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  1. Well, according to that photo, this may actually turn out to be operator error. I didn't realize the sign specifically stated the bar must touch the thigh. That said, there's no way to tell at this point, it very well could be something entirely different.
  2. Signs around the ride state that a rider must have two real and non prosthetic legs in order to ride. Now, it would make sense that this policy is in place to make sure that the rider is secure in their seat. This is purely speculation, I have no way of knowing what actually occurred, but if I had to render a guess, I would think that the lap bar was only touching the rider's stomach and not her thighs. I can see the riding policy being appended to include the requirement that the lap bar be touching the thighs of the rider. If this is a case, this whole incident is a matter of park riding policy and not error on the ride attendant's part.
  3. Is there any information as to where she was seated on the ride? I don't remember seeing anything looking back through these pages. I can see a plausible scenario as to how this could have happened if she was seated towards the front of the train. However, if she was seated further back then in my mind this whole incident becomes a bit more confusing.
  4. 1. No, I don't necessarily believe that the front page needs any major updating. 2. I really like the two separate columns. One for TPR updates and another for park news and trip updates. I also like the "Random Stuff!" section, although I don't really like how it takes center stage at the top of the page. 3. I honestly can't say that anything that I would normally look for when I visit the site is missing. Everything is there if you look for it. 4. I do think that the space on the sides of the page could be used quite efficiently, not necessarily for new content as much as spreading out what already exists. If I was a first time reader opening the TPR webpage for the first time I would be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that appears to be on the front page. I do however think that the bar at the top of the page that contains the link to the forum and park index looks great as it is. I just believe that the extra space on the sides could be used to allow for some space between all the announcements and updates. I don't think that there is too much information on the page, however the way everything is arranged and put right next to each other could lead to some people believing the opposite.
  5. I found it interesting that the "4th dimension" was referred to as a means to increase excitement.
  6. I would have to say the rarest credits that I have ridden are a Reverchon Spinning Coaster in Istanbul and a wacky worm type coaster with dragon cars in Armutlu, both of which are located in Turkey.
  7. ^ I'm fairly sure that the cutout filter in Photoshop was used around the car so people couldn't see other things in the building, or just to draw focus on the car.
  8. Six Flags just posted a picture of the front of the last Texas Giant train on their website. It looks like the colors of the trains will be black red and blue. You can see the red train in the background. This also confirms that they have all 3 trains on site. From the looks of the building, it appears to be one of the sheds behind the Texas Giant and Music Mill Ampitheater. http://www.facebook.com/sixflagsovertexas
  9. Wow! Great Pictures. I can't wait to go next weekend and see this in person!
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't this be the first B&M inverted coaster with a dive loop? Anyways, I like the layout, it's pretty original.
  11. From what it looks like, it doesn't look like it's possible to be modified dive machine trains. If you look closely at the catwalks on the lift hill they seem to be lowered slightly below the spine of the track. If they were using dive machine cars the catwalks would need to be slightly higher just in case a evacuation is needed. Just saying
  12. Here's mine. I wanted it to be as simple as possible.
  13. I remember them mentioning this at CoasterMainia. It was a good show although I doubt it would it would be that entertaining to watch if he didn't freak out as much as he did. As far as the challenge goes, if you don't have to wait in line it really isn't that hard to do.
  14. Not bad for your first coaster. I liked the layout alot! It seemed like you were experimenting with AHG on one of those turns. Overall I would say that it was a pretty good ride for your first.
  15. The ride looks amazing! It sort of seems like the second half of the ride is a little to low to the ground. Maybe try to put in a small upwards banked curve instead of one of the helix track sections. Also in the last picture, one of the supports isn't connected to the track at the top of the lift. Other than that, it looks great and very realistic for RCT3. Keep it up!
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