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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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[solemn organ music plays] Dear Title Fairy...it's been a long time since anything was done with my title, and I felt that a mere word added to it would be more fitting to the person I am. Everyone already knows that I am older than the hills, but by changing my title to "TPR's Diabetic Senior Citizen" would also let your readers know that despite that crusty exterior, I can be a real sweetheart.


Thank you for taking care of that for me, of course, provided you get a minute in your busy schedule.




EDIT!!! The Title Fairy moves in mysterious, yet FAST ways. Thank you for fulfilling my request so quickly!

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Hello Title Fairy,


I feel that it has been some time since I received my last title which I very much deserved. I feel a new year comes a new light and so, I'm slowly changing. Anyway, please may I have my title changed to 'TPR's Resident Geek' as I am already getting A* in physics at school a whole 3 years early. My friends call me a geek.


Thank You!

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^Trust me, it gets like that up here in Washington sometimes.


Hello Title Fairy, it's the guy who doesn't know how to spell "Enthusiast."


Due to how fat and nerdy I've become, can you change my custom title so something around the means of "I eat Big Macs while doing science projects." Though it really doesn't matter, if you could please change my title, I'd appreciate it.




EDIT: Ok, I really don't care now. You may choose to insult my HORRIBLE grammer if you want, Title Fairy.

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