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  1. Great TR of a park I've never visited despite growing up in the MW...and I could not agree more on your flat track comments (re: the Beast in the day)...but I do sometimes wonder if that is just an age perspective and we only remember it differently than it was in the day.
  2. Everyone (especially 1st timers) are going to have a blast...! Its going to be hot in SoCal this weekend...just saying...I'm very bummed to be missing my first WCB in a long time...had a pretty significant accident in mid July that does not have me TPR ready for the weekend...so I will follow along with updates from Robb on Social Media and think about next year and the new coaster at SFMM. Have fun everyone and respect the organization and Family who make this possible.!
  3. Of all your adventures and TRs, I always look forward to all things Japan the most and long for a trip someday...this is so full of awesomeness and things we are not going to ever get in the U.S. because we can't be nice or behave...but I guess that makes the travel even better and special when you are there...can't wait to watch the entire trip unfold...have fun and enjoy...
  4. I'm glad you finished the report as somehow I missed the first installment and love the review of SFMM from someone who has not been to a park for a long period. I share the love of X2 which I've ridden nearly 100x and it still scares me on that 1st drop every time...its a polarizing coaster for sure as many on here have a strong disdain for it. I rode Revolution the year it opened, as well as Colossus, and the originals will always hold special places in my heart...I will not ride it with VR...but I'm thrilled the OTSRs are gone. We live close to KBF so I guess its my home park now. Season Pass holder but still have not made it out to ride Hang Time. My kids are in college now and my TP cohorts have moved on...my wife only tolerates my obsession... Anyway, great TR!
  5. "...and totally remodeled the interior! Sweet! There are getting to be fewer and fewer bathrooms at Magic Mountain that make me feel like I'm at a campground." For once, it would be nice to hope the GP actually doesn't trash them within 30 days and treats all of the refurbs with some respect...but I just finished the KBF thread from the weekend and I have now have little to no hope of such an occurrence...so enjoy them while they are new!!
  6. I have not been to DL or DCA since my boys were little but you captured it all so well that a visit this Summer is in order. You write the best TRs with great photos...! Looking forward to a KBF Hang Time Opening report soon!
  7. I enjoyed this TR; especially seeing kids who appreciate their parents so much...your Mom has clearly done a good job...I agree with your review of Raven and Legend...I believe I said the same thing during our only visit to HW a few years back (and was then publically shamed for such opinion by HW fan boys)...need a return trip now that Thunder Bird is there...I grew up on KI and love that park...was able to take my kids there a few years ago all the way from out here in SoCal and have them experience night rides on the Beast...now I see a reason to return there as well with ST opening.
  8. Great TR Robb...loved following on Twitter but the food pics can never be seen enough times...you capture some great stuff in your pics and reviews...
  9. My son and I made our 1st trip to CP last Fall...I can tell you that we loved Valravn and the GP on the West Coast would eat it up...the ride in the outside seats of the front row were ridiculous fun and the length and elements were perfect...my fear would be the KBF version would be much shorter and less intense...perhaps I'm underestimating the space available...its also a crowd eating machine so would help somewhat with crowd control at busier times...I would love to see my home park get one of these...
  10. Great photos...looking forward to the reviews...an East Coast Trip might be required in the future...
  11. Love this TR and the photos and an Alvey overview...you guys look like you are having a great time...many smiles...enjoy the rest of the trip!! Looking forward to those Tokyo Disney Sea pics on my Twitter Feed...
  12. Still excited from 1st time visit to CP this past Sunday with my 16 year old son after a few days visiting the UM campus and a game at the Big House...technically I was at CP when I was 8 years old...well I'm 49, so you can easily see what was new since my last visit...technically I don't even count that visit at this point... In summary, we had an awesome day...we stayed at Castaway Bay for one night only...which worried me based on some reviews I had read but ended up being an overall good experience...we arrived around 9:15 am thinking we would only be able to pick up our Park Tickets for early admission but were able to check in to our room and drop our bags before hitting the park...we managed the front row in the lot and quickly processed our FP Plus tickets...at 9:45 it seemed like it was going to be a very chilly day but that certainly changed as the day evolved and I think peaked around 70-72 for a better part of the afternoon...great luck on weather also equated to large crowds...seemed like very large crowds for a Sunday. Early entry allowed us to hit Gatekeeper, Valravn, and Maverick before the masses descended upon the park. Keep in mind I had not been to CP and ever seen these epic coasters that I've read about for a long, long time...it was a blast to be able to ride the 1st Hyper, 1st Giga, TTD, and Maverick after all these years...not to mention Valravn in its 1st year. FP Plus allowed us re-rides on most of the coasters but we did try our hardest to hit every coaster in the park at least once...my son did not see the humor in his Dad dragging him onto the CP Mine Train or Gemini but I insisted they were required. I will not do a review of the whole park or our whole day since CP has been covered so often on TPR. I will say that we had crazy fun on Valravn in the front row outside seats...the ride was so smooth and much longer than I anticipated...it was definitely not a one trick pony...Maverick was everything and probably my favorite and new #1...I will say that I'm very glad I never rode this coaster before the new restraints..I can imagine the pain it may have inflicted with OTSRs...but the vests were super comfortable and it was a blast...why are there not more of these in the U.S.? Magnum was just an o.k. for me and we honestly only rode it once so didn't get to try out different locations. TTD was open in the AM and we hit the obligatory front row ride...it was truly Xcelerator on steroids as I had imagined it would be...I was glad we got in the ride as at some point it seemed to stop operating and I'm not sure I ever saw it re-open after lunch. So the few who may know me on here might know that I love coasters and am terrified of heights...so MF was an intimidating lift but I knew that it was an absolute must...what a blast...nothing on this coaster disappointed...loved every moment...I know many have ridden it so many times that the thrill has probably long worn off...but those first rides...wow...and just to really get me, our last ride at dusk featured an approximate 5-8 second stop near the top of the lift which seemed like 5-8 mins to me and would surely have put me into cardiac arrest had it lasted any longer!! I would say that the biggest surprise to me was Rugarou which we really enjoyed (especially compared to Scream here in SoCal) and biggest disappointment was definitely Gatekeeper...it just did nothing for either of us...we did skip Iron Dragon as it was not on FP and the line seemed too long for the reviews I've read and we skipped the classic Corkscrew because no interest in As I posted earlier today, I was completely impressed on almost every coaster with the Ride Ops at CP...they were cranking every time on Valravn, MF, Maverick, and TTD...not so much on Blue Streak but we did enjoy our ride on a classic beach coaster...o.k. I enjoyed it, my son, not nearly as much... Biggest disappointments were quality of food and restrooms...ugh...no one can complain about SFMM restrooms being the worse as they were pretty bad everywhere in CP...did appreciate the Starbucks near the front of the park for an afternoon break. Oh and the Skyride being closed...of course...! I came all this way only to be denied a turn on the Skyride... Since we only had limited time, we really didn't hit the flats or have a chance to take in Haunts...the park was definitely decorated very well for Halloween throughout...how many pumpkins died for CP?? I can vouch that MS lift demolition has begun and I vow to return to ride the new RMC giant I'm sure is being created in its spot. A few photos...all have been posted before...well not the one's of us...hope folks enjoy a few 1st time thoughts and reactions. Ready to brave the chill...that will change soon! 1st Ride Obligatory Pose I feel the call...that lift! A brand new #1 Lift hill construction validated Entire Graveyard was well done... Never been posted before... All great days must end... We will be back...!
  13. My son and I were at CP for the 1st time ever on Sunday (Trip Report still to come), are So Cal residents, and I can tell you that the Ride Ops were far superior to any I have EVER experienced at SFMM with the possible exception of TC in its opening months...the staffing alone was ridiculously higher per ride than I ever see locally and it was almost the last weekend of the year...the dispatches on all the major coasters was beyond impressive...so kudos to any TPR members who work there...
  14. Cedar Point for the 1st time on Oct 23rd!! Super excited...Fast Pass Plus in hand...
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