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Now Feast was an okay movie. The monsters we're scary, it was realistic, and the girls knew how to shoot!

Rating: 5/10


How could you give feast a 5? It's a least a high 7!

Did you watch season 3 of Project Greenlight?

I've been waiting almost 2 years for this damn movie, so it had a lot to deliver for me. It was OK, better that I thought it would be, but at the same time not as good as I was hoping it would be. But still good.

How can you not like "monster cock, look out!!"? classic.


On another note I saw Grudge 2 a little while ago. I don't know if I was tiered from just getting back from my 5 days of Halloween fun, or what, but.....

I just thought it blew a$$, I liked the first one, but this one just went nowhere and took a long time getting there.

The ending sucked too, Bruce Willis is dead thru the whole movie ( sorry, wrong flick )

But seriously, it sucked.

I liked it, but it wasn't too great. I just picked it up from Blockbuster, thought it was cool, liked how the monsters looked. I don't know, just didn't amaze me or scare me much.
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Nightmare Before Christmas: Wow, I really love this movie. Tim Burton has to be my all-time favorite director. His style is just so different, and twisted in a fun but not scary way. He puts so much into his films, and it really shows. The 3D dissapointed a little bit, but that's understandable, as it wasn't shot in a way that allowed for too much. The updated animation (brighter things, and stuff like that) was nice too. They didn't add anything, but I did love the effect with the Jack-In-The-Box in the beginning (pre movie). By the way, if you ever consider seeing something at the El Capitan (Disney's movie theater in Hollywood), do so, as the organist that plays before the films is worth the admission alone. He played so many classics, and things you wouldn't expect, each done perfectly. It was awesome!

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I saw Nightmare too, I own this movie and have seen it many times, but I wanted to see how the 3-D turned out.

Its was better than I had hoped, obviously nothing was gonna jump out at you 'cause the movie wasn't made in 3-D. But it was cool none the less, also it was cool to see it on the big screen.

It was impressive to see them take a movie that is over 10 years old and turn it into 3-D, pretty cool.

That Disney company should take that imaginative engineering (let's just call it Imagineering) and look into making some sort of theme park ride or something, hell maybe even a whole park full of rides yeah that's the ticket!!


Anyway, thumbs up for Nightmare and Grudge 2 still sucks.

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I too saw The Prestige last Saturday (the 21st), and let me tell you...

MADNESS! So many surprises and twistings and the movie, you might say, even had the audience participate. LOVEZ IT!!


This is so going in my DVD collection. Eventually...

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Click 10/10


I thought that this movie was hilarious!...Especially when Adam Sandler slap the shiznit out of his boss...and the part where he kicked the guy in the balls lol...anyhow the direction in which the movie went, I didn't get it at first until the end. A really good movie, a must see!

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I forgot to mention - in asement of the El Capitan, they had a few of the the figures used (including Oogie Boogie, Jack, Sally, Mayor, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and Fat Kid. They also have the mountain set (the one with the spiral on it). I HIGHLY reccomend seeing it there if you can, just to see these. But it ends after this weekend, so you may not get the chance to.

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Borat-It started off pretty good, and then I got a little bored with it. Two minutes later, there was a scene with the 300 pound man (I forget the character's name...) naked and running around a hotel with Borat. That scene was just disgusting and I couldn't even handle keeping my eyes on the screen. The rest of the movie from that point was okay, but nothing great. I wasn't expecting much...and that is exactly what I got. The scene with the music playing in the ice cream truck with the bear in the back and all the kids running up to it was great though.

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Borat is great! It's really funny, especially when you're in a packed theater, like I was the night I saw it.


I read about Sacha Baron Cohen and his creation of the character on Entertainment Weekly. It says that the moustache is real, and it takes him about 6 weeks to grow. He also refrains from washing the suit a lot, so he has a more "Authentic" odor.


Trey Parker, who screened this movie with other comedic talents, went up to Cohen, and suggested that he do a Bruno movie next.


I'm all for that!

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Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest 8/10

This movie was much more dark than the first one and basically would scare the living crap outta any kid under 9. The plot was good, but it just didn't have that sparkly shine and coolness of the first one. Although this one was much more violent and much more guy friendly than the first one, I still think the first one beats this out. That's my input.


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