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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Dear jaw dropping hip-swinging majestic ubber purdy Title Fairy.

I am here before you to request you of a small favor... A custom Title.



A little about me:


1.I'm obsessed with Belize

2.Schwarzkopf and Whizzer owns!

3.I was on V2 when it valleyed.



It's not much to work with. So if you want it may be the Title of your choice.

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How's it goin' Title Fairy! I think you know why I came to your lovely home! To ask for a title of course! Now...some interests:


Hardcore music

Knott's Berry Farm

Baja Fresh and/or Del Taco (fast food)

Chuck and Leverage (TV shows)


I'd be much obliged if you could come up with a decent title from these options! Thank you!

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^ The Title Fairy does not grant wishes to those that do not follow the Terms of Service here at TPR!


Signatures – Please keep your signature to 3 or 4 lines of single spaced text and no “GIANT TEXT”. An Image is fine but no bigger than 75 pixels high and 450 pixels wide and no animation. The moderators have the right to delete your signature or ask you to change your signature if they believe it is distracting from the forum even if it falls within the above guidelines.
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Oops, I didn't know that was a problem. I figured someone would have said something already.


It's fixed though. I'll now try again.



Oh Title Fairy, I beg of thee to give me a title of your finest craftmanship. Anything will suffice as long as it's original (as always). Thank you.


Sincerely HCLcoasters

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Oh great Title Fairy, I would like a custom title!


I would like it to do with my love for my Mini Cooper and some ideas I had were...


Still Motoring


Motoring away in the Dammin8r


or in alliance with the classic donkeys ones


Motoring is my way of life!


I will leave it up to your creativity as you are a much worthier being then I.




Chris "Loves his Mini that much but not more then the Title Fairy" Damm


EDIT: WOW that is amazing I bow down to your awesomeness

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Oh wonderful Title Fairy. I ask thee to grant me a custom title. I have a special place in my heart for Iron Wolf. I love Tower of Terror and I hope to find my own Indiana Jones someday. Because you are so wise and witty, I'm sure you'll come up with a title that fits me well.

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