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Coasters at Night

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I really enjoyed riding the Hulk at night. Islands of Adventure was open until 10:00PM on 7-17-05 and I was finally able to ride this coaster at night instead of the usual dusk. WOW! the tunnel with the launch was very cool with all of the fancy light work. There were also some neat strobe lights as the coaster went around the 2nd 360 inversion. I thought it was the on ride photo going off but we were the only car in the back half of the track. The Hulk is great during the daytime, but I was really impressed riding it at night. Also seeing the firework show upside down was kinda neat. Doom's Fearfall was also a real treat at night as well....again really neat lighting. I wish that Universal stayed open longer at night...10:00PM is still too early to close during the summer.

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Any coaster is good at night allthough my favorites to ride in the dark are kick ass woodies. Legend, Raven, Rampage, Boulderdash, Phoenix, Ghostrider, Thunderhead, Hades, Ozark Wildcat, Timbers. I'll take a night ride on any of those over anthing else.

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I especially agree with Reon. Millennium Force is my favourite coaster to ride at night. Heck just looking at the tower's light show is enough to leave me in awe.

An added bonus I got for my first ride on MF: The fog from Halloweekends was drifting over the track. All I could see going down the first drop was the track curving in, but not pulling out... :shock:

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One that has always floored me at night is Boulder Dash. Twisting, turning, dropping, diving - all in complete, complete darkness. Well, aside from barely making out the trees as they fly near your head! Total chaos. That ride is a work of art!




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I love riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland in the dark.

Yeah Big Thunder and Splash Mt. are great at night. I really like the Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa at night. The tunnels are pitch black (other than the on-line photo camera blinding you for a sec in the first tunnel.)

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