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  1. I didn't know Noah's Ark was made of metal and had railings and glass windows...Amazing ancient technology.
  2. This is China? I would love to have a view like that going up a lift hill. Closest I've ever been to that is at Cedar Point.
  3. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point 2 years ago (Aug 11, 2009). Rode it at night right before the park closed. Had to wait about 2 hours because they were having problems with the coaster. That coaster seems to always have breakdowns. Waiting at the gate to get on while they fixed the ride. The train in front of the station one is empty so they can test the system.
  4. Ok, going with what everyone else has said, and from me, being that this is only like my second or third post (maybe?), It is not New Zealand or Australia. If you look at the pic of them in line, it says Air New Zealand is further down. I would fly them from LAX instead. Tempo / Economy is a Air France class, this goes with the international currency exchange. Also, Route 66. Route is an English word derived from French. Combining this, Perhaps they are going to Paris, France. Maybe....
  5. Ok, the santa cruise ship thing looks completely wrong. The "funnel" for the ship looks like something else.
  6. There really isn't much to do in Kansas, is there Big Mike. How was Wichita? All Star Sports Adventures used to be called Sports World. Too bad Joyland is no more, you would have added another woody to your creds, and that Wild Wild West World filed Chapter 11.
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