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  1. 5/10. I have never been to a Carraba's before.
  2. Yeah I was in band camp. And there was one of my friends who plays clarinet and he was BIG and this little nerd called him a bitch because he played a wrong note at a school concert. So my friend punches him in the nose and he start crying his @$$ off. He tells the teacher and he writes him up and was only supposed to get 2 days of ISS but on his way out he got a chair and he threw it at the kid with the high water pants and tucked in shirt and a head to big for his body and coke bottle glasses. It was probably a 2 pound chair and he coulden't get it off of himself. And for throwing a chair at the scrawny kid he got 2 weeks suspencion.LMAO
  3. South park:Bigger,Longer,And un-cut Jay and Silent Bob strike back. <---Diego
  4. Im only allowed a little bit of wine During weddings or quincanieras.
  5. Just a simple question to see what your favorite Rammstein song. Mine is: Reise,Reise-Reise,Reise
  6. I typed in Coaster videos on Google.
  7. The subject says it all.Like mine is: " On the edge of BANNIMATION" So rate it.
  8. Damn, after saying that tissue thing, no one believe I am so innocent! --Sören Yeah,After you said the same thing about me.
  9. I rode S:KC 30 times yesterday (Monday) and since I have not ridden any other Superman rides,I call S:KC my favorite. Superman going through a Cobra-Roll
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