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What is your next park?

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Busch Gardens for Howl-O-Scream. Kumba night rides > Beast night rides. fight me f**kboys

I had to quote this to have any remote possibility of reading the text that small, but since I've come this far I might as well respond.


I haven't ridden Kumba and I'm sure I would like that ride infinitely more than The Beast almost any time of the day. I'll be honest, Beast during the day is impressively mediocre for a ride with those kinds of statistics. At night though... I don't see how any other ride in the world could change that much. Millennium might be the only other ride that comes close at night, but Millennium Force is already an amazing coaster during the day (at least I think so).


Five hours of night rides at Kings Island sounds amazing. Saturday can't come soon enough.

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I was going to Six Flags Over Georgia exactly a month from now, but due to the late park hours and lack of interest in amusement park Halloween events, I've decided to head over to SeaWorld Orlando instead and maybe have a quick stop at Fun Spot America.


EDIT: Looks like Magic Kingdom is on the list too.

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I haven't been to a park since I went to Fun Spot in November last year.


But thanks to the coastal hurricane, I'm flying home and going to Knoebels this weekend! I'm dying inside.

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I am driving into Florida tomorrow (Yes I know there is a giant hurricane, but I will be on the west coast where it will just be rainy and winds up to 35mph) and I am trying to add some parks in while I am down there.


Busch Gardens Tampa on Saturday night and MAYBE SeaWorld and Fun Spot Sunday if everything is back and operating like normal. Orlando is expecting 90mph winds so I don't know what that means for turning around and reopening coasters.


I may just spend both days at Busch Gardens Tampa and avoid Orlando all together.

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