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  1. Does anyone know why you give SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment $300 for a platinum pass they only give you a piece of paper, is there a way to get one that is like a credit card?
  2. Not to go off topic, but Kings Dominion has said various times that Shockwave won't be going anywhere soon, the ride is one of the most reliable and cheapest rides to run. The park also has the 2 old King Kobra trains from Kings Island. In addition last year they installed a brand new lift-motor. I still see Kings Dominion being a possibility, with the ride most likely being put in the old Hypersonic site. Generic Name, would this be the post?
  3. Is this confirming that it's going to KD? If so, that was fast. That link is created by Paramount's weird former websites, new rides from other parks had pages created on the KD site (who knows why?), and since KD doesn't have an action zone, I would assume that this is King's Island's or California's Great America ride listing.
  4. Not to go off topic, but Kings Dominion has said various times that Shockwave won't be going anywhere soon, the ride is one of the most reliable and cheapest rides to run. The park also has the 2 old King Kobra trains from Kings Island. In addition last year they installed a brand new lift-motor. I still see Kings Dominion being a possibility, with the ride most likely being put in the old Hypersonic site.
  5. Thanks, for the criticism, its nice to get something other than I love it. Let me ask you, what do you feel is missing from the rides? If you were given the file what would you do to make it more "complete".
  6. Here is an exclusive first look, at the new water-ride Just another shot to round out this mini-update.
  7. 130 people to go... I think that they're are some TPR members near me, but every one seems to be dead , everyone from TPR should be a snowman with the sorcerer's hat
  8. 381 minutes to go... Love the sorcerer mickey hat, for the snowman!
  9. That page is not official it is fan run. The only official KD Facebook is facebook.com/KingsDominionVA
  10. I'm not sure, work is slow (curse being a perfectionist), and I not really happy with the rest of the park, I hope to get another update out before Jan 3rd.
  11. View of new all you can eat buffet building. New Building from the Water Upstairs we have a group dining room. Available to rent for any interested parties. View of the entire left hand side of the plaza. Just a quick picture. The previously unnamed counter-service restaurant is now named "Big Easy Burgers". This area is up on the balconies and is the perfect spot to sit and rest, or do some people watching. Here is a view of the new Guest Services building inside of the park. The floor above is another office, apparently I may be getting it . Another shot of Guest Services Our friendly staff (when they are hired) will help you plan your day, book dining reservations, and help with any problems you may have. This building has a gift-shop "Hawaiian Island Gifts" and more group event rooms upstairs. Another view of the same building. Another gift shop will also be open in the front plaza. This one will sell gifts that represent the "spirit" of Hawaii Here is view from the lake of the patio for "Mama's Buffet" serving unlimited Tropical and Southern Food. And the backside of Hawaiian Island Gifts. The blue path leads to stairs up to the balconies. This is from the site of the observation tower and shows the completed entry plaza. Overview of Complete Front Plaza Quick Update Talking to Scott, the head of construction, he told me that the front plaza is done except for a few small things here and there. He also told me that there would be another plaza area further down the path, and then the entrance to the theme park area. I can tell you that construction of our star rollercoaster, a Premier custom launcher, is nearing completion. Enjoy John Palladio --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are talking about the dark blue paths, they're gone, I have replaced them with a new path set. As you see in the picture currently, the dark blue paths are actually the roofs from Mr PKI's Coaster Tunnels Set, the green/blue paths from Shyguy's Main Street Set. In the new version (not yet pictured), I have replaced the outer dark blue paths and the circular blue paths with Stu-2693 Curved Path Set, I recommend all builders have this set. Thanks
  12. Here is an image of the new ticket pick-up building, this will allow our guests to buy tickets at the gate, or buy them at home and the park will have them ready for them at the gate. This is also where group sale pick-ups will be. Here our friendly guest services people will be happy to assist you with any problems. Guest Services will be open after the park closes. You can also come here if you lost an item. I went up to the roof of our park management offices, to get this picture of the entrance. Part of the entrance plaza. Another image of the entrance plaza. Overview of the area. Still under construction. Enjoy! John Palladio --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently I am playing catch up with the updates, as most of the park is already built. For the trees a lot of color will come in with the buildings, and flowers. We have recently invested in some new Palm Trees from Old Spice Nurseries Inc. The scale of the park is a mid-size (think Canada's Wonderland) park, we currently have two coasters a Premier coaster and a small Intamin Family Coaster. Our rides are mid-size, as we could not get height waivers to go over 200ft.
  13. Welcome! In this thread I will update you on the brand new amusement park being built in Hawaii. For your information I have attached a copy of yesterday's newspaper with some information about the brand new attraction. I will be keeping you up to date throughout the construction process. Since I am the Media Relations person for Funtime Amusements LLC you can expect lots of exclusive shots . John Palladio EDIT: Just got word that I will be able to show you the on-site offices, parking lot, & entrance building tomorrow. We would love to also hear if there is any types of rides in particular you would like. Part 2 I was recently able to take a trip out to the front entrance area to take a look at progress. Here are some of the pictures I took. The construction and management offices for Tropic Adventure/Funtime Amusements Lobby of offices Side view of the same offices, this picture shows one of the bigger multi-person offices Shot of the parking lot, I have been told we will be getting new banners before the park opens. Through the palm trees! The park entry building, Guest Services & ticket pick up will be off to the right. Workers tell me that work on the park's main street will begin next week. View from the air! Feel free to leave comments, both positive and negative, you can't improve if every one just says it is wonderful.
  14. the envelope I found this in the mailbox yesterday! The contents... And this is what it contained! -A 2009 Mickey NSSHP Park Guide -Port Adventura Park Guide -Djurs Sommerland Park Guide -Discovery Kingdom Park Guide -Pen -Mint Thanks Robb!
  15. HANOVER - A Kings Dominion worker has been arrested after being accused of inappropriately touching a child. 21-year-old Dong Wang is charged with aggravated sexual battery in connection with the incident, which happened several weeks ago at the theme park. Investigators tell CBS 6 they charged Wang after receiving a call from a Tennessee man who claimed his 8-year-old was inappropriately touched. It's unclear what exactly happened, but Wang's lawyer, Steve Coleman, says surveillance video shows his client lifting the child up onto a rail to help him play a game. Coleman tells CBS 6 the video also shows the 8-year-old kissing Wang on the cheek. Coleman says he believes the charge Wang is facing is too severe. He is working with the Commonwealth's Attorney's office to try and get the charge reduced. Wang, who is a foreign exchange student from China, is currently being held at the Pamunkey Regional Jail. CBS 6 reached out to Kings Dominion for a comment, but a park spokesman referred us to Hanover Commonwealth's Attorney Tripp Chalkley. When we went to Chalkey's office Wednesday, we were told he was not immediately available for comment. Article + Video
  16. From the website of the museum the current prices are as follows... General Admission $12 for Everybody over 3 $10 after 5pm on Fri and Sat The Roof $5 extra City Museum admission required World Aquarium $6 extra City Museum admission required
  17. Does anybody know if Cedar Point offers the $5 unlimited souvenir refill wristband?
  18. I went to IOA last year, paint was fading and chipping, Hulk's should be green track was a rusty color. And as Elissa has previously stated operations at the park are laughable there must have been 1,000 guests in the park, and the line for Dueling Dragons was 35mins, they were running one train one each side, and on top of that, they weren't exactly trying to get the trains dispatched.
  19. That train station looks alot like the one at the former Cypress Gardens, now Legoland Florida.
  20. I currently prefer DarKastle, if Universal was to upgrade the screens on Spidy it would rise to my number 1
  21. So currently the Six Flags stock is 0.02 dollars, were they saying that all of these pre-bankruptcy shares are gone now?
  22. I was evacuated off Spaceship Earth and was literally shown the door, to the park and then was just told to go enjoy my day, no fastpass, no nothing!
  23. I found that if you sit in the front row of each car, or the odd numbered rows, it seems to be smoother, could this have to do with the wheels only being under the even numbered rows?
  24. While I would have liked the ride better without the OTSR's, you don't really notice them until the end of the ride. And to those who hate the brake and the lifthill slowing down, I really wouldn't like to ride it without those things. The OTSR's are probally also for prevention from liability, if people who aren't used to big coasters ride I305 and grayout without the OTSR's they could be seriously injured, closing the ride.
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