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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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They were likely closed for high winds, not wind chill. The park clearly doesn't care about wind chill since they tried to run Mystic Timbers in the snow.


I don't have any insider information about their policies for individual rides but a quick search shows that wind speeds were absolutely insane. My guess is that the reason those rides were the only ones open is that every other coaster in the park is either tall and valley prone OR surrounded by trees that could fall or lose limbs in those conditions (see: what happened that day at Cedar Point) and fall on the tracks.


Racer is tall-ish, but it looks like winds were from the North / Northwest which would just give it a strong tailwind and there aren't any trees near the track that would pose any danger to the ride so whatever. That seems to be Cedar Fair's philosophy with Magnum at Cedar Point too which they'll seemingly run in any wind speed as long as it's off of the bay.

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That makes sense I guess. The park employees were the ones that kept telling everyone the rides were down because of the wind chill. We were even told Firehawk couldn’t run until the end chill was below 31. Oh yeah it was windy on the 20th. I got to experience several trimless rides on Diamondback. I think we’re right in the edge of whatever storm hit Cedar Point and Northern Ohio.

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Well holy crap I must have been lucky as hell because I went to Kings Island on Sunday 10/21/2018 with my my Dad and Uncle last minute never thought it would happen travel trip and I got to ride pretty much everything worth riding before 4PM.


We left Detroit, MI at 6:45 AM EST and got to the park at 10:45 EST in time to park, walk up to the entrance, and arrive at the fountains before they opened the park. I liked how they let us into the park, but waited until 11AM to let us go past the dropped ropes to get where we wanted to. These are my ride experiences, in order starting at 11:10am.


Diamondback: Back Outer Seat: Temps at 50 degrees: Some good good airtime, a ton of fun before the brake run...after it...nah. They classically B&M trimmed the one before the left handed turnaround, even as cold as it was. I'd later learn that KI loves the helixes before the end of the ride kinda thing which I really appreciate as it adds to the duration of the coaster but really does nothing in terms of ride experience.


Mystic Timbers: Back seat: Pretty sweet woodie. Super smooth. Love the duration and maneuvering through the woods. Dug the direction changes, but after the first couple of drops very minimal airtime. The shed was a disappointment and weird for my Uncle and Dad. I'm the kinda coaster nerd that gives no heads up to anyone just to see how they feel, and I will say, the end just sitting there was really just...confusing to them both. Same for me.


The Beast: Back seat: Beat the crap out of us. Really hauling ass and really amazing how it spans through the woods, but a 1 time ride was enough. I was impressed by the tunnels through the terrain, but this was pretty much a fast traveling coaster with flat sections, trims, and unexpected turns. Highlight was absolutely not knowing where it was taking you, and the crooked track before the helix after the 2nd Chain lift as it was so fast and terrifying even if it wasn't a record breaker man that thing felt like it was hauling faster than any woodie I've ever been on.


After that since we were in the corner and Windseeker was open, me and my Uncle went for it. So silly, I lived 5 minutes from Knotts when they opened up Windseeker and had a pass and only rode it once because it was always closed. Since then I've ridden the Mondial at Cedar Point and now Kings Island. I don't get scared easily but for some reason I force myself to ride these cause they freak me out and I like doing that to myself. Not to mention 300 or so feet up in the air when the ground temp is 52 degrees is shiveringly cold!


Vortex was closed at the time, and I so so so hoped it would open. An old classic Arrow, I'll talk about later.


Backlot Stunt Coaster: Really fun, too short. Weird considering how Kings Island seems to try and extend some of their coasters even at the benefit of the ride. We like the launches, the fire and helicopter elements were working (big thumbs up!) and I think the saving grace was the dark portion that really could have used a helix to throw you through a what the heck is happening element. Still, good fun!


The main reason I came to visit because of its upcoming removal:

Firehawk: 5th Row: Wow! This was a GREAT ride. So SO smooth. Very amazing technology going on despite its lengthy history. We were all blown away with how smooth it rode. No headbanging. Visuals were amazing. This was probably the surprise of the trip for all of us. You're not going to beat Tatsu as far as I'm concerned but both my Uncle and Dad and I were very impressed with this ride. Wish the loop would have been better but that might have been where we were sitting.


Flight of Fear: It was cool watching the launches going but the ride lagged a bit. Basically stopped us ala Goliath @ MM style at the MCBR. Really hauled towards the end. Hey, at least the tried with this one. Another nice surprise, although not much in the thrill department.


-----Uncle and Dad Break back to the front of the park for Starbucks Coffee and Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Pretzel Break, damn, that was a good pretzel!-----


The Racer: Red Side: The one that turns left out of the station: Back Seat: This beat the crap out of us. Damn. I love woodies, but the pounding, oh the pounding. After the first drop we couldn't wait for this to end. I'm glad my dad passed on riding this one.


Drop Tower: Best part was the ride up. The drop was lame. Dunno why. Would rather take Supreme Scream for the thrill factor.


Banshee: Front Seat: Amazing B&M powerful invert. Loved the elevation changes. That front drop that felt like it was vertical was awesome. Hauled until that final in-line inversion: something unexpected from B&M. A great ride. This thing HAULED. Loved the top of the lift audio with the screaming banshee. RIP Son of Beast.


Invertigo: Holy crap how was this the smoothest boomerang I've ever been on? Love the strange seating. No headbanging. If they replaced every regular seated Vekoma Boomerang with this I'd say they'd be a lot more popular. Phenomenal forces. This ride was GREAT.


The Bat: Back seat: Rode Twice without getting off: Well this was a must. Considering Arrow Suspendeds are so unique and going away, I'd have to say this one was a real winner. That first drop and the speed was remarkable. What can you say? These things lose a lot of momentum due to the swinging but man, this was a great ride. I loved the out of the park feel, this ride was all on its own out there. A trek to the station to say the least. Arrow really had something going with these suspendeds that I wish were around much more. Not to mention I'm now really really interested in the original bat and where it was located. I haven't been able to find much about it.


Adventure Express: I really liked how this ride just took off out of the station and rode the terrain before the first lift. A great mine train. The ending lift hill with the theming struck me as a Mystic Timbers kind of end where you were expecting more.


Vortex: Back seat: They opened this ride after it warmed up a bit and I got on it at about 3:30PM, and I have to say this was a fantastic unorthodox Arrow that I had not had quite an experience with before. That first drop gave a pop of air, the maneuvering through the awkward elements was much smoother than I expected, but all and all I was very happy with the ride. The non-close-to-the-ground-double corkscrew being much higher in the air before the batwing element was...unexpected after riding Viper @ Magic Mountain for at least 50 times but I'm sure 30 years ago was phenomenal and unheard of. This ride had that slow helix to end the ride I found to be a signature move for Kings Island, and hell, why not!



I will say this, Kings Island is a world renowned park with coasters that travel through unknown terrain. You get on the coasters inside the park then they take you through parts of the woods you don't expect, then at the taller portions of the rides see other peeking all around. Really, surreal. All of the crews at the rides were not lazy at all. Pretty much everything was walk on except for Firehawk and Flight of Fear. All the employees were friendly, and all the ride ops knew how to get the operations going. Seeing 3 trains on almost everything even with the park being substantially empty was a breath of fresh air.


I would recommend anyone planning to visit this park to go on a late October Sunday, get there early, and you will have the time of your life.


THANK YOU Kings Island for making this a coaster trip that was WELL worth spending a day on! I got to add 12 coasters to my roster in the course of 6 hours, and they were amazing. Even if it exhausted me and my Dad and Uncle!

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Glad you enjoyed the park!


Firehawk isn't a world beater, but it's definitely not a coaster deserving of hate. It's easily the smoothest of the three Flying Dutchmen if you ask me. Really the only thing wrong with it is the putrid capacity.

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I think the helix on Diamondback is more a visual element for the crowd and the riders. It also capitalizes on the freedom of the clam shell restraints for riders who just want to relax and put their arms up at that point.


The shed on Mystic Timbers wasn't supposed to be the grand finale, like enthusiasts hyped it up to be. It just gives you something to look at instead of sitting on the brake run. Your time in the shed will depend on how quickly the train in the station is dispatched.


I've heard complaints about Racer being rough, but I haven't experienced that. This is probably largely because we never sit on wheel seats and we always sit in the middle of the train. It's the safest place to have a good time. The difference between a wheel seat and a non wheel seat on rides like Racer and Screaming Eagle are almost night and day.


Glad you had a fun trip. It sounds like you enjoyed the park.

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Nice report! I share just about all of your opinions on the rides. Kings Island is one of the most well-rounded, solid parks out there IMO. They don't have that huge, single, amazing stand-out coaster like some Cedar Fair parks, but I think that's what makes them so great.


I also enjoy Firehawk quite a bit too. I find it the smoothest and most enjoyable of the three Vekoma flyers. I'm also not really shedding any tears that it's leaving since it has a terrible capacity and is likely a maintenance nightmare for the park. Plus, knowing Kings Island, it will be replaced with something much better.

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^^^^ Great report. I visited KI for the first time this summer and had a lot of the same experiences as you. This park has a really solid coaster collection, excellent operations, and an overall enjoyable atmosphere.


I believe the original Bat was where Vortex now sits. I actually prefer where the new Bat sits; I like how it's way out in the middle of the woods, by itself.

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We were at the park at the very end of May and I thought the Racer was rough compared to prior years. I've been riding it since the 2nd year Kings Island opened. We used to marathon it back back when it just had the buzz bars. We also found Blue Streak rough this year at Cedar Point compared to how it was a couple years ago. Both parks need to give these woodies some extra attention as they are both great rides when smooth.


We hit Kings Island and Cedar Point every other year as we live in Phoenix so we can really feel the ride differences from each visit.



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A few years ago my ex-wife and I were participated in Coasting For Kids it seemed like the side closest to Dinosaurs Alive seemed to hit the bottom pretty hard at the bottom of the drop or the first bunny hill before the climb into the turn around. We were pretty sore after riding Racer all day.

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Key to riding any woodie with 3-bench PTC trains: ride in the middle row


Exactly. This really applies to almost every wood coaster with 3 bench trains. I can really only think of one or two of them where we don’t seek out those non-wheel seats (one being Phoenix but the amount of track work they do on that thing is insane). In most cases the rides are significantly better there.

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I know at one point last year we rode Beast in the front row of the back car and it was pretty brutal there, too, but not nearly as bad as when my friend talked me into "trying" the very last row with him.


GASM at over Georgia was great when it had 3-bench and you could sit in the middle to avoid the violent beating. But they had to ruin it, because, you know, f*cking Six Flags man.

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Non wheel seat in the middle of the train. This formula has never given us a rough ride on Racer and it works for most traditional (non GCI) wooden coasters. Bouncy? Yes. Rough? No.


We love Screaming Eagle at SFSTL. It's probably our favorite at the park. We always sit in the middle of the train on a non wheel seat and every ride is great. The last time we rode we went with two other people and to time being on the right train we had to sit on a wheel. Night and day experience and it totally sucked. Our formula of non wheel-middle row has even worked on brutal rides like Boss. Lean forward and it makes wooden roller coasters even more tolerable.

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