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  1. ^^^^^ It looks like the general public can just buy a ticket at the gate for $45 on that buyout date. Season pass holders can for $15. I haven't seen the secondary entrance closed in at least 10 years. Sometimes it would be in the fall. I don't remember when that jughandle about 1/2 mile east of the entrance opened. When the secondary entrance was closed, you needed to go another mile and turn around at the Wawa/McDonald's jughandle.
  2. The secondary entrance was open on Monday, September 30, (Rosh Hashana) which also was a BAFF day. Park was fairly quiet from 11 am opening until 1 pm, then hordes of people started pouring in. Weather was nice and I suppose many people decided to attend at the last minute. I may check out the park tomorrow, October 9. Open during Yom Kippur. Cooler weather and possible rain, so it should hold down attendance.
  3. Skyrush at Hersheypark in late August. It was closed during my previous trip in May. I'm glad I returned and got to experience it.
  4. The news story about a family buying tickets in advance and arriving to find the park closed is suspect. Only ONE family bought tickets for Customer Appreciation Day and showed up? No season pass holders or general public decided to attend that day? This was my local park growing up in the 60's and 70's. Sure, it was plenty of fun then. But I've only gone twice since graduating high school in 1977, when it was already on the decline. Once about 1995 when my employer had a picnic there, then again when the new Tsunami coaster opened about 2004.
  5. I added several coasters to my count at Hersheypark this week. Storm Runner Laff Trakk Lightning Racer (both sides) Great Bear Fahrenheit Wild Mouse Skyrush was closed. Skipped the Wildcat and Sidewinder. I also rode the Comet, Trailblazer, and Sooperdooperlooper, but they were not new to me. I rode them decades ago. Estimated count is about 440.
  6. For a boy, a simple name like Bob would pay homage to the great Bobs coaster at Riverview in Chicago. I never got to ride this awesome coaster. My family visited Riverview in August 1967, but my mother said I was too young to ride such a big coaster. My father and older brother rode it. Soon after the 1967 season ended, the park shockingly announced its closure.
  7. The Chance Turbo mentioned above. I rode it at the old Marine Pier in Wildwood, NJ about 1972. The site is now Morey's Mariner's Landing. The Turbo replaced the Caterpillar at the pier.
  8. Thanks for the opinions on the wooden coasters. Most likely I'll skip Wildcat but try Lightning Racer and The Comet.
  9. The park closed early (4 pm, I think) on the last day of Fright Fest in 2012. It was the day before Hurricane Sandy hit and was rainy and miserable. A friend who was there said attendance was low.
  10. Skyrush being closed is certainly disappointing news. I'm making my first visit to Hersheypark since 1984 next week and was hoping to ride it. I think the only coasters back then were The Comet, Superdooperlooper, Trailblazer, and maybe a portable Wild Mouse type coaster. At least this new Reese's Cupfusion is supposed to open this weekend Are the Wildcat and Lightning Racer rough woodies? If so, my wife probably won't ride them. Thanks.
  11. Over the years I've found that Fridays generally have moderate attendance. It's probably the best day of the week to visit during the summer. Enjoy your day.
  12. Over the years I've found that Fridays generally have moderate attendance. It's probably the best day of the week to visit during the summer.
  13. If you want to count these as parks: Playland Castaway Cove, Ocean City, NJ-20 minute walk Gillian's Wonderland, Ocean City-2 miles ? Morey's Piers, Wildwood, NJ, <30 miles For real theme parks: Six Flags Great Adventure-about 70 miles Dorney Park Hershey Park Clementon Park is closer, but I haven't been there in over 10 years. (I moved from Long Beach Island to Ocean City, NJ in 2014. Maybe I should change my user name.)
  14. The park was very uncrowded today. I rode the new Justice League three times between 1-1:30 pm, improving my score each time, Twice it was a 3 or 4 minute wait, the last time a virtual walk-on. I know next to nothing about these characters but it was still a fun experience. (I'm only familiar with the old 1960's Batman TV show and the current Gotham show.) Yes, they were checking for season passes to enter the area and also to enter the ride itself. Being a new ride, it wasn't surprising that it stopped for about 2 minutes halfway through on my third circuit. Nice addition to the park. I expect it to be jammed for the general public opening on Saturday.
  15. I rode it last weekend. No headbanging. It was better than I was expecting, but at $10 a pop, I'm really in no hurry to ride again.
  16. I made my first visit of the season today for several hours. Plenty of school groups were there, but overall the park wasn't too crowded. Is the refillable sport bottle still available that costs about $22 and offers free refills for the rest of the year? I only saw signs advertising the red $15 bottle plus 99 cent future refills. A yellow bottle seemed to be available, but is that only offered with the season dining pass? I rarely buy more than a pretzel or churro while at the park and don't want to spring out the cash for a dining pass. Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  17. https://rcdb.com/1950.htm I have that credit. I don't remember it but my mom has a photo of me on it. Thanks for the link. It doesn't look like much compared to today's coasters, but as a kid and teen in the 1960s and 70s it was pretty awesome.
  18. Not at home parks (Great Adventure, Morey's, etc.) 2016 Mako, Sea World Orlando 2015 Rougarou, Cedar Point (perhaps this shouldn't count) Twisted Colossus, Magic Mountain Before that in no particular order: Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Williamsburg Superman, Six Flags America Mean Streak, Cedar Point Batwing, Six Flags America Rattler, Fiesta Texas X, Magic Mountain Superdooperlooper, Hersheypark Batman, Six Flags Great America, Chicago Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags Over Georgia (old) Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas
  19. Great Adventure El Toro Nitro Batman Skull Mountain (only in the rear seats) Runaway Train Dark Knight I don't enjoy any of the others anymore.
  20. I got to ride Rocket Rods once. Only once. The ride was notoriously unreliable and problematic, and often closed. As to whether I enjoyed them......I suppose so, but it was no big deal. *********************************** What I'd like to to ride again: Mister Twister and other woodie (Wildcat?) at old Elitch Gardens. Big Bad Wolf The Alps at Willow Grove Park, PA. Old woodie in Wildwood, NJ, across from Mariner's Landing. It had the longest track from station to lift hill that I've ever experienced. Golden Nugget, Hunt's Pier, Wildwood, NJ Soapbox Derby Racers, Knott's.
  21. Definitely Great Adventure and Morey's Piers. Probably Universal/Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens in late February. Maybe a day at Disney too. Hopefully first visit to Dollywood in May. Maybe add in Carowinds. Possibly first visit to Holiday World and return visit to Kentucky Kingdom in August.
  22. Mako at Sea World Orlando was the last, earlier this month. A few days before that were White Lightning and Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot. Estimated count 425.
  23. Glad to hear there will be two bonus weekends between Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. More than a few school districts are closed the entire week November 7-11 due to Election Day and the Teacher's Convention. I suppose it's too much to ask to have the park open Monday and Wednesday of that week too.
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