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  1. can you post the video!! wait, its not there anymore.... and the tickets were just "fake money" you got a certain amount you could redeem it for a prize... (TV, XBOX, dvd player,) AND I MEAN GOOOD PRIZES!!
  2. a little OT.... over by Tastu, there is one of the boardwalk games, that i havnt seen before, its the one where you step into this closet shaped thing, and you have to catch tickets, while the wind is blowing in there. has anyone here played that game? because it seems like there is always a bunch of people watching it.... this is what i am talking about
  3. has anyone done this???? http://playwithourcats.com/
  4. no, Trey SMith, went to my school (in chatsworth) until like 6th grade then moved over to Oaks Christian, correct me if i am wrong, but did he get the QB job?
  5. Ya, it was kind of cool. Back in 7th grade he had his Bar Mitzvah at USH, he had the whole bottom level to him self, with all the rides operating to, (he also had an in n out truck, but thats a different story) so later that year i found out how he could afford to have the park open to himself, his dad is Larry Kurzweil who is the president of USH, so when that big fire happened to the backlot, he was the one who was doing the press conference..... oh and also my middle school was Celebrity High, even though it was an hour away from hollywood. Also WIll Smiths son was in my grade, we had Alac Baldwin's daughter, Jamie foxes daughter, and a dozen other celebrities..... But what was surprising was that not once did i see any one from TMZ *****end of story/*****
  6. seems.......... like a good idea!!! playwithourcats.com/ Mod Edit: Changed title to actually tell people what the thread and link is about. Always try to use really descriptive topic titles. Thanks!
  7. i went to SFMM on thur, thinking it would be not busy, well it was PACKED!!!. X2, and deja+ sky tower, were both closed all day due to the wind. most of the rids had an hour+ wait. i also went by the new coaster and it looks %98.5 complete, although i could be wrong because i could not get an overview shot. oh, i also brought my IPOd/ ipod speakers, with the hope that i wold run into MR. six. and would then play "we like to party" on my ipod's speakers and dance to the music with him, but sadly he was very sick according to some of the SFMM employees some funny things that happened in the park, the person who was running the trains at tastu was pretty funny, when he released the trains out of the station, he said "have fun on tastu, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu,, on tastu, even after the train left. the way he said it made everyone in line laugh. but it got annoying after a while, (because he did it every time .
  8. I was browsing the interwebz, and i found this, So my question to you is? Would you want one/ go on one of these if someone had it? discuss
  9. hey robb (or anyone that can answer this). if i was to bring a boom-box into the park and if i ran into mr. six- and if i was to play ("we like to party) do you think he would dance)
  10. i am kind of confused... is this a roller coaster... or something else??? (like the mummy (an indoor roller coaster, or will this be like the attraction at DCA (toy story one)
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Studios_Backlot_Tour i was looking up USH on wiki and i noticed this quote SO what are your thoughts?
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before... BUt wasnt it rumored that a new ride for SFHH was going to be built in flashbacks old spot? Has anyone seen anything going on back there, or will we start seeing things going on now that SFHH is closed till summer?
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