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4 days after the anniversary of 9/11 i finally got around to seeing World Trade Center. It was good, not quite the tear jerker i expected it to be. It relied more on sad and depressing music to bring everyone down more so than the actual acting and story. I'm not sure it was better that they didn't do a huge hollywood re-enactment of the planes hitting the building and the towers collapsing, but seeing what it was like for those guys trapped inside...well I couldn't imagine anything more terrifying than that. All in all a good movie, about 8/10

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^yay, for the classic Ocean's Eleven, I did also like it, it's one of my favourite older (more than 40 year old) movies.


A few movies I've seen quite recently:


Dead poets society- really good, quite different from other movies I've seen, there were some a bit annoying parts, but overall it was much better than expected.


Loaded Weapon 1 - Very funny. Loved it.


The Weatherman - It was ok, a bit dissapointing, too 'sad', I just didn't really like this.


Miami Vice- I really liked this a lot, the music was great, it was very nice visually, the story was alright, and it wasn't too long imo.

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out cold :: 11/10

i saw this movie again for the fist time in almost a year, and it NEVER gets old no matter how many times i watch it!


"This suit is really cramping my Hardy Boys. It's no mystery."


"Eric Montclare: Welcome to your first random drug test!"

"Pigpen: I don't have to write a test to tell you I do drugs... "

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Jet Li's Fearless 9/10

All I have to say is wow. This movie was incredible. Lots of great fighting sequences but, the characters also developed quite well. It was very cool to see skinny asian dudes flying around a room punching and kicking each other. But, this movie was not for the faint of heart. Lots of blood both coming out of people and coughed up. Overall, I wish Jet Li made more movies like this one.


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Have just seen Little Miss Sunshine and Stay Alive!


Little Miss Sunshine is a great movie! It is a very inspiring movie. Tells you not to give up and that means if you're already trying, you're not a loser! It's really good. However, only a very few people watched this when I was there.


Stay Alive was packed! Really, it's a real horror game! The seats were filled from rear to the front. It doesn't tell you anything except don't play games too much. Really, even an extreme gamer will be surprised by the movie.


My choices next in October will be World Trade Center and Talladega Nights! Can't wait!

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Children Of Men


Man it was a good film, definetly best film of the year so far. There are some pretty random bits in it that are pretty funny but dont really fit in (ie when there are in the middle of the refugee place with like a war going on then sunddenly a herd of sheep walk by LMAO)

end was a wee bit disappointing but oberall 9/10

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