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  1. Awesome TR. I was just in So Cal this past weekend, and we thought about doing Knott's but decided Disney was the way to go for both days. Sounds and looks like you all had a blast. Knott's Scary Farm is definitely something on my radar screen one of these days. Oh, and men in glittery shirts scare the crap out of me too. Unfortunately it's pretty much a daily occurrence in San Francisco. By the way, since you're a nurse... any idea what I should be doing for an injured hamstring? Justin
  2. ^^ The above is meant as a joke, some friendly ribbing is all. My bad for making it sound like anything else. Justin
  3. Awesome TR, sounds like you had fun even though the weekend was wet. Wow, you got your cherry popped on Twister? Man, I only got married on a coaster, I wasn't able to consumate on it. Just kidding. Justin "Of course, the marriage is now long over, Stupid Knotts" Adams
  4. Isn't there a board for random photo TR's here? I thought there was, I better go back and check to make sure. Justin "Boxes can be exciting... I guess." Adams
  5. Perhaps in the exhibit for erectile dysfunction they'll put in a Huss Topple Tower. Sorry, I know, bad joke. I had to do it.
  6. ^^ A Dunderhead is just a slang term for an idiot or moron. Someone who does stupid, idiotic stuff. Pretty much our president.
  7. Hopefully this is on time. I just had so many ideas... Sorry to get political, but I had to do it. The Dunderhead!
  8. I have to second and third everyone's sentiments, your pics are awesome, very novel idea. I might have to steal it and make it my own, giving you full credit of course. I'm kidding. Thanks for sharing the adventures! Justin
  9. Well, I was going to pick Boston until Wally ruined it for me with his redneck Johnny Damon impression. I really don't care. My A's folded in September, and let the Angels take the division. If they played in September like they in June, July and August, I'd be rooting for them to win it all! Alas, that wasn't to be, so no use crying about it now. Since I worked for Disney in 2002 when the Angels won the series, I'll go for the Angels. Go Los Angeles Anaheim Irvine Spectrum Riverside Avalon Compton Angels of Southern California Donkey Lovers! W00T!
  10. Mr. Burns: "Try an open faced club. Use the sand wedge." Homer: "MMMmmm... Open Faced Sand Wedge..."
  11. While I commend you on your park and on runner-up status, I ask: how the HELL do you find time to build something like that? Nice work. A helluva lot better than the parks I used to build for NE. Justin
  12. Some more from me: Woodpecker (very redundant) Regurgitate (I never knew I gurgitated in the first place) Fatty (as in Fatty Acid. What the hell is a fatty acid? Maybe it's fat because it eats through shit... ok, that was bad) Bedevil (WTF?) The list goes on an on...
  13. LMFAO!!!!! I had forgotton all about that!!!!! --Robb Good times! Good times. 8) Here's another entry: Hooter's Hotwing
  14. I know dude, I tried finding a picture of the scene in the Candy Shop for the pic instead, but all I could find was the shot of us on the horse. I think I deleted the video too. That was a fun ass trip, I miss hanging out with everyone. Stupid ADD!
  15. I was dragged kicking and screaming by this flaming donkey with wings, who said his name was Pepe, and he had Twizzlers for me. So I followed him down the dark path, and ended up here. I've been stuck ever since, although I did build a raft and try to sail away once. My son, who happens to be black even though I'm white, was taken by pirates and I was forced to row to shore. WOO HOO! ADD rocks. :shock:
  16. What are some of the words we use everyday (slang or no) that, when you hear them, make you bust up laughing? I know, this is a non-sensical posting, but I can't help but laugh when I hear the following words: Fart (obvious choice) Poo Dag! (what the hell does this mean?) There's more but I can't think of them right now. What about you?
  17. You ask. Plain and simple. Don't be afraid to put it all out there. Be confident, but not an egomaniac. Show them you're sincere and above all, just be yourself. It helps if you're a little cocky, but don't be a jackass. And make them laugh. Poke fun at them a little, be playful. Women like to know that you can handle your own around them, that you're not going to be a wussy and that you're confident. Women don't like wussies.
  18. How funny, because I'm going next week too... HAUNTED MANSION HOLIDAY!! KNOTT'S SCARY FARM!!! WOO HOO!! Sorry, I have ADD.
  19. Wow... I actually feel dumber after watching that video. No, just playing. He was a little intense. He reminded me of an ACEr that just got linejumped at the buffet counter. Justin
  20. I think it'll be some type of prototype ride. Something that's out there already but a different version of it that's never been done before. I just have a hunch... Justin
  21. Thanks bud. I'm coming down next weekend I think, and visiting with Gregg and Kristi, probably doing Disneyland and maybe Knott's or something. I'd like to do the smaller parks I haven't been to, Castle, Scandia, stuff like that maybe. It's up to them. Join us!
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