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Coasters at Night

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Which coasters run & ride majorly better late in the day.


I'm trip planning for the states this summer & have noticed this in various parks threads for some of my destinations, but don't see a specific thread.



Oops i posted this in Ask Alvey, but its probably better placed in the main forum. Can you move it for me please.

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Any B&M invert. Can't beat feeling the cool breeze in your face, the wind in your hair, flying through the air in dark of nighttime and nothing but what feels like thin air beneath your feet. Especially if you're wearing shorts, the breeze on your legs feels really good.


The PNE Playland Coaster is pretty good at night. Also can be abit freaky with all that crazy airtime on that ride.


~ Jess "Just watch out for bugs!" Chan

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Out of the rides that I've personally been on, great changes happen on:

Terminator Salvation: The Ride SFMM

Goldrusher SFMM (really great at night)

Ninja SFMM



I havent been on all too many really so I can't help too much.


But to save a toooooon of comments about the same ride, the Beast at Kings Island.

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Mate, pretty much every wood coaster I have ridden at night were signifcantly better than in the day. Examples from my own experience, Phoenix, Hades, Boulder Dash, Lightning Racers, Wildcat (Hershey) nad Ravine Flyer II. I've only ridden it in the day but El Toro has to be much better at night.


I've found the same with steel coasters as well, for example Vortex at Canada's Wonderland, an arrow suspended, was meh in the day but at night it was like some pushed the fast forward button.


I've come to the conclusion that most coasters are better at night and that if you are going to ride do some of the great coasters like El Toro or SFNE Bizarro or Boulder Dash, try and plan for some night rides.

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I was mainly drawn to this by the amount of woodies getting far better reviews at night .

It got me interested if there was a certain brand, age, or is it random.

Terrain elements at night are great, but i was more thinking about the actual ride improving.

I hadn't read many rave reviews about steels improving to the extent people mention some woods like Boulder Dash.


I thought it would be also be handy for all to have a list of peoples favorites in the one thread.


More please

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I'd say Raven at HW, for the main reason that it truly is a different ride at night than during the day.


Also, I enjoy Thunderhead at DW during the night-time, although with all the new rides in the area, it wouldn't seem to be as dark as in the past.


Beast at KI has already been mentioned. Boring, braked ride during the day, halfway-decent screaming fun through the woods at night.


I've always enjoyed MF at CP on a brisk, clear night as well. Nothing like seeing the lights over the bay and the whole park lit up as you go up the cable lift.


These are just the ones that immediately came to mind...


-James Dillaman

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We already have a topic about "Coasters at Night" in which many people have posted about their favorite nighttime coasters. so, I've merged the new "Best Coasters at Night" topic with the old one.


Apollo's Chariot is at its best after dark (as was the late Big Bad Wolf). I actually like Beast during the day, but it does take on a new dimension at night.

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I like Tatsu a little better at night, although it is one of my favorite coasters either way. Seeing the night sky and all the lights of the park and the surrounding area all around makes it feel even more like you are flying. Also X2, with the spotlights turned on and the better visual effect you get from the flamethrowers. GhostRider and Viper (SFMM) also feel faster to me when I ride them at night.

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In my opinion, I think Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios is amazing at night. With all the LED's on the train and lights around the track, its just an awesome ride at night. Oh and the music really adds to the experience.

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Thanks for linking this to an older thread.

Woodies & Intamins sounding like the most improved airtimers.



My favorite ride that improves as the day goes on is Expedition GeForce.

I rode it at opening, the first time i visited, & liked it alot.

But I didn't really get why so many people would rank it No.1 over say Goliath at Walibi.

But as the day got on, the airtime increased & i understood exactly why.

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Alot of great examples.

Do B&Ms improve on their airtime, like intamins seem to do?

[fingers crossed in hope here].

The only one i found improved was Apollo, but that could have been perceived improvement, due to the gushing wind & rain they let us ride in.

Best B&M mega ride to date though regardless.

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