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  1. I was really hoping for something on the WoF side; however, it's about time OoF got some love. Looks like some much needed additions to the park.
  2. We went there a couple times last week and I noticed they were doing that. NEVER have I seen that on a ride that wasn't a coaster.
  3. I live in Kansas City and if you like water parks Oceans of Fun and Schlitterbahn KC are both fun parks to go to.
  4. I got stuck on the Sea Dragon at Worlds of Fun for over an hour many years ago. They lost power to the ride when it reached it's peak swing and we were stuck there swinging. At about 30 minutes in people started throwing up over the sides. It was horrible to say the least. If it would have been in the last few years I know many people would have sued the park. I used to love rides that would spin etc., but after that I can't go on many anymore without getting sick. It's amazing how your body will revolt against you for abusing it. I also rode Evil Knieval once as it started to hail. That crap hurt.
  5. Robb, that sucks man. When you get a large number of people in one place you are bound to find some individuals that are just idiots and don't know how to act. Sucks that you had to take it that far, but I understand. Every 6 months I go through my friend list and delete the idiots. From those of us that do know how to act, we appreciate the site and a place to be able to chat with others that love roller coasters. Thanks!
  6. I've only ever greyed out on one b&m and it was B:TR at Great Adventure. I've ridden 3 clones and that was the only one that has done that to me. I've ridden over 30 b&m's overall.
  7. For me it has to be The Wildcat at LC. I am pretty sure that having kids is going to be difficult now thanks to that ride. The sad part is I rode it again in the front row to see if it would be a smoother ride. It was not. A close second is Mean Streak. It is probably the biggest disappointment because it looks impressive, but is just painful overall.
  8. I'd recommend the CP hotels as well. The one time we didn't stay there we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Sandusky and it was the single worst hotel experience I've ever had.
  9. 10. Patriot 9. Hulk 8. Prowler 7. Nitro 6. MForce 5. Bizarro (SFNE) 4. Maverick 3. I305 2. El Toro 1. Boulder Dash
  10. As the previous poster attempted to point out, if you are members of certain clubs you can get them for much cheaper than that. Just trying to help you out. Hopefully you find someone to buy them.
  11. I always have sunglasses on and I have never used a strap with them. I have ridden many inverts, El Toro, Boulder Dash, Kingda Ka, I305, Bizarro, etc... with never an issue. The only time I felt they could fall off was on a couple flyers, but they didn't. With a strap you would be fine for sure, but even without it I would not worry about it.
  12. Same as the above poster, I'm curious on the new attraction. BelizeIt, when are you going to Vegas? My wife and I are going Oct. 19-24 and also staying at the Wynn. Looking forward to the rest of your photos.
  13. 1. Patriot 2. Batman (SFGadv) 3. Great Bear 4. DDragons (Fire) 4. 'Geist (BGW)
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