Make the track for the trams inverted coaster track, then invisible it. It'll be cleaner.
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