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  1. Anyone know what the guy's name in the middle of the 'team 15' picture is? He looks like a guy I went to high school with.
  2. I've seen the Matt kid from the Lizzy mcGuire show at Dollywood. He pranced around like he was an Alist celebrity, but people were treating him as such, so Im not sure if I blame him. The Rock, Dewayn Johnson, came to Dollywood this summer, He ever rode Rive Battle, which for those of you who know what I am talking about, I now understand why he is a famous Action movie star. That ride is Intense. Seen Dolly Parton at Dollywood, and some other various e-list celebrities who come and perform, such as Linda Davis( made know by the "does he love you" duet with Reba).
  3. Gosh, everytime I think this has died down, I come back to TPR and there is more, but since it is still going on I will echo what everyone else who was there is saying. They didn't drink. Everyone else did. Red Dress. SFOG sucks. The Wrestler ended funny.
  4. Wow. That happened....and I have the unedited version! SCORE! lol Last night was awesome..i think.
  5. wow. Six flags is so lame. I cant believe the canceled on us. But its cool i guess. Tyler and Robbie's house is awesome. Drinking and crap. Robbie just got home with pizza! This is awesome! When is everyone going to go since opening day was canceled?
  6. Hey guys. Until the forum is set-up why not just put the dates and the locations in your signature. When someone sees that you are going and will be there at the same times as you, they can PM you and you can work out the arrangements to meet-up.
  7. I only watched it because it was called Bears & Balls. I was very disappointed.
  8. I am glad they didn't try to give medical reason for his condition. I feel that would have added nothing to the movie and made it even more complex and confusing. I thought the beauty of him just living his life was what made me fell for the character. I agree. I think the reason so many people loved his performance is because when they were walking into the theater they were expecting to see 'the joker' they know. Heath brought a completely new character and not only was the character new, he surpassed all other attempts at it. I would have loved to see Amy Adams get Best supporting actress for her role. I thought she was amazing in Doubt. Meryl was also wonderful. While I enjoyed Hoffman's take on the role, i thought he played the character a little too...guilty? In the stage show when you leave the theatre wondering 'did he do it?', I left the movie with out a DOUBT in my mind that he had.
  9. Hey. If you email Six Flags they will be able to answer that question for you, but I am sure you will be fine. I had a season pass for SFKK, but I am going opening day. I just emailed them and they switched it for me. I know you probably don't want to make SFOG your home SF park, but I am sure they can figure something out.
  10. I came to this thread to see if anyone had put the last 'dumbest thing said'. When I read the original post, it made me laugh out loud in the computer lab at school.
  11. I completely forgot about the differences in time. When they said the noon update on Monday I got really confused. I guess I will repeat the ideas of everyone else who has posted in the past 2 pages, but this coaster is going up fast. I can't wait to see it in action.
  12. I hate that I can't read people's minds. Rather I hate when people won't tell you what they are thinking. It drives me nuts!
  13. No piercings as of now for me. Also...how does someone have 3 bellow the waist? I only know of 2 different places on the lower half that are normally pierced.
  14. I really want to do this to every sign in my neighborhood. awesomeness.
  15. Has anyone else followed another Zacspin being built? Is it a relatively quick build? I understand that all coasters are pretty complicated to build, just wondering with the completely Vertical layout if that made the construction more complicated, or if it made it easier since it is all one one straight line?
  16. Gosh! Yall are killing me. Maybe some of you jokesters should start writing material for TV and movie!
  17. So I am a winner also. I didn't even fill out the survey until the Monday after the super bowl around 2 o'clock, and I have still not seen the commercial. I'm not really sure how that happened but I appreciate it. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to get to a park. lol
  18. Thanks for the awesome update. I can't believe how fast it is going up. That is extremely impressive. I can't wait to see what it looks like when complete. I would also like to thank Chris for the welcome at the start of the tour. It made the Update a lot more enjoyable. lol
  19. i hate when i let stupid things bother me.
  20. So i am just going to throw this out there. I was sitting in a sort of crowded hang out area on my campus and I was reading your trip report and I laughed out loud a couple of times and the guys at the table next to me kept looking at my like I was crazy. So I would like to thank you for now ruining my reputation at my college and making me forever known around campus as the 'the boy who laughs at his computer while he is sitting alone' boy.
  21. Was that a celebration dance at the end when they are doing the IMB promo?
  22. I will second the 'random' remarks a few posts back. WHY IS NO ONE ON AIM?!
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