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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Dear wonderful and magical Title Fairy:


I was wondering if I could have my title changed to "Full Fledged Hand Dryer enthusiast" or anything else that you see fit. I would greatly appreciate it. You are truly wise and your thread is the best.


Edit: Thank you, Title Fairy!

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[approaches altar slowly and reverently] Oh, dear Title Fairy...my title was recently upgraded, but I now find that it needs to take a slightly different path. "TPR's Olden Goldie" would suit me just fine.


Of course, this will be done as your schedule permits. Thank you ever so much.



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Dear O mighty and powerful Title fairy of the TPR forums......May I please have a new title, one the reflects something other than a loser that used to place horrible posts on these forums. I ask of you on bended knee for a more fitting title.

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