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  1. Looking nice. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done.
  2. And just a bit more information. Make sure your first two rides are Kingda Ka and Superman. they get the most crowed. El Toro and Bizarro usually don't get a crowed until noon I would give it take. And also DO NOT listen to the wait times, they are just there so you can wast money on a flash pass. They only work if they are only running one train, not two or three like they usually do. Hope I could help make your visit a Six Flags day.
  3. Ok, Some of the pic are not the best, because I had a camera from God knows when. It has no focus and no anything. But don't worry for the 2010 season I got a brand new camera. This is how are day started. maverick anyone? Is it me or do the people look like paper. This was fun. Best flat ever!!! Ahhhhhh, it is coming at me See you in Dorney. Love the name, hate the ride. This was fun. Are you ready to go? Why yes I am. Why yes I am. I thing this is my best photo.
  4. My top 5 rides at night are. 1. Bizarro-SFGA 2. El Toro-SFGA 3. Nitro-SFGA 4. Maverick-CP 5. TTD-CP
  5. That would be awesome if they made a water park. I think it would look really cool.
  6. I forget the real name of it, but I saw it on tv it was called like the volcano. It is basily one of those things where it flings you in the air. And it looked really cool.
  7. I went to CP in August and I love DD. But then I heard they where taking it down I was very upset. Then I was on facebook saw it was going to DP, I had to be the happiest kid alive. Now instead of it being 10 hours from my house it is only 2, WOOHOO.
  8. I love that park. And other then the workers at cedar point I was one of the first to know about shoot the rapids. I don't know how my aunt did it but somehow she got one of the workers to tell us all about it before it was relished.
  9. My grandma lives by kennywood have not bean there for so long. But this year I am going just for the new ride. To bad they are moving the speedway
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