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  1. Boulderdash @ night is the most "WTF" ride i've ever been on. El Toro at night when they have very few of the lights on is fun as well.
  2. Hopefully they're just saving for an INTAMIN PREFAB FOR 2012???? Sigh........
  3. The only time i've gotten remotely sick was when my friend puked after a Vekoma SLC. Seeing his puke almost made me hurl right on top of his puke. Wasn't actually the ride itself that made me sick
  4. However, SFNE hasn't added a thrill ride since 2002. That's 8 years. All we got was Pandemonium and "Bizarro". As of now, it only has 2 good thrill rides that have re-ridability, Bizarro and Batman (Mind Eraser and Cyclone = no). Family-oriented rides are fine. The main problem I, and I think many others, have with it is we JUST got Pandemonium a couple years ago (a family spinning wild mouse). It's fun, I like it. We don't need another wild mouse, especially one that won't be nearly as good as Pandemonium. Pandemonium was a great addition, it fills out the area over there along w
  5. Well according to their rides page they are listing it as a thrill ride. SFNE draws between 1.4 and 1.7 million visiters a year depending on the weather, and this summer has been rain free. There is no way they should be putting a ride like this into a park that is surrounded by some of the richest states in the country. In no way will that coaster boost attendance at the park and that should be the goal of any business if they want to survive. Any ideas why this park doesn't get attendance numbers like GAm, GAd, or MM? Is it too far away, in a bad location, or is there too much comp
  6. SFNE is, I would consider, very crowded in the summer, especially for the number of rides it has. To compare, I went to SFGAd and SFNE (both on Tuesdays in August) a week apart, and the crowds were similar (hour lines for almost everything). The issue with Bizarro is it doesn't have a MCBR, so I think it can really only safely run with 2 trains due to blocking issues. In fact, the only brakes it has is at the very end before the station (there has been a brake failure leading to a collision in the past), it only has one trim in the bunny hops. Capacity is less than desirable, but I th
  7. Quite the contrary, I think that's what makes a world class coaster a world class coaster. I've been on Bizarro at SFNE and Boulder Dash at LC >100 times each over the past 5 years or so, and i'm not close to being bored of either of them. The novelty of a new coaster is certainly nice, however. I pray every year that SFNE demolishes Cyclone and puts an Intamin Prefab in , or that Lake Compounce buys a B&M looper or an Intamin Megalite . But if they don't add one it's not like i'm not going back to my home parks. That to me would be like never eating lunch again just be
  8. Oh i forgot about this one! I've only been in the back seat once. I swore never to do it again. I think i lost about 2-3 inches of height due to spine compression.
  9. The green trains on blue track (or yellow) will look pretty tacky i think... Green on pitch black wouldn't be half bad though.
  10. Couldn't find one of these topics, so here goes: Feel free to split your wood/steel lists or include flats. 1. Boulder Dash - I actually have to hold the handlebar for the triple-up, and the laterals are INSANE 2. El Toro 3. Batman: TR - This (and Vekoma SLC actually) is the only ride i have been on where i almost gray out 4. Kingda Ka 5. Alpengeist
  11. That's really weird... then again they sold me an "Extra Large" Toro t shirt (you know one that a 6'3 dude should be able to fit in), and it's probably a medium or something, i cant even squeeze my arms in.
  12. I wouldn't expect to ride KK tomorrow, but everything else should be open. I'm not clear on the Tstorm policy, however. A couple months ago i was at the park and hopped on Nitro at around 845 for one last ride. At the top of the lift hill we see blue flashes of lightning (that didn't seem too far off), and it started POURING. Not like normal rain, it was raining sideways. Mind you it was an amazing experience, but i was very surprised they didn't close the ride before we got on (they even ran 2-3 extra trains after we left). Batman was also open in the pouring rain (they didn't stop
  13. I'm guessing this is probably the best place to ask this... Anyway, with the summer winding down, i've found myself deprived of the glorious adrenaline rush that comes with riding a roller coaster (among other things). This has been my first summer season where i've gone all out with riding roller coasters (been to SFNE 7 times, SFGAdv twice, and Lake Compounce 4 times, and i loved it all). But now it's been raining for two days, i've been sitting on my ass for two days, all my friends have gone back to school already, and i'm going back to school in a week (never to ride another roller
  14. SFNE - x6 SFGAd - x2 Lake Compounce - x4 I don't get out of the northeast much
  15. 1. Bizarro (SFNE) 1. El Toro - 3. Nitro 4. Alpengeist 5. Boulder Dash 6. Kingda Ka 7. Batman: TR 8. Vekoma SLC (don't ask) 9. Batman: TDK (SFNE) 10. Apollo's Chariot
  16. I live in eastern CT: 1.5 hours from SFNE 1 hour from Lake Compounce <3 <3 4 hours from Great Adventure (3.5 if i drive like i usually do) I've never made the trek out to Pa/Ohio, but I consider myself pretty spoiled where i am currently. If only i had more friends that enjoy (are addicted to) coasters as much as i am. I guess the only gripe i have about living here is the damn winter. New England: Breeding ground for Bipolar Disorder
  17. I lost my shades on El Toro's ejector hill . The guy behind me lost his hat at the same exact time. I guess it all depends on the glasses heh. Anything with major airtime I would consider taking them off. Any looping coaster shouldn't be a problem, as the glasses will be pressing into your face and down onto your nose due to +Gs.
  18. Do you have any idea just how many people put their mouths on them or spit in them? When a tree falls in the forest, and there is nobody around, does it make a sound? Falling trees don't normally cause dysentery though... Or radiation poisoning...
  19. Why drink any water or ice made from New Jersey water? Actually their "bottled water" tastes like... tap water... anyways I wouldn't put it past Six Flags to fill empty bottles with tap water
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