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  1. *** channelling Hanno *** ........................a BUTT PLUG?
  2. quick release pin for car bonnet?
  3. a locking pin, but don't know for what use
  4. correct, it's a button bit for drilling rock/mining. over to you (and the way you've been heading, this should be very interesting)
  5. Hanno, your last few replies are revealing your inner self. And no.
  6. airsoft Tactical Trigger Guard for AEG bk
  7. Star anise is correct. I'm not sure what the plant looks like, it grows in the tropics.
  8. well darklingscribe, I also have a bad back after lifting a 40kg/88lb sack of fertiliser on Saturday (I swear I bent my knees), but nothing that painkillers and red wine can't cure. I have a fairly easy one, to keep the topic moving:
  9. I didn't realise that Hershey was a town, I assumed it was a brand name.
  10. thanks Jason, trying not to dribble down my chin whilst waiting for the next instalment Brian
  11. Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup How can you mix sweet (pancakes & maple syrup) and savoury (bacon)? it just doesn't make sense. baked beans on toast, now that's a winner!
  12. of course you tasted amazing, but how was the Redbull with Vodka ?
  13. But that's like finding out the Easter Bunny isn't real! Which of course it is (fear not all of you kiddies still reading, you will still get an obscene amount of chocolate that your parents will steal while you're asleep)
  14. I see you've still got Smisty wearing the Wall-e backpack as a handicap?
  15. hi Jason, best wishes to you and Kelly for the big day. Brian
  16. Nice. Are you still working for K&N? I work for Panalpina now. It's nice to get up an close to what our jobs are about, rather than sitting at a desk. Brian
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