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Black Christmas


Not out yet, but there are two main reasons I MUST see this movie:

1.) It combines Christmas with the scary of Halloween, my two favorite holidays.

2.)ANY movie with Michelle Trachtenburg AND Mary-Elizabeth Winstead (Wendy from FD3) is a must-see for me!

Can't wait 'till it comes out on Christmas! 'Course I won't be seeing it THAT exact day.




This movie has just come out and it actually looked pretty good. BUT, there are two flaws people may not like:

-I've heard it's EXTREMLEY gorey. (though that's probably exagerating)

-The whole movie is spoken in Ancient Mayan, and not really anyone likes whatching movies with subtitles. Trust me, as I saw Reincarnation during HorrorFest and it was subtited. Not too enjoyable.

I'll probably just end up renting this one when it comes out on DVD.


And last but not least...

The Prestige


Though this movie may be a bit outdated, it is really a must-see for those who haven't already [seen it]. It's chock full with action, thrills, suspense, and definatley surprise. Are you whatching closely?

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X-Men III: Last Stand Rating: 10/10


Awesome movie, better than the first two imo. The fight scenes were cool and I like how they brought back jean as this nearly unstoppable character..also that red made her look that much more sexy.

United 93 Rating: 10/10


Not too much to say about this movie except that it was excellent, but extremely sad. Majority of the movie had me teary-eyed.

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Spider-Man 9/10

I hadn't seen this movie for a while, so when it was on TV, I decided to watch it. I forgot how good this one was. Looked pretty fake in some parts, but overall, a great movie. Good action sequences and I really enjoyed the story.


Happy Feet 8/10

The first time you see it, is better than the second time. Still a great movie with awesome dancing and great characters. Once again, Robin Williams makes this movie.


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Walk the Line 7/10


No special effects (due, it's a documentary) but seeing Johhny Cash's story (after being forced to by my dad) with its interesting story had to be worth at least a 7 for me to not feel bad. And indeed, the use of weather and dialogue/action between characters and reactions to events (like throwing a guitar when angry) was nice. There, that's about it. I've never reviewed a movie, but I give it a 7/10.

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