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  1. I figured that.. if you just look at the background of both videos you can plainly see that they are the same distances of track in opposite directions.
  2. Hey nothing wrong with Cleveland or North East Ohio! Except for the horrid weather, crippling unemployment, disgustingly bad crime... but HEY! Atleast we have the Buckeyes!
  3. Nice PR. I found the park very very nice when I visited earlier this summer. After all the bad things I heard, it was a pleasant surprise. Oo.. and Patriot ftw. <3
  4. Excellent pictures! I happened to ride it later in the day towards dusk and ventured on a night ride.. twas quite epic as you can't see the pain before it hits you like the day. Happy to see it back tho.
  5. ^That would be an awesome replacement.. although I doubt DT is going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. Found it from another site (RCPro). I'm not much of a frequent poster, but I do like to come around and see whats going on.
  7. ^What? Being karate chopped to the face over and over and ending up with a massive headache?
  8. If you are rolling in the front, the airtime is pretty weak in the final bit.. but I found it quite nice in the back.
  9. Best: Boulder Dash, now that GCI blew a load on it, has turned into something just epic. Worst: Great Bear goes from best invert to mediocre. Sad.
  10. Insanity on the Stratosphere. Crapping my pants was an understatment.
  11. Waldameer sometime soon.. and Cedar Point before the end of the year. I won't have a new park under my belt until I go to Kings Dominion next summer.
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