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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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Terminator is designed using all applicable earthquake code provisions.


Earthquake design can be approached by two methods:


1) Model the entire 3D structure and apply earthquake ground accelerations to the model


2) Apply an additional lateral acceleration to the structure using multipliers dicatated by code. This is an "envelope" solution so the multiplers are actually a more conservative approach.


The first option is utilized in bridges, buildings...basically HUGE cost projects in order to optimize all of the members. The time and effort to process first method analysis would be prohibitive in our coaster construction.



The earthquake design really only has big impacts on structure that is high off the ground.


Our lift hill straddles three sets of tracks so the "stance" we had to take is very wide compared to our traditional lift hill structures.


The first drop "Aeroplane" style is inherently stable due to both the cylindrical shape of the drop, as well as the additional track built integral with the bents that wrap around the outside of the first drop.


The buildings are much more robust than in a typical coaster as well.



"You could almost reach out and slap some cement."


That is the bottom of the first drop on the left, which will be held at "slap" elevation for multiple bents before the low profile bunny that is already stood.

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January 25th, 2009 Update


Today we were able to go backstage to get a bit closer to the latest progress. Here you can see the turn around from last week is nearly done!


Those popsicle sticks have finally found their place in life!


The ride is coming along VERY fast. That's quite a bit put up just in the past 7 days.


Some close up shots for Joe.


"It's the end of the ride as we know it..."


There's more there, it's just cloaked using T-2000 futuristic technology.


More closeups for Joe!


Getting tired of looking at the turn around? No? GOOD!


Radar dish to communicate with other life forms. (Terminators need this kind of equipment)


Another look at, yep, the turn around!


More popsicle sticks waiting for love.


Hey look! There's another section going up!


Another overview of the middle section.


Here is where the Shooting Gallery once stood. I'm told this will be the entrance area to the coaster.


A bridge will someday be built here.


Bridgey, Bridge, Bridge, Bridge, Bridge.


Weather was FANTASTIC to be out taking dirt pictures today!


More Dirt. More Popsicle Sticks. Cones, Cones, Cones...


Mud...why did it have to be mud.


Here you can see Terminator starting to sneak up over the fence.


This building will soon be the new Johnny Rockets Snakes and Pies...errr...Shakes and Fries!


And the Ice Cream Shop at the front of the park will be a full service Cold Stone! (The Cold Stone at the back of the park is staying, too!)


The Sky Tower offers an awesome view of the progress.


There's that new little section hiding behind the freshly painted Deja Vu!


Popsicle Sticky sticks.


The lumber supply is getting lower and lower (and Leon's getting LARGER!!!)


Looks awesome!!!


The little section being built. It's so cute! You just want to reach out and pet it...c'mon go ahead...pet your screen! Do it! In fact, take a picture of you petting your screen and EMAIL DAN with the picture: mrt0ad13@aol.com (include your mailing address with your picture and we'll send you a TPR Bag-of-Crap!)


I'm TELLING you! This whole Terminator theme is just a cover up for Goliath 2!


Once this area is cleared of wood, it would make the PERFECT place for a Terminator Opening Day Campout (hint, hint!)


Here's an overview of the entire site.


Traffic Jam.


I haven't taken an overview "park photo" in a while...so here's one! Enjoy!


Arrow Fun Junction.


Q-Bot area still looking like two evil faces under construction.


The Yo-Yo gets a bit of love.


New for 2009! Fresh Paint!


It's nice to see the older rides getting some care.


And finally we leave you with the Customer Service Policy. Words to live by! Until next week....


A big THANK YOU goes out to Six Flags Magic Mountain for giving us access to take these photos.




Ps. Remember for more information about Terminator Salvation: The Ride and for our past construction updates, click here:


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I'm not e-mailing Dan anything. If I have something to say to him, I'll talk to him diabetic-to-diabetic.


I'd heard that it was supposed to rain today, so I decided to visit the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard instead of going out to SFMM. Interesting place if you enjoy old cars.


But next week is the Super Bowl, and since I don't give a dang about football, that makes a good excuse to run out to the mountain and see what else they might do to Terminator in the next week.


Thanks for the update!



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Our first two bag of crap winners have sent in pictures!


If you want to know how to get a TPR bag-of-crap...read the update!


Christian from Witchita, Kansas says "All you get to see is my hand!"


Thanks guys! Your Bags-of-crap will be in the mail soon!


Nathan from Riverside, California says "Nice woodie" *pet* *pet* *pet* "Nice Woodie"

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