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Liseberg Discussion Thread

p. 120 - Luna Park themed land announced!

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Who cares about the number of launch coasters at a park? As long as the overall ride is different. 3 out of 10 coasters at KBF are launch coasters, and they are all very different! One is a shuttle-loop, one is a family motocoaster and one is the best and most intense launch coaster have ever been on!

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Helix Update Roundup

Today we have a large combination update from 3 different sources.


First batch of images are some I took as I went past the park today, so only the usual stuff, but still a lot better than the view from the web cams. Especially over the last few days when there have been some really crazy fog at times that completely blocks the view.

To recap what have happened on the days since the last update, then they have finally poured the last big slab in the Pretzel area (just the footers to go), it seems like they have finished the LSM install on the second launch since the weather shielding is on its way down and they are finally working on connecting up the two track segments, or at least they are installing some massive looking supports for the inverted top-hat.


Second batch of images are the ones that were posted on the Helix blog today and they cover the work that is going into the trains, and also a bit of bad news. The trains have been delayed until the 19:th of March, that was the day when they were supposed to start testing, so it will be delayed somewhat. But there is still plenty of time left until the grand opening so Liseberg are certain that they will have the ride complete on time.

Source: Helix Blog - Ett tåg blir till


Last batch were posted on the Liseberg Facebook page earlier today, they were taken by ECC founder Justin Garvanovic during the Helix IRL day, just sit back and enjoy

Source: Liseberg FB page


First up a look at the staging area.

A fresh load of track


Some really massive looking supports that I think will be going to the top-hat


Pieces that are ready to go


A great deal left


Some tiny ones


Some funky looking piece, must be part of the pretzel supports, or maybe at the top of the top-hat??


Now the tight squeeze between Lisebergbanan and Flume Ride is more apparent, it's going to be epic :D


It's getting more and more complete by each day


Finish of the first batch with an image of the future top-hat.

The supports for this thing it going to be massive!!


Foam mould for the lead car


Foam mould for the side edges


Finishing of the final side edges


A batch ready to be painted


Car ends




Restraints being made


A batch of restraints waiting further processing


Seats ready to go


A sneak peak of the final product


Now onto the Last batch of today.

Drop out of the station


First corkscrew


Reverse POV of the first corkscrew


Overview of Helix from the Atmosfear catch car


Another image from the first drop


Another reverse POV of the first corkscrew


Lovely S-turns


Looking down toward the Pretzel loop


Dive into the Pretzel loop


First Launch


Another angle


Overview of the first part


Another first corkscrew image


This is going to be really epic


A really great image


The airtime looks great here


Reverse POV of the S-turns


First drop again


Exit of the first Corkscrew, and with this it's the end of this update.

Until next time!!

Edited by Loefet
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Looking really cool.

Just one question: how comfortable are these mack restraints? (cause I've never been on blue fire or any other of their coasters, really)

I really enjoyed the seats on Manta at SWSD. I'd only imagine what taking inversions with those seats could be like.

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Thanks for all the comments!!


Just a quick look at the web-cam today.

First track piece for the Helix is in place, also more supports for and the entry into the Top-Hat have been put in place.

Also the scaffolding that surrounded the second launch is coming down fast.


Cropped and Highlighted to make it easier to spot them.

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^ Agreed. What a gorgeous mess of track going in all different directions! And wow, I gotta say, this thing looks spectacular. Just another reason why this park is high on my list of "dream destinations" someday. Those of you on the Scandi trip are in for a heck of a fun time, and this coaster looks like it has the potential to be a real highlight!

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Looking really cool.

Just one question: how comfortable are these mack restraints? (cause I've never been on blue fire or any other of their coasters, really)



I found the restraints on Blue Fire to be very comfortable and while the lap bar was pretty snug it was still a very free experience considering all the inversions.


This coaster is looking fantastic and I really hope I can get there some day. The drop out of the station is a great touch! Awesome photo update.

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