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Coasters at Night

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Viper - out of control with a great sensation of speed

El Toro - also out of control, and those final high speed turns are insane at night

Superman: Ultimate Flight - I'm not sure why, but I actually enjoy this ride at night rather than not liking it much during the day. Maybe it's because I don't come off feeling sick like I do when I ride during the day.

Kingda Ka - To be fair, I've only ridden this at night. It is impossible to see anything, so when you drop, you just keep dropping and you have no idea when it will end.

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First, any coaster would do because the cars feel like they go much faster at nighttime than at daytime. As for me personally, I would say The Volcano and The Dominator at Kings Dominion. As for the woodie coaster at Kings Dominion, I like to ride the Grizzley at night cos you can't see where you are going half of the time.


"That's the truth and you can sleep on that!"

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For some reason, I don't feel that most coasters run significantly better at night. Maybe I'm just not "coaster sensitive" enough. Instead, I simply love the atmosphere that riding in the dark provides, particularly during ERT.


Some great night ERT sessions I've had include Raging Bull, Prowler, Viper at SFGAm, and Renegade. Other than that, my favorite night riding session was on Coaster at Playland. That was perfection.

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Prowler, hands down. I've been on lots of coasters in the dark. This ride is insane to begin with. At night coming down the second drop, you are blinded by the on ride photo strobe, which if you've never been on it really adds to the disorientation. With it's rapid directional changes on the return leg and lack of lighting near the coaster it's one of my favorite coaster experiences. Peace!

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Granted my ride selection is rather minimum, I'd say that CGA's Flight Deck is a great one at night, especially the pond helix. Demon and Grizzly (Yes, Grizzly) are some other great and not well-lit rides at night. Last time I rode Grizzly at night, you couldn't even see the bottom of the first drop until you were there. Granted, Haunt fog was spreading everywhere in the park.


Boardwalk in general is another great place at night. The whole park seems to come to life.

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Both Nemesis and Air at Alton Towers definitely work well at night, especially as they run close to the terrain. Air is ten times better and there is a genuine feeling that you could hit the ground due to the lack of vision.


Favourite though has to be Nemesis, especially the front row going in and out of the trenches. The last inversion is seriously awesome as each tunnel is almost pitch black!!

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