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Coasters at Night

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Of all the coasters I've ridden at night, the only one that truly seemed to change a ton for the night was the Beast. Maybe it was just the trains, but my ride in the day was rough. Once night fell, I went for another ride and it was much smoother. It was pretty cool in the dark, too.

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Knott's Ghostrider takes the cake for me, I love the way it bombs through it's own supports with "rope lights" along the handrails being the only thing that shows where you're going next........great ride altogether!

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I have to say that, riding Millenium Force at night was probably the best night coaster experience I've had. Sitting on the side where you overlook the lake and you can't see a thing out there, save for maybe a few lights. Eerily wicked. Ahh, I miss Cedar Point. Except for Mantits, that ride sucks my hole.

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Last time I was at SCBB, I arrived about 8 pm, rode the Double Shot a few times so it was about 9 when I finally made my way over to the Giant Dipper which had the back to rows roped off. And the only reason I could think of is that it was running fast because I didn't see any chunky material that people wouldn't sit on. And lemme tell you it must have worn in well because it was running fast. So yeah, that's my favourite night ride. And Top Gun, if PGA was ever open at night anymore.

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