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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Hello, Title Fairy! I was hoping that you could please change my title to "The TPR Poster from Hell" or something similar to that.


Or you could just not be the TPR poster from hell...


I'm cleaning up my act. Don't worry about it. The name relates to my avatar (a man-like demon from Hell) and I thought that TPR Poster from Hell would fit me better. But the Title Fairy can change it if...he/she wants to.

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This is weird, I used to be abel to see my avatar along with everyone else, but I assume I am the only one who can see it now? It is a picture of an old school computer with raisin bran on the screen.



Actually, I have never seen you with an avatar... Have you tried re uploading it to TPR?

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Well, Considering that I can see it along with Elissa, Yes it is uploaded to TPR. A few months ago, I played the "Rate My Avatar" Game and people were able to see it, so this must just be recent.




Title Fairy, I would like to know if you could please change my title to something regarding my user name. It would be greatly appreciated!





This Is What My Avatar Should Be...

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Golden Rule #4: Don't piss off Title Fairy by nagging and pestering her. This will only make her angry and get you STUCK with a very awful custom title.


Hmm, considering you have asked for a title many times recently and spelled TITLE wrong each time giving you your current title I would just have to assume the answer is no. But that's just common sense speaking...


And maybe use correct grammar. It's "to" not "too". That's what got you your title in the first place.

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^ You've given the fairy ideas!

Also, no I don't drink or like drinking or anything. The name just sounds kind of cool, and I've been using it forever!


^^ You have foreseen the future!


And thank you mighty title fairy!

I think it is the most honorable and witty title!


But I shall be back once I'm 19! (Legal drinking age in Canada)

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