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What is your next park?

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Knott's this Sunday if everything works out.. and probably Knott's a few times after this weekend to check out Haunt progress. Then Knott's several more times in October for Haunt itself.


Basically my next park is going to be Knott's until after Haunt, hahah.

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Going BACK to Busch Gardens Tampa... (I only live just over an hour away)... last week, with my group of work friends, the ride operations were spotty... Gwazi, in a surprise was running AND dueling both sides for once in a seemingly million years (I haven't witnessed that ride dueling in over 5 years)... but that ended quickly and we didn't have a chance to ride while both sides were operating... SheiKra was up and down a few times... Montu was also shut down several time due to difficulties, so we didn't get to ride... Congo River drained just before we were to ride... Kumba was running fine (and I LOVE that coaster)... Scorpion was up and down... so overall, operations wise, very spotty... still had fun despite the 7000 degree temperature...


So we hope to have a better time tomorrow...


In TWO weeks (8/13) I'm going to Ft Lauderdale and going to ride Dania Beach Hurricane for the first time and I'm pretty excited..


In THREE weeks, I'll be going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the first time in nearly 15 years... My partner is VERY excited (his first time to the park) as is the rest of my family... we are going to see off the Big Bad Wolf... very bittersweet but glad we are having the opportunity...

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My next park will be the Fun Forest in Seattle I want to get in a ride or two on Windstorm and Rainbow Chaser before the park closes. (The park MAY close at the end of the 2009 season). I may go to wild waves but I don't know yet. I'm not into water parks, 30$ kinda sounds like alot for the amount of rides they have, and I've already been there before.

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SFGAd tonight or tomorrow night.


Attempting to arrange a BGW trip before Big Bad Wolf closes Labor Day.


Knoebels in September. Maybe Dorney as well.


SFMM, Knott's and Disneyland in October.


Plus more visits to Great Adventure and at least one to Morey's Piers.

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I am going to Knoebels in august along with Hershey park, Dorney Park, and Kennywood. I come back and go to Cedar Point for a couple of days. Go to Cooperstown for baseball, then go to Kings Island.


Then I go to school. Whoopeeey

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