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  1. Just got back from Navigator of the seas. The updates on the ship were wonderful, water slides were great. We also really enjoyed the new bars, pool deck and escape game. They did an amazing job. Perfect Day at Coco cay. WOW. We loved it so much we are looking at cruises that go there twice. I've been so hyped for this park since concept...I was the first one down Daredevil's peak that day. Daredevil's peak was one of the most intense body slides I've done. I much prefer this slide to the previous record breakers. The continual helix was crazy intense especially at the end, that S turn transition felt crazy, as simple as it looks. Be ready to climb, we did 140 flights of stairs on this day! (Did Daredevil's peak 5 times) The rest of the water park was great, I wish there were some better food options but included food is always a plus. Loved that the drink package worked all over the island as well. Great slide variety for all levels of guests, and tons of space, We were the only ship on this trip, I could see it being slightly busy with two, but overall the whole make over of this island was truly impressive.
  2. Wow this looks awesome. I'm curious about that small spinning drop tower. I've always wondered if that was possible on a large scale, it looks like so much fun! I too would love to see ride a Gerstlauer bobsled coaster.
  3. Very intrigued on this news! I've always been interested in seeing this brought to life, and while many scenes are made for haunted house atmosphere there is also a lot more psychological fear, slow burn and atmosphere at play in the story which will hard to see crammed into a 5 minute experience. On top of that, it goes back to how I felt about the Halloween house (which was amazing) It's mostly going to be the same few characters coming at you every scare. Again, not a bad thing...the hedge maze should make for amazing scares that I'm already nervous for. I do feel bad for Stephen King. I don't believe he ever had any intent on seeing his works come to life like this. He barely wanted the movie's made (and wasn't that happy to the point where he remade The shining in the 90's as a TV miniseries) I'm assuming due to the movie rights vs. book rights and the fact that this isn't based on King's novel/movie version they have gone around him to some extent. I hope not, but if that is the case I do feel a little bad for the protective artist (which he always has been, from what I've read and followed over the years they've been trying to get him and his content ever since the start of the event and other stand alone attractions, much like the hitchcock stuff) Either way, This has potential to be a tremendous house...but could also fall very flat due to the hype and expectation of such a iconic horror masterpiece. The one thing I really like that I've seen here and many other places is people who have no interest in haunted houses being excited for this and making the trip. They have a winner already it seems just based on hype!
  4. That video of Diamond back is crazy! I am hoping to get to KI this summer around June 8th, hoping it will have died down at that point for mystic timbers! I was up at CP opening year of Millennium Force, I think end of May, and we waited about 3.5 hours for it, line went down past the tunnels I believe. We also waited 3.5 for Dragster opening year, but my buddy did a 6.5 hour wait for Dragster during its opening but that was with breakdowns of course. I think it's fun to do once or twice if you get to the parks often, otherwise hit it later in the season! Still very excited seeing the progress, could be a top wooden coaster contender for sure, especially at night!
  5. AND WE'RE BACK. Overall, we had a wonderful time this weekend. I just wanted to check in and say thanks for all of the wonderful advice and input. We ended up going with 4 different jackets of all similar nylon(ish?) material. We found some slick 5$ jackets at Goodwill that were pretty 80's. I unfortunately did not take the time to do a PTR along the way, but it was incredible. CONCLUSION: I DON'T WANT TO GO FAST. You guys were not kidding, some of those slides were not meant for that kind of speed. A few were terrifying, but amazing. A painful but incredible day was spent in that museum. We also did the Darkness Haunted house which was incredible as well. Thanks again everybody, I hope to go back to the City Museum some day. Bonus line: Also got to do the rooftop for the first time at city museum. Loved it!
  6. hahahah oh my gosh thank you everybody. I genuinely didn't know how this would go, so thank you for going above and beyond. Great suggestions, I shall grab my windbreakers and hoodies. After that a quick stop at goodwill for some hip new synthetic stirrup leggings (amazing) and other potential performance enhancing slideage I will make my way to a park with slides to test it all out (and look crazy, but I guess that's nothing new) Thanks everybody!
  7. Hello! Awhile ago you all turned me onto City museum ( like years ago?) I was finally able to go last year and I had the time of my life. Well it's time to go back...but one major problem was many of the non vertical slides were very slow. We were told to bring jackets and use those next time. MY QUESTION: Of all you magnificent people out there who have been to the majestic land of old shoe factory slides and abandoned skate parks....what will get me flying down those concrete, wooden, metal death traps they call slides? Thank you! -BBparks
  8. Here is one place to find it! http://www.wbir.com/news/local/documenatry-building-dollywoods-new-lightning-rod-roller-coaster/245091023
  9. Thinking about heading in to the park today, how are the crowds? Wait times look slightly longer than normal but not bad based on the app. Obligatory is lightening rod running? Thanks!
  10. In line for my third lap. Easily top 3 wooden coaster on my list. Sitting in the odd row really helped with those two bumps. The quad down is intense, I love it. Single train operation every time, 20 and 30 minute wait on these last two. Operations around the park were okay, mystery mine was stacking quite a bit along with wild eagle. (Over the last 10 years I've come to expect that here on some of the rides) but overall hot but amazing day. Hoping you guys get to ride it on your upcoming trips!
  11. At the park today with the family. Waited 45 minutes for lightening rod, single train operation. Everything else is 5-10 minutes. What an incredible experience. We did the last row and loved it. I felt the bump at the bottom of the hill which was noticeable but everything else was perfect. Amazing roller coaster hoping to get one more ride today.
  12. For those who have ridden this week, did Lightening rod open with the park? My family and I are going on Saturday, and typically head to Mystery Mine and Fire chaser first. I know some of the mornings it opened around 10:30am. Should I go pick out a spot in line or just hit the rest of the park and see where it's at later in the day? Thanks! (I know most have reported 30-40 minutes usually, that's what I'm hoping for but on a Saturday could be busier?)
  13. This will be my first year not attending in 8 Years . Overall I think the event sounds pretty strong so far, but the execution could ruin a few of these. Honestly I think Ghost Town has great potential. I do miss the days when it was 5-7 original houses with one IP house. That being said, Krampus is a great fit, as it did very well at Scarehouse last year from what I understand. I really hope they can pull off exorcist, that house is the biggest reason I'm sad I can't go this year! I look forward to all of your reviews.
  14. At this point I think we are barley at a week straight of lightning rod "running". My trip is on Saturday and I'm not holding my breath. If it's going to ruin your trip if Lightning Rod is closed, I'd hold off. With the technical rehearsal banner still everywhere on the Dollywood website, it seems risky. But if it's worth the risk and another adventure to take before summer comes to a close, go for it! As of right now you have better odds than you did last month! I am excited just to see Dollywood again this weekend...but also really hoping to get a lap or two on Lightning Rod.
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