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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Alright, Fair enough. My title stays until the title fairy changes it. IF she decides to change it that is. But I must ask, Can people stop messing with my Signature and avatar. When I saw the picture of Nick Jonas earlier I got a little scared. That is all, Sorry for being such a pain.

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Oh great title fairy I enjoy my title alot, but I have come in request for a change for you see I recently learned that the Dueling Dragons statues were removed, and I would really appreciate it if you would grant me a new title in honor of them. Something along the lines of "R.I.P DD Statues" or maybe "In remembrance of DD Statues." Something like that, but only if your greatness wishes to change it then do so if you wish. Thank you for hearing me. I am most greatly honored to be in your most humble presence title fairy. You are a saint.

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Oh wondrous and amazingly cool title fairy, I know that a few of my posts are game posts, but I ask you most politely for the custom title "I made this account before I went to Cedar Point...." It is the truth IMO, and is Cedar Point NOT better than Six Flags? If you have not been to Cedar Point, it is a fantastic place! (Although, being 78, I suggest you don't go on some coasters due to the intensity of them. Read my signature and you'll feel the same way if you ride!)

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Hello again, ye majestic Title Fairy.


So I know you love my current title (doesn't everyone?), but to celebrate being at TPR for over 1 year now, I request the simple gift of a new member title.


Being the fiery democrat that I am (even though I still can't vote...), I would like something along the lines of:


"Currently kissing Obama's A$$"


My deepest gratitude is extended to you.

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^ Be careful about that. The title fairy might give you something like "Sarah Palin is good looking hockey mom"


Miss and/or Mr. Title fairy...can you please grant me a new title that states "Mr. October" as pictured in my avatar from the awesome TPR Swimsuit Calender.


Thank you in advance


Jimmy "Still TPR's drunkaholic" Bo

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Great and Majestic Title Fairy, in honor of how much I hate Sarah Palin can my title please be something awesome like


An Alaskan Vice President is worse than a Canadian Vice President and everyone knows Canada is barely a country.




The Cow Says Shazoo.


That was the greatest family guy quote ever.

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