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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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Oh, Title Fairy it's glorious. Kings Island is finally getting a good new B&M coaster!


Could you make my day even better by getting rid of my old title, and replacing it with..."B&M at last..." My old title just kind of gives off a bad vibe.




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Oh Great, Wise, and Humorous Title Fairy, it is finally time in my

tumultuous and lively TPR tenure to ask for a custom title. I've thought

long and hard and came up with...nothing. Perhaps the best title is one

you choose and that I've truly earned. Given your sense of humor, I know

I'm in a heap of trouble here, yet randomness would probably mean more

than anything I could choose (then get tired of and second guess).


Illustrious Title Fairy, my humorous fate is in your capable hands. Do

with me as you will, and thank you for your time and consideration.


Looking forward to the comical results.


I humbly bow and take my leave.

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Great stuff Title Fairy! It's perfect.


Best part is, it's part of an inside joke with this great community. Glad to be a part of it and the title is very special to me, just like my avatar that spaceace12 took the picture of.


Both mean more than what I could've chosen.


Thank you again and my best to you.

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Oh great Title Fairy,


Though my title (which I requested word-for-word many moons ago) is relevant to my avatar, I've grown tired of it and feel it is a bit lame. With that said, if you can find time within your busy schedule, I wouldn't mind a new one. I give you full freedom to grant me whatever title you wish. Thank you.


EDIT: I guess I got what I asked for didn't I? Fair enough, most excellent title fairy.

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Oh great and wonderous title fairy, I have pondered this moment for my whole life, contemplating and wondering, what should my new title be (if thou grants one.) And I haven't been able to think of anything original so title fairy, be that as it may, have your way with my wretched title, twist and mend it as your hearts desire! I will love it no matter what...thank you oh magical one, I am humbly undeserving, you are the greatest oh title fairy, you are "the one."


EDIT: Yay, new title, thank you oh masterous virgin title fairy.

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Oh magical Fairy... I have come upon 150 of these "Posts" you mortal's call, and I seem to favor a magical title.


I came upon the rules... True most of my posts are in the games fourm but that's only because there to fun to resist! I try to help in the Ask topic, and of course the general coaster topic.


So if I could request a title saying...


"The Halloween Horror Nights Fanatic"


Thanks so much.

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