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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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In this case the difference between S&S and Intamin isn't within 1% like it is with Verizon.


Wow that double shot tower looks puny next to the larger ones. Not that double shots ever looked that large to begin with anyway.


Funny thing is the tiny double shot will pack the biggest punch

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Someone at HP has been playing RCT a bit too much. It looks so odd, like when you wanted to have separate "drop" rides at your starter park so you lined-up three of those of different heights and expected guests not to notice they are indeed the same ride experience.


I am intrigued by how they are going to run them (cycle, different queues, grouping, etc.)

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Nobody's complaining, we're just laughing at the park for buying this thing because it's entertaining.


I have no doubt that the Hershey's tower will be a fun ride, but the Reeses tower is the dumbest idea ever and the Kisses tower isn't that far behind. The Reeses tower is being built on the premise that there is a large group of people who are afraid of a 189 foot tower but are totally cool with a 131 foot tower. These people most likely don't exist and I applaud the sales team at S&S for convincing them that buying it was a good idea. People are most likely only going to ride the middle tower because they're settling for a tower they don't want to ride because the line for the cool tower is too long.

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