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  1. After hundreds of rides on the Streak last season... I totally agree! I have never felt unsafe on this ride.
  2. What to remember: Swank had nothing to do with the operation and maintenance of the Blue Streak. Lenny Adams and his company are responsible for that. They do work on coasters across the USA, and I expect that they would not operate a coaster that was a danger to the public. They have too much to lose by doing so.
  3. Awesome, thanks for posting this TR! I would so travel there from Pennsylvania (you know, that place where Knoebels is) for Lusse Skooters and Fascination! Looks like it was a great time.
  4. ^^^ As long as you don't sit over an axle near the rear of the train, the coaster is not really all that rough, really re-ridable. In just the last two weekends, I am nearing 200 rides on the coaster (major chunks of hours of riding near non-stop.) Most of those were in the middle seat in the last car. Best seat on the ride. ^ I don't know the financial specifics but I do know that the Swank Conneaut Partners are investing serious money into the park. The people they have involved with the park now are some of the best and have great plans laid out - they are EXACTLY what this park has needed. The SCP and the Trustees both realize that they won't have much success without investment. I've seen this first-hand this season; the park looks 1000 times better now than when they opened at the start of the season. I can't wait to see what next year brings - probably more excited about this than any other awesome new coaster being built for next year. Not only are the SCP investing, but Structural Technologies, Inc (STI, the group working on the Blue Streak) have some really awesome plans for the park. They know their stuff, and are really dedicated to getting the ride, and the park, back into shape. The Trustees could not have found a better match for the park. Leonard Adams (manages the gang @ CLP and his father owns STI) is one of the nicest people I have met, and really has a passion for what he does. Finally, the Trustees know what still needs to be done. They understand the challenges and have demonstrated this in the improvements this year. The Park has a long recovery ahead of it, but it looks promising. Attendance is recovering. The smiles of the people, both young and old, are there. I can retell many stories overheard on the platform of the Blue Streak- stories of childhood memories, from stealing a kiss in the tunnel of the Blue Streak to JUST being tall enough to ride with a parent. Countless people who have not been to the park in 10, 20, 30 years have returned - and enjoyed! New memories, too - family reunions and plenty of weddings! The best way to support the Park is by visiting - I hope you all consider doing that. I wish that I could really convey how much this place means to me, and so many other people, but it is something that cannot be explained.
  5. I visited on a Sunday in June this year and the park was pretty packed - I can only imagine a weekday would be less crowded. As an English-only speaker, I encountered no difficulties (well, except for trying to pair up with single riders!) but the park operations were horrible. It would take a lot of work to convince me to travel there again! That being said, the park was very nice and the island was beautiful. Enjoy your visit!
  6. An update posted on the Park's Facebook page says that the Blue Streak will re-open on Thursday (August 4th.)
  7. ^ Sit in the middle seat of a car (or the very front seat) and you will have a good ride. I prefer the middle seat of the last car - keep your back off of the seat and it is very re-rideable, along with having the amazing airtime the back seat provides. I've racked up nearly 100 rides since it reopened, and that is my strategy! Enjoy your visit to the Park and the area.
  8. They do have AC in a good number of rooms (maybe all?) now, so that should make you feel a little bit better about it! I've never stayed in the hotel (having a place 5 minutes down the road..,) so I don't know how the actual guest experience rates. I'd like to give it a go sometime, though, as it is a pretty cool building!
  9. The complete POV has been posted on the Knoebels Youtube page! Looks pretty awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwuRkBoWCh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwuRkBoWChI ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and embedded the Youtube version of the video.
  10. Back seat on CLP's Blue Streak is second to none. So dark and so awesome!
  11. The cycle on the Witch's Stew is far too long if you ask me. I was feeling rather ill after my last ride on it (Labor Day weekend). During my visit, the Trabant did not go backwards - I swore it did in previous visits, thanks for confirming memories from long ago. Thanks for the nice pictures and TR! I'll be at the park this weekend for Pumpkin Fest, hope to get 15-20 more Blue Streak rides in before they close up for the year.
  12. I can lay claim to being the last one to ride in the broken seat. Apparently part of the lapbar just snapped in half (I had wondered why it was going so high!)
  13. You mentioned night rides - Close your eyes at the top of the lift hill and that accurately will represent a night ride.. it is crazy dark back there! Thanks for the TR!
  14. Blue Streak was fantastic! 4 rides Friday night and 30 on Saturday. Got MUCH faster on Saturday, just as I remember it from years ago. They've done a great job, it really is not rough in comparison to most Cedar Fair wooden coasters and totally rideable in all but one seat (last seat in the first car.) Train was not full all of the time, however the crowd was fairly decent all day. ACE Western PA had ERT Saturday night, and the train was full for that entire time! Wooo Blue Streak !!!!
  15. Last year: CF platinum from KD This year: CF platinum from Canada's Wonderland Kennywood
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