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  1. Me and my friend are going on the 24th. We are gonna be at IOA in the morning US in the mid afternoon and HHN at night, with no xpress passes (I guess they sold out over night?) So if anyone (preferably female) want to meet up, let me know. I'm not a murderer and neither is my friend, even though I'm not cool enough for Robb to hang out with I'm a very nice (mostly) person, just ask anyone. If there are any doubts to the Legitimacy of my coolness, just check out my one and only PTR as seen here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24614&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= You can plainly see how much fun I really am (please note, people in that TR will not be hanging out with me this year) Seriously though, just PM me or let me know on this thread, if you want to hang out. P All " just 2 more days and I have a week off "
  2. Poor Doc Brown Question Jarvis, are there any squishies at kwik-e-mart? Also Storm looks like she put on a few pounds. oh yeah here's my answer for your name that ride. Spider-man, Spider-man.
  3. Jarvis, did your date switch again, or are still going tomorrow? Anyone going the 24th or 25th?
  4. Only one more week!! More dates people. I know Robb's going when I'm there, but I guess he doesn't want to hang out with me, because he didn't comment on my post in the HHN Hollywood thread. That's ok I guess, I'll get over it.
  5. Well Robb, since I haven't seen you post your HHN FL trip plans any place but here, I figured I would ask you my questions in this thread. First, are you guys going to be doing the R.I.P. tour this year? Also, I'm sure you guys are gonna get the express passes. What I'm getting at is, I'm gonna be there on that day, so after the past 2 years of trying to meet with you all there, I finally get too. But I'm not sure I can come up with the extra 70 bucks for the pass for that night. So what do you think my chances are of enjoying some TPR goodness after all these years? Maybe I can take up a collection, if just 70 TPRs send me a buck, I'm golden! On a side note, from earlier in this post, I wish HHN FL would stop selling alcohol, it would be a little more enjoyable, but we all know that wont happen. Well that's all I got, let me know some info when you get a chance Robb. Thanks P All "patiently waiting for 3 more weeks"
  6. There was enough at the end of the house, but in the beginning, it wasn't the same as it has been the past 2 years. Although my friends went through it later in the night and said it was much better. I didn't get to go back, because of my other whiney friend I was complaining about earlier. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't that disappointed, it just wasn't as good as it usually is, to me. I'm still gonna go back next year.
  7. I was pleased but a little disappointed at the same time. First of all, the day time was awesome, it was dead. I think the longest I waited for anything was 15 min and that was for the front row of Montu. I rode everything numerous times and might I add: Shiekra - floor + front row = pretty feakin' scary (at least the first time) But yeah, very slow, I got there a little before noon and had no problem doing everything I wanted. As for the night, well first of all, there are some idiots that work there. I made sure, from two different sources, that all I had to do was show my Platinum pass and that was my HOS tix. So I am on my way to Timbuktu and they look at my pass and say, get this, "that is a Sea World pass, this is Busch Gardens" ? Really? Now granted I did get my pass in Sea World, so it does say Sea World, but do they not know anything about the company that writes their check? Anyway, they let me go and then like 50 ft later, there's another check point......they let me right in and don't even look at my tix, go figure. So I'm in the holding area for like 1 1/2 hrs so I got my fill of Cheetah Chase, Sandstorm, Scorpion, but no Phoenix, I had way to much to eat at the Zambia Smokehouse (which was delicious) to be hanging upside down that soon. So now all the fright feast peeps start to leave, so I know it's only a half hour to go, I tried they wouldn't let us out. I noticed about 7:20 they where letting people into Trapped, so we make our way over there, now here is where I get pissed. We are walking up to the house though the nice white fencing and all of a sudden, a bitch pops out. Constance was her name, and I will be e-mailing or calling about her ass. She comes out of a door and looks at us and says "where's your wristbands?" now mind you the guy at the front of the line and two other employees and a cop, let us and about 15 more people behind us in with no wristbands. We where about 20 ft from the entrance to the house and she says we have to turn around. First of all she's be-littling us, holding up traffic and yelling at the wrong people, we didn't sneak in, we where let in, so she needed to be yelling at them, not us, right? I pay good $$ for my BG pass, I don't need this woman yelling at my like I just stole her parking spot, she was just very rude, that's all, I will be talking to some one about this. After the yelling, she let us go in, but the damage was done, I didn't enjoy that house, because of her, plus I think there was only 8 scaractors in the whole house. I'm not gonna break it down House by house, I've already ranted enough. I will say that all the houses seem nice and long. Scaractors where pretty thin in all of them, so that was a little disappointing. overall effects aren't up to par with HHN, but I know that going in, the houses are still cool, just need more peeps. Now both other times I've been to HOS I didn't feel this way, so I think it's probably cause it's the first night and they haven't found their sweet spots yet. Usually I go in the middle of Oct. and there seems to be plenty of peeps in the house. Although much more crowded too. Which bings me to my next point. The crowds where great, BG is more spread out that USO so normally it's not bad anyway. But this time it was really good. I didn't wait more than a 1/2 hr for anything, well except for the Shiekra, maybe about 45 min for that, with wasn't too bad, since it is a must ride at night. I had an issue with the ride op. on the Shiekra too, but I don't have the patience to type that out now, although, she will be in my complaint as well. But yeah, crowds wheren't bad at all, they didn't seem as drunk or rowdy (as HHN) either. I did all the houses and rode all the coasters, before 11:30. Although I did have to leave shortly after that, because one of the people I was with is a baby and wanted to go, he had to drive back to O-town after that so I let it go. And the 3-D house (nut) the new theming was cool, with the "emergency" warning over the PA through the whole house, but I don't think there was but 2 people in the whole house, where you guys on break? it was still a cool house though, I'm sure you'll get more help. So I did enjoy myself, just not as much as I usually do at the HOS part anyway, the day was fine. On a sad not I did note get to see fiends so the only nurses I saw was at the front of the park for photos, but they will do and so will the Death Jockey's dancers Overall, if you are coming down for, or planning to go to HHN and you have the extra time and $$ you should definitely check out HOS as well. Just don't go on the first night, but even if you do, I promise you you will have a good time.
  8. Unless you have the pass, I wouldn't save that house for last, the tent houses have the longest lines. But if you have a pass, do it as one of your first, so if you like it you can use your pass to go later, and pass up all the suckers (like me) Well I'm off to HOS in about 5 min, sadly no HHN for another 3 weeks. Everyone wish me luck that my car makes it, it's been driving a bit funny lately. I love you all now I'm gonna go get my scare on!!
  9. Boring?? did you not see the hot vampire girls dancing in the sheets? The house may not be scary, but I assure you, for me anyway, it will not be boring As for dead silence, that would make sense to keep it (sarcasm) one of the crappiest movies I've ever seen, yeah let's keep this house around. Although, in it's defense, I'm sure the house will be 100 times better than the movie, hell I haven't been in the house yet and I already like it better.
  10. You guys are slipping, I'm leaving in the morning and you haven't told me if it's all good yet. Who's got the better house? How's the weather supposed to be? And most important, which one of you is gonna hook me up with a nurse?
  11. I don't see any bus....maybe I'm missing it?...or maybe I'm an idiot. and I can't get anything to click, no puzzles and we all know I love me some puzzles. so Does anyone have any pics yet? Also, I rented dead silence, since I wanted to have an idea about the house. and I must admit, I thought it was crap, sorry if anyone thinks otherwise, it just didn't do it for me. And the Evil Dead trilogy is 3 of my favorite movies, so I'm easily amused. I just thought it wasn't very good. The human puppet gag at the end was cool, that twist reminded me a little of Saw ....oh yeah, that's right. Now Saw would be a good house, no?
  12. My turn!! this is like a really long (as in days) chat room, just the three of us. You guys let me know how everything goes, I am sooooo effin ready to get my HOS on!!
  13. I'm goin 2 days before you and the day after you. C'mon Jarvis, first you say the 4th now it's the 18th? Don't you mean the 28th? I wanna be in the world famous Javris HHN video. I also figured I could get the last 2 when you're here, but I guess not, I see. I thought we was doggs.
  14. ....or all the car wrecks Yeah, I'm convinced that this is now a 3 person thread Oh well, their loss But on a serious tip, I'm all about the nurses for an icon, I'll get my tickets now
  15. I know, you where the 1 out 0f 6 that wasn't us I agree about the nurse show, hell I would go just for that.
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