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Hi James!


Nice to hear from you again my friend!



Seems like only yesterday we were riding coasters together.



All is well, thanks for sking.


How are you??



I am getting set for The Coaster Palooza Invasion next weekend and then California in early October!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike's LOCK CITY bet #1


Rams +14 1/2 over Giants

Ravens +10 1/2 over Texans



Big Mike's LOCK CITY bet #2


Jets/Patriots over 31

Cardinals/Dolphins over 32 1/2


So does your first bet automatically become a no bet since the Ravens/Texans game was rescheduled?

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Hey Friends!!!!


The next stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Heart of America Tour was at SKATEDAZE in Omaha Nebraska!


This was a fun place and I got a personal tour around


I hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


If you are ever in the Omaha area and want to play some lasar tag, ride a unique Miner Mike, or see some tremendous artwork, stop by SkateDaze and tell Jay that Big Mike sent ya! Hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


Big Mike was invited back anytime to be special guest DJ.


With a name like SkateDaze, you knew they had to have a skating rink.






Here are some other attractions at SkateDaze:


The artwork throughout the whole complex was sensational!


The game is played on different levels too.


I thought it was very cool of Jay to let The Big Mike Readers get a sneak peak.


The game has all the black light glow in the dark type of things.


I got a behind the scenes look at the new lasar tag game during a VIP walk through.


Even though it was closed, Jay wanted to show The Big Mike Readers what won the Best of Omaha 2008 award!


When I got off the coaster, I was met by Head Honcho Jay Day and I told him all about The Big Mike Road Show 2008!


They also had a nice loud train horn that they sounded, great touch!


In a first for The Big Mike Road Show 2008, this Miner Mike also went BACKWARDS after you were done going forwards!


It almost looks like you are going to go right into this shaft!


Credit # 697 for Big Mike!




The lift.


Miner Mike!


I have my ticket to ride the roller coaster!


The prices.


Skate Daze!

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It's nice to see that some places still have pinball machines. Very few of the arcades down on the boardwalk in WildWood have them. My sister and I try to seek them out. We are fanatics about pinball. When we need a fix near our house down the shore we run down to the Cinnabon/Carvel store and hit up their machines and get some ice cream and a Cinnabon too!

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I love lazer tag, and that looks like an awesome place to play. Plus 4 games at 8.00 seems like a really good price for a place with that nice of a set up.

I also love the artwork, way above your average roller rink-amusement center.

Thank you for the exclusive pics and I will have to check this out if I'm ever in Omaha.

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I have live in Omaha all 24 years of my life and have never been to Skateland Playdaze. I actually never knew they changed the name to Skatedaze under the new ownership. Looking forward to Fun Plex Mike and my Cameo on the BIG Mike Road Trip to check off Nebraska. To bad I didn't check out the thread before you visited I would of played Hooky to come hang out with ya. Oh well I met up with ya at Coaster Mayhem instead.

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Hello Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








New Jersey (AP Wire)- The much anticipated Big Mike Hotel is set to open its doors for the first customer tonight.


The very first TPR guest will be none other than Rick and his "Coaster Palooza 2008" Tour.


The scene is very exciting, as the media has descended upon Big Mike World Headquarters for this grand event!


Streamers, balloons, a marching band, the mayor, and all the tv stations are just a few of the spectacles that await The Coaster Palooza Tour at check in tonight.


The Big Mike Hotel has been a work in progress for over a year, catering exclusively to the high class, valuable Big Mike Readers.


A few of the features of the new Big Mike Hotel is free airport transportation, free breakfast, escorted trips to local amusement parks, on-site pool, jacuzzi, weight room, cable tv, movies, a free welcome dinner upon arrival, free internet, and best of all, an open bar.


"The Big Mike Hotel is the grandest place in the state of New Jersey. We here in Montville are very appreciative of having the opportunity to have The Big Mike World Headquarters located in our town. We are proud of Big Mike and his undying dedication to all his Big Mike Readers" said the mayor of Montville.


A Forbes magazine representative explains "What would you expect from the creator of the #1 TPR thread of 2008? Just like The Big Mike Road Show 2008, this place is top notch, first class, and no expense has been overlooked. This place is no doubt a 5 star rating"



Look for updates and photos on this monumental event in the newspapers or on your local news or keep your eye right here for live coverage!



Peace, Big Mike President and CEO of the NEW Big Mike Hotel

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The Coaster Palooza Tour and The Big Mike Road Show Tour will both be at Six Flags Great Adventure this Sunday at opening!!!


See you there!



Peace, Big Mike


Oh wow what a coincidence so will I!!


I need to make myself a name tag so you know who I am or I will just have to find you. I plan on making it to opening and heading straight for El Toro since my last trip in July it was closed. Wow I'm even more excited to go tomorrow now, hope I can find you Big Mike.


Edit: I'm stupid and thought the Coaster Palooza tour was an event, here it was a member, shows how well I pay attention sometimes, I got overly excited sorry*laughs at self*.

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Can't wait to meet you tomorrow Angela, it has been a long time coming!!!


We also plan to be at opening at go to El Toro and Kingda Ka for Rick.


I will go out of my way to look for you if you tell me what you are wearing.



Peace, Big Mike

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I plan on wearing my black Bat shirt but problem with both me and my boyfriend, who will be with me, is we are short and blend in well with a crowd no matter what we are wearing.


The shirt is a bit unique looking as I've never seen anything like it hence why I bought it. It's also very batman-esque but it's not a batman shirt.


Hope that helps a little, I'm pretty good with faces though so I'm pretty sure I can find you hard part will be trying to get the courage to say hi, believe it or not I'm quite shy.

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Always remember the Big Mike Road Show 2008 key phrase for the shy people... You say "I wish it was snowing" within hearing distance of me and I will turn and say "then we can ski down the first drop!". Then the ice is broken and we can have fun!!!



Rick and the Coaster Palooza Tour AND The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Both look forward to hanging out with you!



Anyone else, come out and say hello.



Peace, Big Mike

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