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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Dear pretty title fairy,


After a long while thinking about what I would like my title to be, and many you tube videos later, I decided! I would love if you would please change my title to "would do anything for a rollback" You are the best, and I hope china rocks! Definitely ride Dive Coaster for me please.




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Dear Title Fairy,

I come humbly before you to beg a title from your majestic grace. As your divine majesty will already know I have succeeded in reaching the hallowed post number (even if I took a long time to do it). Therefore I ask you to place upon this person a fitting title for someone of your realm. Preferably something to do with my own country, the United Kingdom, although of course it is less important than your majestys'.

I thank your highness in advance.

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Just a quick question Almighty Title Fairy.



If someone had a total of 500 posts, and 350 of them were in the gaming forum. Would they be allowed to receive a custom title?

I am asking this because I am starting to become a "round-the-forum" poster, and hope to reveive the honour of having a custom title.



Yours truely,


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Dear all powerful, ravishing title fairy. I bow down to your altar with a request that only someone as all powerful as yourself would be able to accomplish. My current title is about a year old, and I would love it changed to




Thank you in advance title fairy. You are one of the few things better than anchorman.


OUCH! lol, thats what I get for asking.

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Title Fairy, now that Sarah Palin can no longer see Russia from her house...


Will you please change my title to "Miley Cyrus' rebound guy"?


I would really appreciate it.



EDIT: Well, while I'm actually more into the sluttier, brunette version...that's pretty close. Thanks! lol

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Golden Rule #1: To ask for a custom title, you must have 150 real posts on the forum. Real posts means not 3/4ths of your posts in games threads. If you are an active member of the site, this should be no problem!


Since Robb Alvey makes games for his livelihood, rule #1 seems a bit odd.


Don't know how I missed this sticky. Always wondered why some people had different custom titles and some didn't. This has to be one of the most entertaining topics I have ever read at TPR.

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