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This thread gets better every time I read it. Lol! The mayor and Forbes Magazine? Awesome.


Skate Daze was a cool FEC and the Lazer Tag area is one of the better I've seen. Reminded me of the Unreal Tournament games in some ways.


The pinball game on the left end of the 4 looked like a 2001, 2010, or Space Station machine from what little I could see of the back glass art. The other smaller pin on the right end is completely new to me. The dot matrix display on it points to mid/late 90's?


Great round of updates!

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The Big Mike Road Show is coming at you LIVE from Yankee Stadium on the Blackberry!!


Last game EVER and The Big Mike Road Show is in attendance!!!



The morning started at Great Adventure where we finally got to meet Angela and her boyfriend! You make a cute couple! It was GREAT meeting you.



So, sitting in the stands now, I would like to apologize for no Big Mike LOCK CITY picks this week. With the new Big Mike Hotel opening up and The Coaster Palooza Tour in town, and finally using all my VIP connections to get these impossible tickets, there was no time for picks.


Already met Derek Jeter and Joba Chamberlein.




Peace, Big Mike

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Already met Derek Jeter...


Did you mention to him that the high top fade went out like 18 years ago?

So true, so true!

But wow that was some final game and celebration! The way the players troted around the field to the sound of "New York, New York" at the end was very emotional and you could truely feel the sense that an era of baseball is coming to a close. Best moment of the night was when Willie Randolph slid into second base (although being a Mets fan I kinda wanted him to fall on his face doing it!) Question though, did any of the Steinbrenner's make an apperance out on the field last night?


Oh and Big Mike Rocks!

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I didn't go last night because the worst seats in the house were going for 400.00 but I screwed up. I should have gone, you can't put a price on something like that.


I know a lot of people on this board don't like baseball and I feel sorry for you. But for anyone that does last night was a truly amazing night... no matter what team you root for.


I live about an hour from Yankee Stadium and over the past few years have been fortunate enough to go to at least 100 games. I've had a lot of fun... blown a lot of money and seen some amazing things there, and I'll remember those days for as long as I live.


The new stadium is going to be great but it will NEVER be Yankee Stadium, I don't care if it's named after it. There is only one House that Ruth Built, and as the sign in the upper deck so eloquently put it, It was our house... a house that became a home.

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Already met Derek Jeter...


Did you mention to him that the high top fade went out like 18 years ago?

Ooo burn!

Even thought I am a Red Sox Fan I do appreciate Derek Jeter, he is just a good all around player. Also its sad that there will be no more games played in Yankee Stadium, it was a really cool stadium. Also the last game should have been Red Sox and Yankees.

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^The Yankees wanted to go out with a win..... The Red Sox would have been cool and definitely awesome. I'm sure alot of the players on Boston are gonna miss Yankee Stadium just as much as some of the Yankees because it was home of some of the most memorable games, and series, in the history of baseball.

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Well its a Yankee Stadium great stadium! I think a lot of Yankees and players and fans will be sad if Fenway Park ever gets taken down. Hopefully that won't be for a long, long time.


Fenway was almost taken down a while back. Big Mike do you have any pictures from the game I was watching it on tv.


I was at the last night game at Riverfront home of the Reds and Bengals.

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Hello Friends!!!!!!!!!!!


What a weekend it was!!


First off, it was the grand opening of the New Big Mike Hotel!!


There was also the visit from Rick and his Coaster Palooza Tour from California!


I also finally got to meet Angela from Philadelphia at Great Adventure!


Oh, and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Yankee Stadium!!!



I am going to pause the amusement park updates just this once to bring you the Yankee Stadium Farewell Update!!!!



Dont forget, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 will be traveling to California very soon, Oct 3-12th! Hope to see a lot of friends there



Ok Big Mike Readers, on to a wild and crazy weekend!



Just a side note. My lawyers and legal team have advised me not to show any parts of the New Big Mike Hotel, something about all the Big Mike Readers staying for free and possible trouble with the IRS and government.



Hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


What a weekend!!! I will never forget how much fun we had Rick!!! Thanks for sharing these great times!!! Hope you enjoyed everybody! Peace, Big Mike


Another thank you goes out to Parker, Jeffrey's (aslinterpreter) son. Parker met me at World's of Fun (update coming soon) and drew me this Yankee picture when he found out I like the Yanks! Parker, here is YOUR photo at the final game at the Stadium!


A few thank yous are in order too! Jon (Moose) came through and sent a whole box of new duckies for the Find the Ducky 2009 games!! THANKS Mr. Moosey! I thought you would enjoy your little ducky attending the final game ever at the Stadium, and sitting on top of the Yankee dugout!


Another tradition we are going to start like the T-Shirt check off, a picture of every guest by the town sign right outside the Big Mike Hotel. Rick was the first Big Mike Reader guest to enjoy the luxurious accomidations!


Since Angela is from Philly and no one had checked off Pennsylvania yet on The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt, Angela checks off Pennsylvania as her boyfriend Ryan looks on proudly!


Finally after a long year of having Angela's (ElTorogirl84) name making surprise visits on various Big Mike updates, we finally meet!


Believe it or not, we actually started the day at Great Adventure getting Rick some credits he needed! (Had to throw in some coaster stuff to keep the mods off my back)


The Babe says this will be continued!


The whole team took a lap around the field.


Derek Jeter addresses the crowd.


Some idiot ran onto the field after the game and they beat the crap out of him.


The final out ever at the Stadium.


Instead of putting the nights attendance up, they put up the total attendance of every game combined.


Every night, they counted down the games remaining. Once it should have said zero, they put up forever instead as the new Yankee Stadium will continue the tradition.


Big Mike and the Yankee Stadium Farewell sign.


Once safely inside, I had to write to the valuable Big Mike Readers coming to them LIVE from the Stadium!


Once inside, I still had to travel a "red carpet" type of path past the screaming fans and the lights of the camera crews, luckily with a police escort!


Such is the life on The Big Mike Road Show 2008!


There were a lot of high profile celebrities attending today, Big Mike included! We had to use a special guarded enterance to keep the fans and camera crews a good distance away.


We returned on Sunday for the last game ever, Thanks for the Memories!


Here is Brian and the rest of the gang.


After the game, we headed to Mickey Mantles for dinner.


Brian pitched 7 scoreless innings and was taken out at 0-0. Since he did not get a decision, I went back to rooting for the Yanks and they won in the bottom of the ninth! A win/win for everyone!


Why when girls sport the "Larry Look", they look HOT, but when Larry does it, he looks like a dufus?


The grounds crew doing YMCA.


Brian's name up in lights.


There is our friend Brian, who is starting for the Orioles! This was the 1st time I rooted against the Yanks.


I had to write "The Big Mike Road Show 2008 was here" on the foul pole.


Monument Park and Big Mike representing TPR.


Another day, another trip to the VIP line!


The new Yankee Stadium right next door.


Big Mike and Yankee Stadium.


One of my main highlights was singing "New York, New York" as a group at the end of the game, and the 3 encore songs also.


Even though you could not enter intoxicated, there was no problem getting intoxicated once you were inside!


Here is the whole gang at the game, taking a weekend off from The Big Mike Road Show 2008!


The final series ever at the Stadium.


Uh oh. No intoxicated people may enter. Rick had taken full advantage of the open bar at the new Big Mike Hotel.


Big Mike's home away from home, the VIP line!


There she is, Yankee Stadium! Our first of three trips here over the weekend.


Eating at the Hard Rock, Rick, Big Mike, and two of the Big Mike Road Show 2008 tour group, JJ and Jim.


Next stop, Times Square and Hard Rock New York!


I hear that Miss Liberty's contract is expiring soon and she is contemplating retirement, so I am practicing to take over.


The Statue of Liberty was a lot of fun.


A Big Mike Exclusive Shot.



A few random shots of the Statue.


NYC is Big Mike's playground.


We reach as high as we are allowed to go.


While I was here, I figured I would pitch my idea for a brand new coaster.


Big Mike knows Miss Liberty is getting old, so he helps her raise the torch.


Rick was nice enough to give Miss Liberty a pedicure.


A couple of boogers.


Big Mike with the original torch.


Welcome to the Statue of Liberty. I am your tour guide, Big Mike.


There she is, Miss Liberty.


I was very honored to take part in The Coaster Palooza Tour.


Rick points out the first stop, The Statue of Liberty!


Big Mike knows NYC like the back of his hand. Just a side note, I sure look like I am getting much better looking with age.


The weekend started with the Coaster Palooza Tour wanting a guided tour of NYC by Big Mike!

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Oh Mike! That is so cool! I just called April up from downstairs to take a look at what you did! She got goosebumps! Parker is asleep now but we cant wait till he wakes up to show him! He will be so excited! Parker was talking about you today! He went to the haunt at worlds of fun over the weekend, and the first thing he remembers to tell me about it is that" Big mike sure was right, they have way more people walking around trying to scare you than last year!" You really made a good impression on him Mike! He wants to get T shirts made for our coaster trip this fall just like Big Mike!


Thank you so much for thinking of him! It made our week!


Jeffrey and April


I will have Parker write to you later!

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It looks likes you guys had a great weekend! By the way, I like your UPS jacket . I have so much crap from them in terms of hats, shirts, jackets etc..., it's not even funny. They must think I'm a good employee ! Nice pics of the Big Apple. I need to get up there and have you take me around to see the sites. maybe during the Christmas holidays, I have a vacation at Christmas, take the same week every year. I think that would be a good idea.---Bobbi Jo

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