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  1. Well in a way nature is what finishes the job It's nice to see rides that take advantage of forces instead of height or sheer speed in order to provide "holy crap!" moments (maybe even more holy crap moments than some of the nominal mega coasters).
  2. Gotta be Rune Factory, right now I'm playing 2, 3, 4, and Tides of Destiny, all at the same time! This stuff is addictive, I just got into it this year and who would have thought farming, womanizing, fighting...in short, Harvest Moon with an action-JRPG all in one would turn out so well I've never played one of those "life sim" games but this may be the gateway that leads me in that direction.
  3. Basic fact of life that is worth repeating. I like when rides get down to business though, the "turning" part of the drop looks like it happens lower than if it were to have a pre-drop, meaning riders may get more "drop" than turn. I'm all for more drop Though OzIris' drop would be a good example of how this drop would feel wouldn't it?
  4. For such a niche type of software, I'm glad there's multiple projects going on and will support it all Looking at the screenshots, I wonder if my "dream feature" will happen, designing and shaping the heartline path and choosing how the track banks around it, rather than just drawing and banking the track by hand and hoping that it follows a smooth heartline.
  5. At least on the bright side, the park didn't have to sacrifice the scenery That video is frightening. I thought in my head that someone might be able to hold down the restraint, but the video shows how the restraint swings up and out.
  6. The thing is, I saw pictures of the track while it was being welded, and the diagonals are not welded together in general. It's really that each long track segment is made of 4 long, folded polygons welded on their edges. Yet some pictures show that the more twisty segments have more welds.
  7. Look, I figured it out on my own, if you want to jump on the ridicule bandwagon, fine. I know now that TPR is a travel forum and it's not okay to look deeper than that.
  8. Guess what ends up working? See! Maybe the ghetto fair is looking for a new coaster
  9. ^^ Jeeze, that's why I love this website Anyways, I did find a picture that shows the diagonals do indeed work that way, but the bends happen on the diagonals and the welds happen along the edge (so it's more like 4 bent rectangles, but the rectangles are connected, so it's really 4 very long polygons bent multiple times welded together ) I'm almost tempted to test this by folding some paper and taping it together While listening to that song.
  10. Hi! I know this might sound really nerdy, but the B&M box track has always intrigued me, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around how it's put together. I know it's probably a trade secret, but my hypothesis is that it's made partially like this: And sorry for the MS Paint To further this hypothesis, I'd like to know if anybody can find pictures of the track showing that the diagonals on the corners run in opposite directions on opposite sides (for instance, the top of the track would have the diagonal running right to left and the bottom of the track would have the diagonal running left to right, in the forward direction). It's hard to find pictures that show both the top and the bottom at the same time (must be some funky inversion to capture that )
  11. My God, that ride looks like pure sexiness, especially with those wide trains maneuvering through the course
  12. I know right If it's going to be a pain in the ass, at least let it have an entertaining name A quick Bing search of huvajolu yields that other ones could have been: huvajolu.dll; jimaneno.dll; jituwuwa.dll; lohulatu.dll; loyayono.dll; mevozeha.dll; midevebi.dll; noyafugu.dll; puyekari.dll; regizogu.dll; rujamika.dll; siyipino.dll . . .
  13. Lightheartedly, I fear any video game or movie that has to do with mutated things! When I played Halo, I thought it would just be a fun game! Colorful worlds, with human-like aliens (slightly comical even, the Grunts were funny ). But then the Flood showed up. And from then on, the Flood ends up BEING THE FOCUS of the series. I remember I quit playing Halo 2 early because of the Flood. But then a few years later I decided "What the heck, I'm older, I can handle this" and beat the game. Just today I beat Metroid Prime after almost 9 years. I HATE it when games start off warm and colorful, but then ooops, that was a mistake, the game's supposed to be dark, gloomy, full of mutated things I've still got Halo 3 to beat, it's been 4 years and I'm only 30% through the game. I guess it's time to face my fear and destroy the Flood once and for all. And to the one with the potato fear, don't feel alone in being afraid of things in the kitchen. I HATE knives! And I also hate skillets filled with oil! Has anyone here ever had the oil pop and blow up on your skin? NOOOO!!! Every pop makes me squeal like a girl
  14. ^ In March? Hmmmm....... Anyways, my guilty pleasure is driving the speed limit, and then when a person tries to go around me, I speed up. OR, if they succeed in going in front of me, I stick my tongue out and make funny faces But in truth, I do attempt to drive the speed limit always. Sometimes I just need a moment of catharsis when I just, for the heck of it, annoy the person who tries to go around me
  15. ^ Haha! I remember how colorful it was when I found Trojan horses on my computer with names like "Huvajolu" and "Moyadebi" Hmm, oh yeah, it's a rant thread, oops
  16. So, it's been almost 9 years, but in the last 4 days, I decided to bust out Metroid Prime and beat it once and for all. I did today
  17. Hmm, what it sounds like to me is that they could be more efficient with the energy that they already use. However, permanent magnetic brakes seem to me like the best thing to save energy. They might be thinking of something like using the regenerated energy to power things that are not involved with the roller coaster. Then again, they could also get the most out of roller coasters by designing them to use all their energy in a long and hopefully fun layout
  18. Man, what a contrast to when I visited! Halloween night 2009 and the next day, rides were almost walk-ons. The most I waited was for Terminator, and that was the preshow. I was amazed at how sparse the park was then, it felt awesome to have 5 minute waits for the other rides. But I DID visit back in 2003 when I was 12 years old, and I remember the loooooong waits for X and Batman. THAT day was, to my memory, worse than what you described about the park Oh, and when I visited SFGADV last May, it was even sparser than Magic Mountain was on that Halloween night and the following day Walk-ons on Nitro (they had 3 train operation), 10 minute wait for El Toro (since I wanted the back seat). The longest wait I had was around 30 minutes for the line, then the wait for the front seat, on Kingda Ka. I did end the day with Great American Scream Machine, and for some reason, I rank Viper and that ride as some of the worst rides I've been on. I think they're the only rides I've been on that I consider rough to the point that it's funny. So, too bad you got Magic Mountain on a bad day
  19. Dang it, I still have my Penn State acceptance folder (for the 2010 summer LEAP program), kind of makes me regret choosing community college instead Which, due to California's budget problems, is turning 2 years into . . . 4 I've yet to get into the first class of the required 3 semester physics sequence. Sure it saves money, but time is the tradeoff Anyways, good luck with your club. When people get together and put their minds and efforts into things they are passionate about, stuff happens Just as it is with TPR.
  20. With the riders being on the outside only, I don't think this kind of ride can be "heartlined." It could be that the ride instead takes any inversions slowly or leads up to them slower (the flatspins for instance are more like those horseshoe rolls than a corkscrew). I would love to feel what it's like to be pulled under instead of pushed up on an inversion such as the final inline twist.
  21. This sounds to me like how generic drugs are. S&S had Meisho make Eejanaika, and this one is fabricated by Qiguang. And Arrow itself fabricated X2. So, all three should supposedly have the same quality and such. I hope. I did like X2, but from what I've read here on TPR, Eejanaika wasn't as good
  22. Well, if you look at Beijing Jiuhua's, it looks more refined than Hand Coaster (look at the entry to the roll overs). So, competition is good(?)
  23. Did you run across this one on RCDB rcdb.com/8627.htm So it's 3 companies so far, and it looks like Golden Horse might be the only one that got it right I want to see them try to rip-off a B&M, but I'd imagine with the same amount of effort, they would have just been better off innovating something of their own
  24. I remember watching a video of Walter giving a speech at Cedar Point. It's interesting how they started out with a rotating restaurant. From what I gathered, Walter and Claude worked for Giovanola (Walter having a degree in Structural Engineering and Metallurgy, Claude with Mechanical Engineering) who did some work for Intamin. Then, after leaving Giovanola, they had 4 draftsmen and the two engineers. Six Flags tracked them down and they had to decide if they were going to continue making amusement rides. I'm sure glad they took on the challenge and delivered some of the most wonderful roller coasters. I can only imagine the amount of work it took making a ride like Iron Wolf with such a small team and with "archaic" software (I wonder how much was done by hand back then). What I wonder is how Werner Stengel is listed as a designer too sometimes on RCDB, and of course, Six Flags' engineers must have helped somehow (like with Batman the Ride). Oh, and yes, I've never heard of an X-Raptor too
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