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  1. Yea internet would be one thing I'd get..although I'd probably go back to dial up with a company offering something like NetZero ($10). Cell Phone bill I'm already paying monthly and that'd probably be my main telephone for the time being. Thanks for reminding me of that though, I hadn't thought of budgeting that in. Yea this'll probably be the thing, get a UHaul and have a last roadtrip with my friends. Thanks for the clarification of the first monthly rent thing, now in that case where you pay essentially 2 months rent do you get the deposit back at the end of your stay or do you have to stay another month at the end of your payments? Yea, I'm used it it coming from California, I think it's about 10% with what I'm doing here. I think the sales tax would go down for me though, so that's a plus. Yea that's what I'm trying to look at except basically, I pay nothing right now lol. I'll be moving to a kind of rural area so I can't predict yet how much my gas is going to be, if I can get a job close to the apartment or if it would be farther away. But hopefully I'll have enough money saved up for starters to be able to survive a bit of that. Thanks for all your replies (except for you nicolah ), any other suggestions are warmly welcomed!
  2. Hey you all, I lurk around here sometimes, used to post here more. Just wondering if you guys can help me... It's looking like I'm going to move out this winter, although I'd like to be really prepared for stuff, financially that is. I've worked out some stuff where I've figured out some expenses, both monthly and immediate costs but wondering if you guys can add in some things you've experienced. Immediate Costs -Original rent (what is this, 2 months right?) -New Car -Moving costs Monthly Costs -Rent -Food -Gas -Car Insurance -Health Insurance -Utilities (if they aren't included with rent) -Extra Cash for fun/Emergencies I'm gonna be workin full time for at least the first "semester" I'm there (I'm 1.5 semesters though college) so money probably won't be a problem, I'm just wondering what other expenses you can see. Thanks for anything you guys can come up with.
  3. "If it has a moon it's a planet" Say goodbye to Mercury and Venus. And say hello to a few asteroids who have moons too.
  4. Some correct science for you: Pluto is not an asteroid that was sucked in, it's a Kuiper Belt Object with an orbit that has ben altered so it doesn't stay in the Kuiper Belt all the time. Now, if you were to have Pluto as a planet, even if you establish it as the smallest diameter "planet" you have, you're still going to have to add several planets, adding many more every time more are discovered. I do like it though, Pluto was never a true planet, not as rocky as the inner planets, not as gassy as the outer planets, a hunk of rock and ice from the outer limits of our solar system. Poster & Science book makers, Unite!
  5. The All-Star Games are useless. They're meaningless exhibitions with "meaning" put on them. But you can't have a meaningful game when the best pitchers in the game only pitch 2 innings at a time.
  6. I watched a bit of it last night...got kinda confused. Gotta start from the beginning I guess.
  7. Still would like to get a D-SLR but here are a couple of my latest shots with our point and shoot. All were from Yosemite.
  8. Hike to half dome...one question is if you hike regularly? If you do, then you might be able to do the day trip hike. But definitely camp in the valley, start the hike at sunrise or even before. The hike to the aforementioned "waterfall thingy" I'm guessing is Vernal Fall, which is quite an easy hike. What you'll probably want to do depends on what time in the season you go in. If the water is still high then you're probably better off taking the John Muir Trail so as you don't get drenched in water early in the morning. But if the water is low then you can cut some time and mileage off by taking the Mist Trail. And that's where the trail starts getting harder. The Mist Trail is built out of stone steps, levels off, and then goes into steep switchbacks. Once you reach Little Yosemite (which is where you would camp if you make it a 2 or even 3 day trip) it levels out for a while until you split off to Half Dome. It switchbacks up more and gets steep when you get to the sub-dome part of it. At the saddle between the sub-dome and the actual Half Dome you drop your pack and pick up old work gloves (if you didn't bring any) and go up the cables. "The cables are to help keep your balance, you don't pull yourself up just by the cables, but walk along them, holding on to keep your balance on the steep incline. It's kinda like a steep staircase, but the only stairs would be the metal ties used to secure the cable poles to the rock. " Well this isn't entirely true. If it weren't for the cables, this would be unclimbable without being a total rock climber. Slick rock, 45+ degree angles, and exfoliating granite you go up and over makes it very difficult. You do pull yourself up, with the cables suspended above 2x4s every 6 feet or so. I myself have never done the hike, many other hikes in the Valley, but never up to Half Dome. If you want to do it in a day, I would not reccommend it if you aren't used to hiking. If you want to do it in a couple of days, I would not reccommend it if you aren't used to backpacking. Not sure of your abilities. If you're interested in Yosemite too, just went there and there's a trip report here
  9. I just recently got rid of my record player in my room, just because it was taking up too much room. Still got a few of my favorites up in my cabinet. *gets down and lists* A Hard Day's Night (US Soundtrack) - The Beatles Abbey Road - The Beatles All Things Must Pass - George Harrison The Beatles (The White Album # A1444719)- The Beatles The Beatles 1967 - 1970 (The Blue Album) - The Beatles The Beatles Story - Various People Cars (45 rpm 12 inch) - Gary Numan Damn the Torpedoes - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Double Vision - Foreigner The Early Beatles - The Beatles Eliminator - ZZ Top Fillmore: The Last Days - Various Artists Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival Help! (US Soundtrack) - The Beatles Imagine - John Lennon Led Zeppelin I - Led Zeppelin Let it Be - The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (With Booklet) - The Beatles Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin Revolver - The Beatles Rock 'n' Roll Music - The Beatles The Rock Album - Various Artists Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles Surfin' U.S.A./The Warmth of the Sun - The Beach Boys Toys in the Attic - Aerosmith The Tra-La-La Song (One Banana, Two Banana) - The Banana Splits (Cartoon) We Can Work it Out/Day Tripper - The Beatles Yellow Submarine - The Beatles Mostly albums, a few singles in there.
  10. *sigh* It needs to stop raining in San Francisco...
  11. I believe that the lagoon is there because it's protected by a wildlife protectorate. It's not really that big, would be hard to build paths out to, and would not really be cost effective (swampy ground still).
  12. Listen to several stations....my FM stations... 98.5 "KFOX" - Classic Rock 107.7 "The Bone" - Hard Classic Rock & some New Rock 97.7/104.5 "KFOG" - World Class Rock And then I listen to some AM stations usually just for certain events, Giants Games and Coast to Coast AM. 680 KNBR - Sports 560 KSFO - Talk (Coast to Coast AM at 10)
  13. I'm a Giants fan, so it's going to be an interesting year. If Bonds plays 100 games, I'm confident we're going far. My picks for the divisions...AL West-Angels, AL Central-White Sox, AL East-Yankees, AL Wild Card-Red Sox/Blue Jays/Indians, NL West-Giants if Bonds plays 100 games Dodgers if not, NL Central-Cardinals, NL East-Mets, NL Wild Card- Braves. Going to be a fun season!
  14. I'll take bets that the fire's not working by the end of this year..... *rolls eyes*
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