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Hey, even NASA is getting into finding Duckies! They must read this thread!


NASA Dispatches Rubber Ducks for Science

Irene Klotz, Discovery News


Ducky Science | Video: Discovery Earth Sept. 23, 2008 -- When a sophisticated science probe failed to return any data about whether pools of melted glacial ice were showing up in the ocean, a NASA researcher turned to a decidedly low-tech solution: a brigade of rubber ducks.


Robotics expert Alberto Behar, with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., wants to figure out if water shooting through tunnels in Greenland's Jakobshavn Glacier makes it into Baffin Bay.


The work is part of ongoing studies by NASA and other agencies to understand changes in the levels of Earth's seas, which may be tied to global warming.


Behar, a robotics expert, dispatched a probe with a positioning sensor and satellite telephone into one of the glacier's water tunnels in hopes of tracking where the water ends up. In the summer, ice melts on glacier's surfaces and pools into shallow lakes and streams that then fall into water tunnels in the ice known as moulins.


Ducky Science

When a science probe failed to return data about melting glacial ice, a researcher from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory labeled 90 rubber ducks with an email address and the words "science experiment" and "reward" written in English, Danish and the native Inuit language, then set the toys loose in the glacier. The idea was that fisherman would find the ducks and notify him where they were found.

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I'm so glad you got two really good pictures of me which is really hard.


I was so worried the pictures would look awful because I swear the camera doesn't like me but they are actually great pictures.


Great report from new york and it was awesome meeting you at Six flags, hopefully we will get to hang out again sometime in the future.

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Some idiot ran onto the field after the game and they beat the crap out of him.

Being a White Sox fan and seeing that several times I can say thats like the best part of the game, security really goes all out on beating the crap out of those people

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Hey Friends and fellow valuable Big Mike Readers!!!!!!


We have done it everybody, thanks to you!!!


The Big Mike Road Show 2008 has entered the TOP 20 THREADS OF ALL TIME ON TPR!!!!


I owe it to all of you greta Big Mike Readers and fantastic friends!!!


I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo honored



The threads have been around since Feb 2005 and it is hard to believe that my little thread started ONLY 7 MONTHS AGO has already reached the Top 20!!!


This counts every forum and every thread and I can't believe we have done so well, I thank you all!!!


Also, thanks to Shane for pointing this out to me! I knew we were the #1 thread for 2008 by far, but had no clue we were doing so good ALL TIME!



We are actually #2 this year, but I don't count the TPR Official Updates which have a distinct advantage being "stickied" compared to my thread battling to stay on the front page all the time! It would be like comparing attendance records for the Yankees in a major league stadium at Yankee Stadium and the Cyclones in a minor league stadium in Coney Island!!



Comparing, there are 7 "Official Trip Updates" in the Top 20!!


These threads are just sitting ducks for Big Mike to pass as these will soon die out!!!


There are 9 2005 threads, 4 2006 threads, 5 2007 threads, and only 2 rookies this year in the Top 20!


This is like Big Mike coming into Major League Baseball this year as a rookie and already on the list of most homeruns in history!


Thanks to EVERYBODY!!!!!!



(Here is a list for you to view)




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Congtrats again Big Mike! This is a great thread that is constantly fun to read as well as very informative.


Reading the Big Mike Thread has become part of my morning routine: Coffee, Big Mike and then...well you know what usually follows...


Well you are know up to number 19. Looks like I am going to have to watch my back.



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Bob and Ryan, I am going to sit down tonight and plan out the schedule for the California trip.


Originally, Fresno was going to be left out buy I will have to try and see if I can get it to fit!


Hopefully I will be able to post the Big Mike Road Show 2008 California itiniery tonight so I can meet up with LOTS of peeps! California is a hot bed for good friends I think!



Shane, I noticed season #2 is starting up quickly to avoid me passing you LOL


Peace, Big Mike

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Originally, Fresno was going to be left out buy I will have to try and see if I can get it to fit!


Don't waste your time stopping here for a couple of Miller kiddie coasters. Wait until the new park opens if ever with supposedly 4 coasters.


The problem I see with planning your California swing is the fact that most parks are not open during the week this time of year. Don't forget that California is a big state. The driving time from SFMM to CGA is probably around 5 hours.


Where are you flying into and out of?

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Yep, Hard Rock Park screwed me over lol, along with that hurricane.


Bob, the plan is to fly into San Fran on a friday, do the northern parks during the weekend, drive to Haunt on Sunday and do the southern parks during the weekdays, and head back up north for the following weekend.



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey Friends!!!



Here is the first two days schedule of The Big Mike Road Show 2008 California Trip!!



Of course, the Heart of America Trip changed many times, but this is the tentative plan as of now.



Northern California:


Arrive San Francisco Friday Oct 3rd at 10:20am

Oakland Zoo - 11:45am-12:15pm

Traintown - 1:30pm - 2pm

Nut Tree Park - 3pm - 3:30pm

Funderland - 4:30pm - 5pm

Fun Town at Micke Grove - 5:30 - 6pm

Johns Incredible Pizza - 7pm - 7:30pm

Check in at the Coaster Palooza Hotel - 10pm


Saturday Oct 4th:

Check out of the Coaster Palooza Hotel at 8:30am

Pixieland - 10am - 10:30am

Discovery Kingdom - 11:15am - 2pm

Gilroy Gardens - 4pm - 5pm

Drive to SoCal - find hotel


Sunday Oct 5th - Ace Halloween Haunt at Knotts Berry Farm - 9am - 1am



Any advice, tips, comments, discounts, or offers for a place to stay, feel free to contribute!



Will work on the rest of the trip tomorrow!



Peace, Big Mike

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I have some advice! Skip Nor Cal and come to AZ! Arizona needs a Big Mike sighting!


If that doesn't work out then have fun in Cali, the state I lived in for 22 years. Sad thing is, you might get more credits in that state than I do...you bastard.


Jimmy "Arizona needs Big Mike" Bo

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I take it you're planning on getting a Flashpass at Discovery Kingdom? Not getting there for opening and only planning less than 3 hours on a Fright Fest Saturday? That could be pushing it a bit if you need all of the credits.


Also, I know you're just credit whoring, but Gilroy Gardens really deserves more than an hour. It's really nice.

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There really isn't much to do in Kansas, is there Big Mike.


How was Wichita?


All Star Sports Adventures used to be called Sports World. Too bad Joyland is no more, you would have added another woody to your creds, and that Wild Wild West World filed Chapter 11.

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^^ I have to second what Elissa said about Gilroy Gardens. They only have two credits, but you have to ride the monorail with lap bars, the swinging banana, the whirling mushroom, and see all the Circus Trees.


Oh, and drive an electric '50s model Chevy.



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