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  1. It lasted for a good 45 seconds in NoVa and a few pictures fell off of my wall. Someone in PA said they felt it. Hope everyone at KD was safe since the epicenter was 34 miles from Richmond, and 9 miles from Mineral.
  2. 14/20 -- I used process of elimination on a lot of the questions.
  3. You are now allowed to post a generic invite link, and the first 150 to click it get invites. Click for invite!
  4. Wale - Eyes of the Tiger. Any song that is rapped through Tiger Woods' point of view and has a Seinfeld sample is guaranteed awesomeness, and it helps that this is my favorite artist.
  5. To any producers of rap music, Wale has challenged his fans to give him an awesome beat. He will re-tweet the best beats, so you can get some publicity. Acapella When you finish your beat all you need to do is put a link and hash-tag Acapella.
  6. ^^ Feed Me makes my favorite electronic songs. Blood Red, Silicon Lube, and Cloudburn are awesome tunes.
  7. Not pointless from a monetary standpoint. Plus if they put in the Congo it would remained themed as Dinosaurs fit the jungle next to a volcano theme.
  8. It's good to see some love for Shockwave! My second ride on Shockwave was amazing. Ejector airtime on stand-ups are awesome, and Shockwave had around 4 moments of it. Although on the back half, I would be floating and slamming in to the restraints at the same time, but it was worth it.
  9. The game is finally over. Posted by Harrison L. Michelson on Project 2012 I got the login to work! Here's a screenshot of the page! Username: twelveteam Password: farewell http://ocplumbingdrain.com/thanks.php?id=6676d258083f1727d47ad7e89855d5cf
  10. Also, Donan stated that the trams acquired from SFMM are for parts only, and that there are no immediate plans for the monorails to be used as park transportation.
  11. And the clues keep coming. http://awesomefunworld.com/afwChapter7.pdf Lightly printed in the lower-left corner are a series of numbers. ‎1/16 3/2 3/44 4/4 4/66 5/2 6/10 7/52 8/26 8/47 8/76 9/19 10/17 11/8 12/16 13/12 13/46 14/11 14/23 14/25 15/32 15/37 16/10 16/30 17/1 17/29 20/58 20/82 21/2 21/34 21/46 22/5 23/9 23/44 - 23/56 25/10 25/20 26/2 26/47 27/7 28/10 28/27 28/51 29/18
  12. We go back the last week of august, but most go back after labor day.
  13. We still don't know our duties as Jr. Researchers, as we are all waiting for 'Mr. Brown' from Hershey to contact us.
  14. Its Hershey's plan. Make the video a terrible quality, so there can be an endless debate for 8 months on if they are OTSR's or not.
  15. In the voice of the floating head in Guy T. Koepp's 4th dimension video... AIRTIME!
  16. ^^Loudoun County, Virginia - about 1hr. west of D.C. and A.J, they're not done, I believe all of them will be handed out by 5 p.m.
  17. RIT is sending out the job application acceptance letters as we speak. All twenty four will be sent out by the close of the business day. I have received one, and so has one other person.
  18. Weed Wars Very interested to see how this one turns out. Although the title is a bit misleading, as I thought we would be following the DEA and their never ending effort to rid America of Marijuana.
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