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Legoland California Discussion Thread

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^Agreed it is possible with "lego-like" pieces, but not actual blocks as dinnbydeath questioned.


If the whole floatation device is made of lego-like pieces, I suspect the pieces would have to be made out of a foam-like material to float. I can't imagine sitting in/on a mold injected piece of plastic to be comfortable as it would not have the give of foam or rubber.

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Sounds interesting, but I wonder where specifically will be placed and, if popular enough, if it may eventually transcend onto Windsor and Deutschland. I also can't help but feel that this will attract attention away from the neighboring Aquarium.

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^ I very much doubt we would get a version in the Windsor park, global warming hasn't quite caught up with the UK enough, unless it was situated indoors - at the height of summer, though, I'd imagine it would be VERY popular at the Billund (Denmark) park (which already built a mini Pirates-themed waterpark section inside the park in 2008), and probably Deutschland, although I don't know what sort of heat southern Germany gets.

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The first glimpse of the world’s first Lego-themed waterpark was provided recently at Legoland California Resort. In common with other Legoland parks, the Carlsbad property will also unveil a new 4D film in 2010 featuring the character Clutch Powers.


The 10th anniversary season in 2009 was a record year for Legoland California according to general manager Peter Ronchetti, marking six years of continuous growth and a 6% leap in attendance over 2008. Guest satisfaction ratings were in the high 90s. The season also marked the first full year of operation for Sea Life Carlsbad, the family aquarium located next to Legoland.


“Many theme parks across the country have reported difficult trading and necessary cost control actions as a result of the challenging economic climate over recent months,” noted Ronchetti. “So we feel very fortunate with all of the expansion here at Legoland California Resort to be able to report that our attendance continues to grow.”


Legoland California’s owner, Merlin Entertainments, is investing more than $15 million dollars into the resort this season. The 5.5 acre Legoland Water Park opens in June, located at the north end of the existing park behind Fun Town. Entrance will be available for a $10 upgrade.


Geared for families with children aged two to 12, the centrepiece of the waterpark will be a 45ft splash tower which will pour hundreds of gallons of water over kids standing beneath. Also featured will be several water slides including a six-person raft slide and one-person tube slide, plus a zoo-themed waterplay area and slides for toddler. Guests can relax on the Build-A-Raft river (lazy river) using a themed Lego raft.


Spread throughout the waterpark will be more than 20 Lego models and interactive water features. Two beach wading areas, cabanas, shops and snack carts will complete the offering.


It has been suggested Lego-themed waterparks will be rolled out to other Merlin Entertainments properties around the world in the years to come.


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Six acres and a seperate admission. Seems like a draw to me. Maybe they could pull it off...if it was owned by a company that starts with D and ends with isney.


It's not supposed to be a draw to you. I can tell you it's a GIANT draw for me as a parent of a three year old. I believe they even stated in the press release that this water park is geared to the under 10 market.


Looks awesome to me, can't wait to try it out!

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Legoland California already had a pretty large water area. Is this replacing it?


EDIT: from the PR, it looks like the water park is going in behind Fun Town, which is a little ways away from Soak-N-Sail and the pirate area. What I don't get is why people would pay a $10 upcharge for that if they can get soaked for free. The water park is nowhere near Legoland entrance, so who knows if you can get in without paying for a Legoland ticket (I suspect not).


I'm really impressed that they are going to be able to churn out a water park in 4 months time, but I don't see how it's going to be a sustained draw in this economy with a free mini water-park nearby.

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What I don't get is why people would pay a $10 upcharge for that if they can get soaked for free.


You can get the same effect standing under a shower and you don't have to worry about sunburn, but waterparks thrive!


It just makes no sense!

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The seperate admission sounds like a win/win for them, to me. If it keeps some people out, it's a better experience for the guests there--since water parks generally have lousy capacity. Of course, if everyone just pays it anyway...that works out pretty good for them, too. I would treat it like a toll road: you have to charge enough so that everyone doesn't do it (gets too crowded), but not so much that no one uses it.

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Six acres and a seperate admission. Seems like a draw to me. Maybe they could pull it off...if it was owned by a company that starts with D and ends with isney.


Trust me you can do A LOT on six acres! I've done the same with a company that starts with "C" and ends with "owabunga Bay".

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The new Legoland California water park — still under construction and incomplete in places — opened over the holiday weekend in Southern California to enthusiastic crowds who ignored the unfinished details in favor of fun in the sun.


The $12-million addition to the Carlsbad kiddie park is a break from traditional water parks that tend to be separate-admission, separate-gate, all-day experiences geared toward the teen and college set.


At 5.5 acres, the Legoland water park is about one-third to one-quarter the size of traditional water parks, with smaller slides and pools geared toward the toddler and elementary school set. The water park is also inside the theme park and charges $10 extra per person (in addition to the Legoland entrance fee) for what seems like a two- to three-hour experience.


I visited the water park Sunday with my daughter, Hannah, who is 9¾ (do you remember when you still counted your age in fractions?). We both had fun but agreed that the water park is geared mostly toward moms (which I am not) and kids 4 to 8 years old (which she is most certainly not).


The centerpiece of the water park is a Lego-themed tower featuring a mild, corkscrewing body slide; a pair of placid side-by-side racing slides; and a feisty four-person tube slide with just a dash of adrenaline. Heated water is pumped into all the slides to offset the goose-bump-inducing ocean breezes that left many kids in line visibly shivering on a hot summer day.


The rest of the park is dominated by a lazy river and a pair of water play areas — one for big kids with gallons of gushing water and the other for toddlers with a trio of mini-slides.


I must say that I was skeptical about the in-park/up-charge premise, the limited “pink-knuckle” attractions and the logistics of switching between dry theme park fun and wet water-park play.


By now I should know not to doubt Legoland, which, just like Disney, knows its audience. Legoland’s water park is perfect for its demographic of minivan moms and their stroller-bound charges who want small-scale fun that looks like big kids’ thrills. And the price seems like a great value compared with typical theme park up-charges.


That’s not to say there aren’t kinks to work out.


Much of the landscaping remains unfinished — that’s a charitable way of saying there’s bare dirt everywhere. Ditto for the decorative Lego-theme additions that lay strewn about the back end of the water park awaiting installation amid a tangle of forklifts, cherry pickers and buzz saws.


The waterfall descending from the top of the slide tower wasn’t working yet. Neither was the joke-telling audio on the nearby “Joker Soaker” water-dump tower. And the marquee interconnecting rafts built out of Lego bricks have yet to materialize on the lazy river.


I found the locker rental procedure confusing. Legoland is using clever radio-frequency identification (RFID) wrist bracelets to operate the lockers. Unfortunately, the wristbands can only be purchased ($7 and $9 all day) at the ticket window or guest services. We found this out after we’d changed into our bathing suits, slathered on suntan lotion and stuffed our backpack in a locker. A simple solution: Sell the bracelets near the lockers.


To be fair, most of the negatives were of the opening-weekend variety and all part of the rush to open a major theme-park addition in time for the summer crowds.


Legoland officials considered the holiday weekend a “soft opening” and expect to finish construction and landscaping within the next few weeks.


If the water park proves successful, Legoland’s parent company plans to expand the concept to theme parks around the world.

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Legoland California won’t build a hotel in Carlsbad until at least 2013, but the local attraction will continue to be developed and expanded, the chief executive of the park’s parent company said Tuesday.


Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainments Group, which counts four Legoland parks among its 62 amusements worldwide, visited the Carlsbad venue to take a look at its new $12 million water park, which opened May 28. He said that when Merlin acquired the Legoland theme parks in 2005, its strategy was to develop them into resorts where people would stay for two or three days. He said the company has invested $50 million in the Carlsbad park, which is based on the children’s toy building blocks. “Everything we’ve done since has been (according) to that strategy, starting with the addition of new rides like Pirate Shores (in 2006), then the addition of the beautiful Sea Life center (in 2008), the water park,” Varney said. “Then going forward, what you’ll be seeing in the next few years will be construction of a beautiful Legoland-themed hotel,” he said, which is likely to open in 2013 or 2014.


He said the company has the permits to build a 250-room hotel, but it also has approvals for a hotel in Windsor, England. That will come first, he said, because Merlin wants it open in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Carlsbad resort will follow, he said.


He said the company also is converting the defunct Cypress Gardens theme park in Winter Haven, Fla., into North America’s second Legoland park. Other Legoland parks are in Windsor, England; Billund, Denmark; and Gunzburg, Germany. Merlin also plans to develop Legolands in Malaysia and Dubai. It owns other such prominent attractions as Madame Tussauds wax museums.


Varney said the company has seen its ninth consecutive year of double-digit growth in profits, despite the global recession, but scaled back its expansion plans when saw the economy heading for a dive in 2008-09. “For example, we only opened three attractions this year, when normally we open five,” he said. He said the company has developed a diverse assortment of attractions.


“We have got a balance that’s about 60/40 split between profit from outdoor attractions like theme parks, and profit from indoor ones like Sea Life centers and Madame Tussauds,” he said. “Our model is not like Disney’s, which is big, mega-international resorts (where you) stay a week, and lots of theme parks.”


Nor is it like Six Flags regional parks that stress thrill rides.


He said the Lego brand continues to thrive in the United States, and the Legoland theme parks are a big draw. “It’s a colossal vote of confidence in the strength of Legoland brand and the enduring, universal appeal to children of the humble little Lego brick,” Varney said.


Nick Varney is CEO of Merlin Entertainment Group, which owns four Legoland parks.


Teenagers play under a waterfall at Legoland's $12 million water park, which opened May 28.

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Legoland has sent us a press release about their latest achievement with the new Legoland Waterpark.


Today in San Antonio, TX at the world’s largest gathering of water attraction professionals and development experts, the World Waterpark Association honored LEGOLAND® Water Park with the prestigious Industry Innovation Award!


The Industry Innovation Award is judged based on how the organization has set itself apart from others in terms of moving the industry to a new or higher plane. “The Worldwater Park Board of Directors considers new services, techniques and attractions and how those offerings help advance the industry in some way to keep it fresh and inspired,” said Gina Kellogg with World Waterpark Association.


The world’s first LEGO® themed Water Park opened in May and builds on the mission of LEGOLAND® California with interactivity, imagination and fun and is geared specifically for families with children ages 2 to 12. “The fact that our Water Park is LEGO themed and geared toward young children and their families is what truly separates LEGOLAND Water Park from any other water park in the world,” said General Manager of LEGOLAND California Resort Peter Ronchetti. “I’m glad to say the reaction has been very positive and despite the rather untraditional summer weather and continuing economic stress in the market, we have had a very strong season and will be once again reporting record attendance numbers for LEGOLAND California Resort this year.”


Design of the 5.5 acre Water Park began more than 18 months ago after guest surveys indicated that a water park would be a very popular addition to LEGOLAND California Resort. The $12 million investment is the largest expansion in the history of

LEGOLAND California.


The most unique features include Build-a-Raft River where guests customize rafts using soft LEGO bricks before floating down an 850-foot-long lazy river; the Imagination Station, where kids can build bridges, dams and cities out of DUPLO® bricks and test them against the flow of water; Aqua Tune, a musical fountain where kids conduct their own water symphony with the touch of their hand and the Water Fall which dumps 500 gallons of water down from a 45-foot-tall LEGO themed tower.


Other key attractions at LEGOLAND Water Park include Orange Rush, a family tube slide where up to four people can ride together down a 312-foot-long curving track on an 11-foot in diameter half pipe; Twin Chasers, two side-by-side enclosed red tube slides that stretch nearly 130 feet, Splash Out, an open body slide that invites guests to slide 240 feet and “splash out” into the water below; Joker Soaker, a fun interactive platform in the wade pool where kids can aim water cannons at each other as a LEGO jester model tells jokes and pours 350 gallons of water down upon them; DUPLO® Splash Safari, a water play area designed especially for toddlers with three small slides and interactive DUPLO creatures including an alligator, polar bear and an elephant; and Kid Creek, a mini lazy river built with younger kids in mind.


LEGOLAND Water Park is located at the north end of LEGOLAND California adjacent to Fun Town with the entrance located between the Factory Tour and the Adventurer’s Club. LEGOLAND guests can upgrade their Park tickets to include LEGOLAND Water Park for $15. Geared for families with children ages 2 to 12, the Water Park will be included in the price of Water Park Hopper tickets and Resort Hopper tickets which include SEA LIFE Aquarium as well. Water Park admission will also be included in Resort Memberships. To learn the latest Water Park news, see photos and video, visit http://www.LEGOLAND.com. To find out more about World Waterpark Association, visit http://www.waterparks.org.



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Legoland California has sent us an official press release detailing the four new additions coming to the park in 2011.


The Force was strong at LEGOLAND® California Resort today when General Manager Peter Ronchetti announced that a new STAR WARS™ Miniland area will be opening at the family theme park on March 31, 2011. The announcement came when a Jedi Knight – flanked by stormtroopers from the 501st Legion – interrupted the Resort’s annual press conference in a maelstrom of darkness and lasers. Before the interruption, Ronchetti reviewed LEGOLAND California’s 2010 business results and announced the addition of Octopus Garden at SEA LIFE™ Aquarium; Splash Zoo at LEGOLAND Water Park; a LEGO® Hero Factory Experience inside LEGOLAND California and the re-launch of Park favorite Fun Town Fire Academy as Fun Town Police and Fire Academy.


“I am thrilled to be able to report that LEGOLAND California’s stellar growth streak has continued,” said Ronchetti.


“2010 was the most successful year in the history of LEGOLAND California Resort!” 2010 marked the seventh year of continuous growth for LEGOLAND California with double digit percentage growth in attendance over 2009. “Many theme parks across the country have reported difficult trading as a result of the challenging economic climate in recent years. So we feel very fortunate to be able to report that our attendance continues to grow,” Ronchetti continued.


Ronchetti attributed the Park’s success to continued expansion of Resort properties, specifically the addition of LEGOLAND Water Park, which opened in May 2010 and has already received many accolades including the World Waterpark Association’s prestigious Industry Innovation Award. The Industry Innovation Award is judged based on how the organization has set itself apart from others in terms of moving the industry to a new or higher plane


“More than just a year of exciting growth for LEGOLAND California, 2010 marked an exciting year for Merlin Entertainments Group here in the states,” Ronchetti continued. The second SEA LIFE Aquarium in the U.S. opened in Tempe, Arizona in May and it was announced that the second U.S. LEGOLAND Park, LEGOLAND Florida will open in Winterhaven, Florida in October of this year. Additional LEGOLAND Discovery Centers and SEA LIFE Aquariums are also cropping up across the U.S. with openings already planned in Texas and New Jersey.


“We expect continued success in 2011 with a multi-million dollar investment into expansions planned for all three Resort properties,” Ronchetti said as he went on to describe each of the new additions.


On March 31 LEGOLAND California becomes the first of three LEGOLAND Parks to launch a new STAR WARS Miniland area. Guests can enjoy seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action STAR WARS movies, as well as a scene from the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS™ all made out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks and built in 1:20 scale. Guests will be further immersed into the STAR WARS experience as they pose with life-size LEGO models of Chewbacca, R2D2 and Darth Vader. LEGOLAND Billund and LEGOLAND Deutschland will launch the STAR WARS Miniland area later this year.


Following a chronological path through the STAR WARS timeline, LEGOLAND guests retrace the major events of the beloved Saga. Some of the 2,000 LEGO models will be more than 6-feet-tall. Interactive buttons will allow children to activate animations throughout the scenes.


The models for the new STAR WARS area are being developed and built by eight model designers and two animation electricians at our sister park, LEGOLAND Deutschland. It will be up to Master Model Builders at LEGOLAND California to bring the scenes to life with the help of animation electricians, technicians and landscapers all working to ensure the LEGO models appear as realistic as possible with special effects and landscaping.


On February 17, a new LEGO Hero Factory attraction opens in the Imagination Zone. Here, young guests will be able to build and create their own heroes (or villains) and meet and greet their favorite Hero Factory characters. And from Feb. 17 through 27, guests will have the opportunity to build the largest LEGO mosaic to ever be built at LEGOLAND California. The 6-foot-tall, 26-foot-wide mosaic made of 298,368 LEGO bricks will depict an iconic scene from the Hero Factory saga and will be a permanent part of the new Hero Factory experience.


On April 12, one of the most popular rides in the Park – Fun Town Fire Academy – is being re-launched as the Police and Fire Academy. On this classic LEGOLAND ride, families pile into a fire truck and power it by pumping levers up and down as they race other families to put out the “fire”. The first family to make it back wins. Now the fire trucks are being joined by police vehicles and families race to put out fires and stop robbers.


On May 6, SEA LIFE Aquarium Carlsbad launches Octopus Garden, an interactive exhibit introducing families to the amazing world of cephalopods. From octopus and cuttlefish to nautilus, these distinctive creatures have almost supernatural abilities including camouflage, ink clouds and jet propulsion, that will surprise and delight adults and children alike. Octopus Garden replaces the Sharks Revealed exhibit that opened in 2008.


On May 26, Splash Zoo, a brand new area for toddlers, opens inside LEGOLAND Water Park. The DUPLO® Zoo themed area, located next to DUPLO Splash Safari and Kid Creek, features giant DUPLO Zoo animals – including a lion, a giraffe and a zebra – plus interactive spray pads, fountains and a teeter totter, all geared specifically for guests ages 1 to 3.


All of the new guest experiences are included in the cost of admission to LEGOLAND California Resort properties. For ticket prices, operating schedule and additional information, visit http://www.LEGOLAND.com or http://www.sealifeus.com or call 760-918-LEGO.









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