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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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I wouldn't call this a TR but i wanted to show some things from my visit last Saturday to the park for Winterfest.







Firehawk is still standing and the only thing that has been done that I know of is the proxies where removed along with the trains and sent to Carowinds.


Racer is getting a complete retrack in some sections for next year!


Speaking of racer for 2019 new LED lights have been installed around the lift and drop and hopefully more will be installed through the entire course!



Overall the park continues to improve every year since its triumphamt return last season and it is easy to see that this is a guest and season pass holder hit and I highly recomend it

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Here is a brief photo report of our trip this past weekend. The pictures are from the park, and a side trip to jungle Jim's market located about 20 min from the park. This is a very unique market, that carries foods from every country around the world. We found some really interesting items in here, along with the old safari monorail from kings island.


The monorail looked to be in working order, but was not running while we were there. Does anybody know if the monorail actually runs?


Anyway, onto some pictures...



Ever wonder what foods are offered in the restaurant above the parks entrance?


But I chose the kielbasa, sour krout, and peorogi platter from the fest house. It was actually pretty good, even though the peorogis were a little dry. It's also included on the dinning plan.


The funnel cake stand had some delicious treats as well.


The park is decked out in over 5 million Christmas lights. Just about every tree, bush, and building had lights.




Boo blasters doing its thing.


The kids enjoying the petting farm.


They have tons of stuff for the family to do together, like crafts...and they are included in the price of admission.


A sneak peak at one of the new antique cars.


The cinnamon bread was delicious.




Reds dinner live entertainment.


The main entrance


Now, let's take a look at jungle jims. And also, one of the monorail stations and track sections.


One of the first things you see is the monorail


They also have some antique cars. Not sure if these are from kings island as well.


They also have an interesting entrance



Once inside...


They have a HUGE selection of wine and beer.


And you can even sample them all if you choose.


This is the bathrooms. You have to walk thru a porta john door to get to it.


Coolness everywhere you look.




Looking for hot sauce? They have you covered. They even have adult themed hot sauce.


I really cant show most of them on here, but here is a sneak peak at a few.





They even have hot sauces named after cedar fair coasters.


High end hot sauce.


And this...


Everywhere you look, there is something cool to look at.



They even have a theater with a movie about the history of jungle jims.


Foods from every country


Lol....you can easily spend half a day walking around this store. We were in here for 2 hours, and didn't see it all.


Let's take a closer look at the monorail


This monorail operated at kings island back in the 80's when the park had a safari attraction.


Somehow it found it's way to jungle jims.


There were 3 or 4 monorails on the track


This looked to be the main station.


The backside had a covered area that seemed like it was maybe a q line at some point.


That's it for this mini trip report. So next time you visit kings island, take the time to check this place out.

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Jungle Jims looks neat. Emily has this weird thing with enjoying browsing in different grocery stores around the country, so I'm going to have to remember this.


If you are ever in Connecticut, do not miss Stew Leonard's. They have better animatronics than some theme parks.

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Oh cool, I did not know about Jungle Jim's, but adding it to my next Ohio itinerary. Thanks; it looks fun.


They have 2 locations. We went to the Fairfield ohio location. I guess the other location is not as big from what we were told.

Good to know,thanks. That looks decently close to KI too.

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Oh cool, I did not know about Jungle Jim's, but adding it to my next Ohio itinerary. Thanks; it looks fun.


They have 2 locations. We went to the Fairfield ohio location. I guess the other location is not as big from what we were told.

Good to know,thanks. That looks decently close to KI too.


Yea, it was roughly 20-25 min away.

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I never pay attention to all of the no-limits concept creations, but that one and the video was neat. I'd sh*t myself if something similar were to happen. So, I think I'd better buy some butt wipes, because I'm guessing it will be happening sometime within the next few years.

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It's a well produced concept, but have the KI fans seen or heard of the new Vekoma/Mack/Intamin coasters? Yeah, a huge B&M terrain coaster would be epic. But the cost to have something of that size and scale has got to be next to impossible. Even if a 300ft B&M giga was put in I doubt it'd satisfy the fans since they've been dreaming of their own concepts and they're on page 122of MS Paint Adventures.


Are fans not letting go of the B&M Giga idea because B&M was listed in the latest contract? I mean, fair enough, if so... I guess that is still a very valid reason. But of all of the incredible coasters out there...why a B&M giga, haha.


this is just one concept on one page. there's 122 more pages of these.

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Somebody was having fun with the kings island giga rumor. Here is a video they put together, and I have to say its impressive.

For fun, check it out here....


Yeah, I know its not real but damn that is a dope-a$$ little video. Would be sweet if it was true.

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Oh cool, I did not know about Jungle Jim's, but adding it to my next Ohio itinerary. Thanks; it looks fun.


They have 2 locations. We went to the Fairfield ohio location. I guess the other location is not as big from what we were told.


I went shopping at Jungle Jims over the weekend and ran into a manager and asked him. According to him the size difference is minor, Eastgate is actually the larger of the two, but we are talking 215,000 sq ft. vs 185,000 sq ft., except they used the extra space to make the aisles wider so he believed they both have about the same number of products. For people who have never been to either, a super walmart is on average 179,000 sq ft, so either Jungle Jims is a massive grocery store.


If you want to just go shopping, visit the Eastgate location, it is closer to the park and has fewer customers and wider aisles so it feels more like you are shopping at a typical grocery store, except that is what the problem with the store is, it has random huge statues, boats, etc., but it is not the insanity of the original.


But if you want the whole experience, go to the original store in Fairfield. Good luck getting two carts past each other in an aisle, but there are just so many more things to look at around the store, plus finding your way through the store is an adventure by itself.


Either way both have an international food section which feels like it is as large as a normal grocery store.

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I wouldn't call this a TR but i wanted to show some things from my visit last Saturday to the park for Winterfest.






As of Friday (November 30), both trains of Firehawk were still on-site next to the lift hill. A little hard to see if you are not looking for them.

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