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Ask Title Fairy For A Custom Title

Title Fairy

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O Great Title Fairy,


Many thanks for changing my title the last time I requested. However, I am now accustomed to the offseason, and my fate is sealed: this summer I will be working, out of all rides, the train at Cedar Point. (LOL.)


However, as of late, my creativity has dwindled. If you could find the time to come up with a new title for me (anytime before May is great), I would appreciate it.


Thank you.

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Hey thanks Wes, Even though I didnt want this one Its actually better because people have no idea what it means.


Though now that the "Title Fairy" is back Im starting to think that the signitures are not very special anymore, But I dont know.

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I think my old one needs to go. I haven't lost any tickets in two years now, and I'm ready for something different.


Maybe something to do with my Photo TR's (I know I have at least three or four out there that I never finished) or photography, the Florida Gators, or something like that.


My thoughts:

Full Fledged Donkey Enthusiast

Knows where his towel is

On the other side of the camera

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Yeah. I know, I begged in the last thread like this and got this custom title. But that's the past, it's a new beginning, so...


Oh awesome Title Fairy, you are so great, if thou could change my title to "Noo! They be stealin' my bucket!", I would greatly honor thee. Almighty Title Fairy, I hope you get my request and grant it.


That was really weird typing that...

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I'm guessing these both relate to me? lol, guess I'm STUCK with my wonderful member title...


Oh well, maybe no one will notice?


Yes, DBru your a little pest, just kidding! Or is he tittle fairy. To my knowledge hes ok, but correct me if I'm wrong.


Well anyways, could I have my title changed to, Brandon's Coasters . If that pleases you.



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